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2 thoughts on “Kinetic Foam Review

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. It was fun for about 45 minutes, now it seems to be drying out. It won’t roll into a ball very well, seems crumble like now. And the little white balls that are mixed in have started to separate from the foam. I was trying to roll it into a ball, like you do with playdough, and I looked down and there are little white balls all over my shirt/lap. Maybe there is a way to bring it back to life. It just wont hold shape without falling apart or cracking. We added a little water to it but that just made it gooey. Kids are disappointed.

  2. My grandson laid the kinetic foam on my new end table for a minute & it marred the finish on my table. I didn’t see any precautions about it’s use on the packaging & I’m quite disturbed.

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