Lamp Hero REVIEW

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What is Lamp Hero It claims to be a solar-powered lamp post meant for lighting up the exterior. It states to have LED light and an elegant design with adjustable in height and weather-resistant body. Lamp Hero claims to be a unique high powered lamp that uses solar technology to light up dark exteriors.



Lamp Hero CLAIMS

Power of Sun – Lamp Hero states to come with a design that helps in lighting up wider areas with its powerful LED light that lasts over 100,000 hours. At this point of time there are no Lamp Hero reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Innovative Design – Lamp Hero promises to be an outdoor as well as ground light with an adjustable height of 5 ft. Lamp Hero assures to have innovative solar cell technology for charging the Li-Ion battery during the day. Since its solar powered there is no load on your electricity bill. More shall be revealed one Lamp Hero is reviewed. Lamp Hero guarantees that it is easy to install with its 6” stake that goes firmly in the ground. It stays so with its alleged wind-resistant design. The elegant Lamp Hero asserts to be weather-resistant and waterproof for durable functioning. Send us your reviews for further analysis.


Lamp Hero Review

Monika Hill who used Lamp Hero says in her review, “Lamp Hero is not as bright as it promises to be. After getting about 10 hours of sun for charging it still provides a very dim light. It does stay on for 5 to 7 hours.”

Another customer Gary Robinson who bought Lamp Hero reveals in his review, “Design wise Lamp Hero is elegant but can do with a little more height. Its LED is not very bright.”

FAITH RODRIGUEZ mentions in her Lamp Hero review“Lamp Hero’s plastic bottom and stake, snaps and breaks easily. It was meant to be a patio light but it easily blew over.”

NIKKI White writes in her Lamp Hero review“The light is really dim and doesn’t charge to produce light for a long time. Its adjustable height design is a nice idea but isn’t useful.”

RONALD Ward says in his review“Lamp Hero is quite flimsy and doesn’t stay locked in the ground. It kept tilting and falling over.” In his review he further adds, “I bought a ¾” 6’ wood pole to cut and fit the lamp on.”

DANIEL Long states in his Lamp Hero review“This lamp does not work at all even if it receives enough sunlight. Its poor quality body kept dropping all the time. The entire construction doesn’t justify its cost.”

One customer DENNIS West who reviewed Lamp Hero complains“It came across as a bigger lamp in the infomercial. It does look elegant but required an extra support to ensure it stays strong. It’s as good as buying the cheaper solar light from a store and mounting it on a stick. But the sending it back also costs money which makes it an even costlier investment.”

Douglas Coffman reveals in his review“Although cheap lamps don’t have super high quality, this lamp has worse than cheap construction.”

Henry Dugan complains in his review, “Lamp Hero came crapped so it needed taping to stay together. But it doesn’t last long. In fact it is so flimsy that my dog’s tail broke the post apart.”

Joe Eyler comments in his review“The light from Lamp Hero isn’t bright enough to begin with. Its pole barely stands up on its own and keeps falling over all the while. We plan to tape Lamp Hero down but it sure will look ugly in the first place. I am so disappointed with it that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.”

Fred Greenwood mentions in his review“Lamp Hero is really small and made using cheap plastic material. It shines poorly for like an hour after the sunset before going off.”

One user LAUREL Bishop who tried Lamp Hero provides insight with her review saying, “Lamp Hero half the size from expected and broke during assembly itself. Lamp Hero is dim and kind of only glows instead of a light throw. It’s just a cute decorative that will go well with the flower garden.”


Lamp Hero Questions and Answers

Q. What is “Super Bright Technology” used in Lamp Hero?
A. Classified information, may endanger National Security if revealed.

Q. Is Lamp Hero water-proof? and weather-proof?
A. Nope. Cheap plastic and nothing more. Will wear-out quick.

Q. Lamp Hero’s LEDs will last 100000 hours? Should I buy this?
A. LEDs would last that long but the Lamp Hero won’t. So don’t buy it. Buy a tried and tested lamp post from a reputable company.

Q. Can you change the LEDs inside?
A. Nope. No way.

Q. Are the batteries re-chargeable?
A. Yes they are, ye they are charged by the Solar Energy.

Q. Is there an on and off switch?
A. There is NO ON/OFF switch.

Q. What materials is the Lamp Her made from?
A. Plastic.

Q. Is reliable?
A. NO. A lot of missing information on the website: Number of LEDs and their specs are not mentioned, they don’t tell you whether the height of Lamp Hero is adjustable or not, no information about material and the dimensions/weight of the Lamp Hero.

Q. What is the size of the lamp and diameter of the post?
A. Lamp is no more than 5 ft tall. Not sure about the diameter of the Lamp Hero.

Q. Is Lamp Hero magnetic?
A. No it is not magnetic. It is very cheap plastic.

Q. Can I use Lamp Hero as a security light in my yard?
A. Nope, Lamp Hero is just for decoration purpose, the light it throws is very weak.

Q. How do the Lamp Hero posts connect together?
A. The Lamp Hero plastic poles just slide together.

Q. Should I buy this Lamp Hero?
A. Nope. Buy a similar lamp post from a reputable company.


What do I get
You get 2 Lamp Hero Lamps for $19.99 plus $17.98 shipping and handling | Official website:

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