Ironing Genie

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What is Ironing Genie?

It is an innovative accessory designed to be inserted into clothes you need to iron which stretches them at the edges to help you iron effortlessly.



For Perfect Ironing Right at Home

Ironing Genie is a slender, flexible tool which claims to make ironing convenient and quick so you don’t struggle at the ironing board for long or need to give your clothes in the laundry. Ironing Genie expands and flattens out seamlessly at the edges when inserted in clothes so you can iron them effortlessly. It is to be slipped into sleeves and trousers from the bottom, which holds the garment stretched out without exerting undue force and lets you iron and be sure of getting professional results.


Saves Time, Cuts Efforts and Cost
The promoters of Ironing Genie further state that with this clever solution you will also be able to iron quickly as once you iron at one side, the other side also comes out pressed as well. According to them, you won’t have to give your clothes in the laundry anymore where you have to pay a fortune for what you can no manage with this accessory right at home. Its spring-like flexible rod also ensures there are no crumples anywhere on your outfit while creases at the edge come out perfectly too, thereby giving professional results. In addition to that, the company also gives a magnetic clip along with Ironing Genie in which you can keep Ironing Genie for convenient storage.


Ironing Genie Reviews

Jeremy Perez, a customer who bought Ironing Genie has said in his reviews that he’s not too impressed with its purchase experience. According to him, the sellers shipped it in a ridiculously big box, which was unnecessary and didn’t help as the product arrived in a damaged condition. To top it, its magnetic hook was also missing. He’s exasperated and wants to return it right away.

Ruby Wise, however, wrote in her Ironing Genie review that she’s satisfied with it and finds it very useful. At the same time, she finds it too expensive which, she feels is a disadvantage.


What do I get?
Buy Ironing Genie just for $19.99.

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