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5 thoughts on “Jiffy Fries

Buy Genuine Xanax
  1. Update : I called Their CS and found out that my order was canceled today 5/9/14 because they have discontinued this product. I asked why did they do that and the Rep did not know. So this whole Jiffy Fries thing is a bunch of BS. I betcha those fries tasted Hot and Raw when you pour them out from the container. Well at least no money was spent but these crooks have my CC info so I better cancel it before they take me to the cleaners…….

  2. I got a letter in the mail saying that my order was backed up and then a month after that I got another letter that said my order was cancelled due to “lack of product” and ” overwhelming response”. I feel this while jiffy fries thing was a scam, but at least I got my money back.

  3. I purchased this product, it took me standing on it and bouncing slightly to get it to cut the fries (I’m over 100kg). Cooked on full power for 6 minutes and they were soggy, so I put them in for another 4 minutes for a 10 minute total cook. They had the consistency of rubber. Total waste of money.

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