Kitty Fishing REVIEW

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About Kitty Fishing?

Kitty Fishing is a new fun fishing rod toy designed for you to have fun playing with your cat. Kitty Fishing is for everyone. The secret of Kitty Fishing is the pressure catcher grip filled pressure chamber that self inflates after every cast. When you push the pressure caster air flies through the Kitty Fishing rod sending the lure soaring through the air so your cat can play everywhere.



How to use Kitty Fishing?
Load the rod with the lure, launch the lure with the air powered pressure caster and it will soar and watch your cat jump, pounce and swat until she’s caught. Then just cast again to play again. With Kitty Fishing you can play all day long with your pet. Order your Kitty Fishing fishing rod today!

Safe to play – Kitty Fishing is safe to play with because there is no hook. It is just a soft, furry lure that your kitty wants to get hold of. You can make and host videos fishing with your cat. With Kitty Fishing your cat will stay active all day and get his share of exercises.

Lightweight, portable and compact – Kitty Fishing is light weight and compact so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.


Kitty Fishing REVIEW

Wyatt Patrick in his Kitty Fishing review complains“The top part of the Kitty Fishing wand with its screw-in end may break and get pulled out of its screw. Your cat will love Kitty Fishing and so will your dog.”

Colin Gordon suggests in his Kitty Fishing Rod review“Buy a child’s fishing reel – the plastic ones with characters on them (maybe 10 bucks, max) and the replacement Catfisher Lures, or any sort of catnip mouse. Attach catnip mouse to child’s fishing reel, and enjoy. It has lasted over a year.”

Aaron Bethel suggests in his review“Go to Wal-Mart and go to sporting goods. Next purchase the $9 kids fishing rod. Then when you get home tie a toy mouse on it. It works great and its cheaper.”

Lawrence Wilson states in his review“Kitty Fishing is poorly made. The line of Kitty Fishing gets tangled up inside the reel very quickly.”

Bob Hayes complains“Kitty Fishing is the worst cat toy ever. Kitty Fishing is a great idea but after a few tosses, it wouldn’t cast anymore. Kitty Fishing has poor execution.”

Jeff Brown reveals in his review“Kitty Fishing is an awesome concept but it only lasts until it tangles inside or the line breaks, so it only lasts a day or two. Too bad, Kitty Fishing is a great idea that was poorly executed. It is better to buy a cheap fishing pole that isn’t made for cats and baiting it with a cat toy and not using a hook, of course.”

Marco Rodriguez points out to the fact that – Kitty Fishing has information missing from the official website such as the length of the pole, the material of the pole etc.


What do I get?
Get 2 Kitty Fishing Rods for $19.99 plus $4.99 P&H at the Official website:

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