What is InstaBasket?

Regular shopping bags may rip, tear or spill but now there is an incredible handy basket that is both durable and sturdy and makes a great basket to shop. Here’s introducing the InstaBasket, a convenient basket designed to easily carry and hold all kinds of items. It easily springs fully open and then collapses flat in an instant.



InstaBasket CLAIMS

Perfect for shopping, laundry and traveling – InstaBasket is ideal for shopping because it fits perfectly in your shopping cart making it a breeze to carry it from the cart, to your car and then into your home. You can also use InstaBasket to organize items in your trunk, carry laundry, and carry stuff in your car for trips, trips to the beach, household jobs and so much more! InstaBasket is that amazing!

InstaBasket Features – InstaBasket features a rip-stop fabric and reinforced stitching making it extremely durable and sturdy. It will never rip or spill. The rigid frame and wide base prevents InstaBasket from toppling over. InstaBasket is sturdy enough to hold several times more than what a shopping bag can hold. You are guaranteed to love the convenience of the InstaBasket for your shopping, laundry, traveling and more!

Easy to store – InstaBasket is easy to store because it fold flat into any empty space. Order your InstaBasket today!


What do I get?
Buy 2 InstaBaskets for $19.99 + $5.99 S&H at the official website:

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