Guitar Guard Boxes

What is Guitar Guard Boxes

It claims to be an innovatively designed shipping box that safeguards guitars during transit. It states to prevent the damage with the help of enhanced double-walled polyethylene padding. This box is emphasized to be reusable and requires minimum use of additional packing material.


Maximum protection

Guitar Guard Boxes guarantees to protect guitars from damage during transit. This box asserts to come with strong and sturdy double-walled pre-padded polyethylene padding. It alleges that this padding is compression tested to withstand over 500 pounds of force, twice of what other guitar packing boxes offer. There is also no need of adding packing peanuts since it alleges to need only small amount of bubble wrap to fill voids. At this point in time, there are no Guitar Guard Boxes reviews available to attest its claims.


Salient features
Guitar Guard Boxes assures to fit any type of acoustic or electric guitar with ease. It also maintains to be a cost-effective solution since less packing material is required for packing the guitar. Currently, there are no Guitar Guard Boxes reviews available to substantiate its claims. Guitar Guard Boxes promises to have a high-quality durable material and is designed for reuse, saving further costs in future. Does Guitar Guard Boxes really safeguard guitars from damages during transit? User reviews will expose the truth soon.


What do I get?
Buy 18 x 6 x 45, Pack Of 3, GG-001- $68.00
Buy 18 3/16 x 7 x 50 1/16, Pack Of 3, GG-002- $74.50
Buy 20 x 8 x 50, Pack Of 3, GG-003- $74.50
quantity of 1 above will get you a bundle of three boxes.

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