Lashnetics REVIEW | Magnetic Lashes As Seen On TV

What is Lashnetics?

Lashnetics are magnetic lashes that go on in just seconds without the use of messy glues or adhesives. Order your set of Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes today!


How does Lashnetics work?

Lashnetics employs micro-magnetic technology to sandwich your natural lashes between two extremely lightweight fiber strips creating a bold, dramatic lash line in only seconds.

The unique design of Lashnetics gives your lashes a natural look while making it look long, thick and luxurious too.

Lashnetics is perfect for people of all ages, ethnicity, and fits any eye shape.



How to use Lashnetics?
Lashnetics is very easy to use.
1. Place lash on top of your natural lashes
2. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so it meets and connects
3. You can now enjoy salon quality results!


Lashnetics Features and Benefits
• Ultra-lightweight – you won’t feel like you are wearing them
• “Budge-proof” magnetic technology holds your Lash in place until you’re ready to take them out
• Safe to be used everyday: Glue-free design prevents irritation of eyes and no damage to your natural lashes
• Reusable – Use them over and over again!


Lashnetics REVIEW

Thelma Robbins says in her review of Lashnetics- “Was way too long and didn’t look natural at all”!

Doreen Vasquez mentions in her Lashnetics review “The lashes do not keep their shape. After one use they lose the curl. I’ve tried an eye lashes curler and it still does not curl. They defeat the purpose of falsies since they stick straight out”.

Another user Ernestine Swanson who purchased Lashnetics states in her review- “Nice for girls who like long big eyelashes. It doesn’t look natural to me. The purchase went very well, item as described. It’s just that those are not the eyelashes for me”.

Daisy Thomas tried Lashnetics and says in her review-“Longer than I felt comfortable wearing”

In her review of Lashnetics Meredith Keller states-“They are good and look really natural however they can only be worn once. I love these, it just stinks how beat up they get after wearing them for 6 hours”.

Della Marsh has mixed feelings about Lashnetics and says-“They are lovely, but don’t last long from cleaning. I expect longer wear time”.

Katherine Glover is not completely satisfied with Lashnetics and mentions in her review of it- “The band on these is so flimsy which is a good and bad thing. Good because that makes them comfortable to wear but bad because it makes them hard to apply and reuse as well. They get bent out of shape pretty easily. They looked good on though”.

Jody Shaw is extremely disappointed with Lashnetics and states in her review that they are fake looking, hard to wear and ripped when she was trying to take one to put it on.

Yvette Weaver says in her Lashnetics review- They are not natural and are very thin”.

Another user Whitney Chapman who bought Lashnetics says in her review of it- “These are terrible quality. I love fake dramatic lashes. I tried to put them on and they were so heavy they have no curve to the natural lash line”.

In her review of Lashnetics Minnie Abbott states-“The lashes are very hard (plastic feeling). There are shorter designs of them than the fuller, cuter ones”.

Rosalie Collier is not completely satisfied with Lashnetics and mention in her review-“They’re good but rigid and it’s hard to conform to your eye”.


Lashnetics Questions/Answers

Q. Are Lashnetics reusable?
A. Yes, they are reusable.

Q. What are Lashnetics made of?
A. Lashnetics are made of synthetic material.

Q. Can Lashnetics be worn with glasses?
A. Doubtful.

Q. Are Lashnetics waterproof?
A. No, they are not waterproof.

Q. How do you remove Lashnetics?
A. Please ask the manufacturer.

Q. Do Lashnetics come with adhesive?
A. No they do not come with adhesive.

Q. How many times can you reuse them?
A. You could use them a couple of times. These are about as terrible as false lashes get.

Q. Are they latex free?
A. No idea.

Q. Are these the authentic lashes?
A. No, they are fake.

Q. Do these need to be cut?
A. You may have to cut them because they are long.

Q. Can you swim with these?
A. No, you cannot swim with them.

Q. Would Lashnetics look good on a bride?
A. Yes they would look good on a bride.

Q. Are they hard to put on?
A. Yes, they are a bit tricky to put on.

Q. Are these made of real hair?
A. No, they are not made of real hair.

Q. How do you clean the eyelashes?
A. You don’t really want to do that and get an eye infection.

Q. Are these black?
A. Lashnetics are black.

Q. Can I leave these on longer than a day?
A. No, you cannot.


What do I get?

  • 1 set of Natural Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 set of Bold Lashnetics Magnetic Lashes
  • 1 Compact case with built in Mirror

Price:$19.99 + $4.99 P/H at the official website:

Rating: 1

2 thoughts on “Lashnetics REVIEW | Magnetic Lashes As Seen On TV

  1. This product needs work. If this is as good as it gets then discontinue. They are extremely hard to put on and if you manage to get them on they just don’t look right. They are so flimsy and are nothing more than unenjoyable.

    Rating: 1

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