Just Repel It

What is Just Repel It?
Just Repel It is a multi surface stain and liquid repeller that helps protect your possessions.Accidents could happen anywhere. In fact, you could get spillage on your clothes, shoes, hats, backpacks, hand bags, gloves, paddle boards, umbrellas, etc. Just
Repel It promises to repel liquids off almost any surface that it is applied on. Use it to protect your things and keep them dry.Just Repel It is supposed to be colorless. In addition, it leaves no sticky residue behind. It claims to repel water, mud, grease, oil, wine, coffee, rain, salt water, snow and more. You can use it to protect your patio furniture from stains. Apply it on your gloves to eliminate water damage. Socks and other apparel can be coated with Just Repel It to avoid getting wet from rain.Keep your clothes and shoes dry when shielded by Just Repel It, or so it claims.
It simply repels any liquid that comes in contact with it on almost any surface. In addition, it is supposed to retain the texture of the surface allowing it to breathe.



How it works

Any liquid that comes in contact with Just Repel It is driven away. It claims to have a nano thin shield that repels liquid. It simply beads up and runs off the surface. Use Just Repel It to protect your carpet from wine stains. Your suede shoes will stay protected with its shield, as it claims. Protect your clothes from food and drink spills. You can water proof almost anything with it. It also leaves no residue on glass doors coated with it. Just Repel It does not have a plastic like texture unlike other repellents. It protects the texture of the material it is applied to. The nano thin coating shields anything it is applied to, according to its claims.


Features of Just Repel It

• Protects the surface of almost any material

• Repels all liquids

• Colorless

• No sticky residue



What do I get?Price
2 Bottles of Just Repel It
Price – $10 + P&H$14.9. Total amount $24.9
Official website getjustrepelit.com


Just Repel It video

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