Jiffy Fries

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What is Jiffy Fries

Jiffy Fries is a potato cutter and microwave cooker rolled into one. It claims to be a great new and quick way to make delicious French fries conveniently using the microwave right at home.


Convenient way to Make French Fries

Jiffy Fries promises to be a revolutionary way by which you can make tasty lip smacking fries at home. Fries are loved by everyone as they make a great mid-day snack and an amazing side dish during mealtime. They are quite yummy but equally difficult to prepare at home due to the amount of oil and time involved. Plus the grease on them can be really a turn off for people who are trying to stay away from extra calories. Frozen fries which can be stacked at home are no match when it comes to taste and so Jiffy Fries supposedly stepped in to provide a unique solution to all the problems.


Jiffy Fries is said to have a simple design that comes with two different slicers – thin fry slicer for the restaurant type fries and a steak sized fry cutter. These cutters are to be placed on the pod design and a potato or a sweet potato is to be loaded over it. Once positioned well the potato should be pushed down the cutter creating many slices safely, easily and automatically saving time. Later the hot pod of Jiffy Fries should be placed inside the microwave for few minutes to enjoy delicious French fries.


Quick crisping technology:

Jiffy Fries claims to be unlike any other home cooked fries since it is made using a unique technology. The patented design itself is a great way to begin understanding how it really works. The Hot Pod design consists of crisping technology that regulates the heat from the microwave and circulates it evenly throughout the pod. This means the heat is trapped and used to cook the fries at the required temperature from all the sides – top, bottom and the in-between parts so that no area of fries made using Jiffy Fries are left uncooked. It also ensures that the fries get a great looking texture to it which is restaurant like for presentation purpose. Jiffy Fries promises that it thus eliminates the requirement of extra calories coming from grease and oil since the fries are cooked using the microwave making it perfect for health conscious individuals. Jiffy Fries is also said to be great for cleaning purposes as it is completely dishwasher safe.


Jiffy Fries Review

Jiffy Fries is not capable of creating a golden crunch McDonald fries as they claim in the commercial. Though it claims to be good for various food items it doesn’t necessarily work on sweet potatoes. Plus in the commercial there is no mention of what material it is made of and upon close inspection it feels and looks like cheap quality plastic. Potatoes do not go through Jiffy Fries easily due to the flimsy design and may get stuck only to be slammed and hammered to push it through. This is the reason why it doesn’t work essentially well and definitely is a big no for people who are weak and old or suffering from arthritis. The promise of Jiffy Fries is to make quick snacks for kids providing a healthy eating option over deep fried fries that are made in oil. So as an advantage it can be stated that Jiffy Fries make better and healthier fries and provides a means to make fries cheaply as opposed to expensive deep fryers without taking much space or time. Since it uses a microwave to make fries it doesn’t really cook it or make it brown and crispy. Instead making Jiffy Fries in microwave can turn soggy. Plus there is no mention by manufacturers regarding the sizes of chips that Jiffy Fries is capable of making.

What do I get ?

  • Get one Jiffy Fries with two sized slicers for only $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H
  • You also get one Jiffy Fries Secret Seasonings and one Jiffy Fries Recipe Guide

Official Website : jiffyfries.com

4 thoughts on “Jiffy Fries

  1. I got a letter in the mail saying that my order was backed up and then a month after that I got another letter that said my order was cancelled due to “lack of product” and ” overwhelming response”. I feel this while jiffy fries thing was a scam, but at least I got my money back.

  2. Update : I called Their CS and found out that my order was canceled today 5/9/14 because they have discontinued this product. I asked why did they do that and the Rep did not know. So this whole Jiffy Fries thing is a bunch of BS. I betcha those fries tasted Hot and Raw when you pour them out from the container. Well at least no money was spent but these crooks have my CC info so I better cancel it before they take me to the cleaners…….

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