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15 thoughts on “GYMFORM Abs Around REVIEW

Online Xanax Vendor
  1. I have just purchased the product. The Pads need to be replaced every 20-30 days costing $29+Postage and requires 3 x AAA batteries. This is not a high-end product. The machine is also not working properly (side pads not working) and customer service has been quite poor.

  2. I’m not impressed that there is no information regarding the full cost of this belt, including how much the cost of replacing the pads. Was considering purchasing – but due to these two reasons, I don’t think I’ll bother.

  3. I am absolutely disgusted that they get away with selling rubbish like this. The product I received is faulty, and I have sent several messages, trying to find out how to return it, and get back the money I have wasted on it

  4. I buy this a week ago.I at first found that I was much better as I had the bug from the hospital which was put in my body in may 2008 and now I feel so much better after using this product.I have lost I inch and I Ib and hope soon to lost more.I am so happy to find something which will get rid of my stomach from having children.It will take time but I am sure after using it it will work.

  5. Unsatisfied customer, bought one of TV shop, tried it on when it arrived and what do you know, its not as simple easy as it shows, you have to unsrew the screw of the battery compartment just too add 2AA batteries, ( so carry a screwdriver, clip all the pads on (x6) tear the pads adhesive off, try your best to put it in place where it has to work, adjust the straps and finally start, only to find out the pads have slipped out of socket….need I carry on? I just sent it back with this info. Not recommended at all.

  6. i looked at a post on fb where this woman was selling powder that would make u really skinny and fit for $9 a day for 3 months . i thought bugger that go for a run so i did i do 4 laps of the feild outside my house. 5 weeks later im around at a guess 6 kgs lighter but i feel so much better mentalily after a run iv found im so much more happier than bfor about my body . im still 10kgs from being really fit looking but looking forward to getting there. go exercise stop using these stupid gagits to loose ur unhealthy body .

  7. Bought the AAP and paid $14.99 delivery, received the FREE powder (which I did not want ) and after trying it for a week I thought it was a useless, expensive and hard to put on belt. By the time I managed to put it on with the very sticky pads I could have done a 100 sit ups and squats.
    Sent it back – cost me $25 postage because they email a bar code so all in all it cost me $39.99 for the FREE trial.
    Also hard to contact customer service to send it back, also tried very hard to talk me into keeping it, also asked if I would recommend to a friend and they would receive a $100 voucher, what part of NO don’t they understand.
    Very disappointed and would not recommend wasting your money.

  8. Do yourself a favour, if you buy this product instead of using it for your abs, put it on your head and zap the crap out of yourself for buying dumb shit. Obviously zapping yourself will not result in weightloss, this kind of product has been around for so long they just keep changing it to look new and different and lazy people buy it. Just walk/swim, drink loads of water when you’re hungry and find healthy foods you enjoy to eat and ofcourse every now and then have a treat meal. These are the keys to weightloss not some stupid product.

  9. It really is a shame when you have celebrities like Janie seal sprooking this product on the Today show.
    Up until this morning, I always thought Janie Seal was a great compare and journo.
    It goes to show ch 9 wouldn’t care if the product was inferior or not, it’s all about the money that the sponsor can throw at a free to air Chanel.

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