Lizard Hose REVIEW

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What is Lizard Hose? According to the infomercial it is an expanding hose that grows and doubles in size with water flow and automatically contracts when the water is shut off.



Lizard Hose Review

Steve Randall in his Lizard Hose review reveals that “if your yard is bigger than normal, Lizard Hose won’t work. I’d recommend you look for other options instead.”

”I bought Lizard Hose but it ruptured within a week. A huge leakage and small holes came up on its outer cover. Stretching the hose to its full length or contact with the cement surface of my garden probably created the problem. I guess Lizard Hose is suitable only for smaller yards with soft surfaces like grass. – Chris Holiday’s Lizard Hose Review

Ray Fraser says in his Lizard Hose review “The nozzle of my Lizard Hose broke and it started leaking in just 6 weeks. I didn’t even stretch it or drag it on my yard! Such a waste of money! Don’t buy it.”

Casey Wilson in her review says “Lizard Hose is totally useless and overpriced piece of junk. I feel cheated. Very disappointed with Lizard Hose.”

Tory Sonnet in her Lizard Hose review states that “All Lizard Hose seems good at is dropping water pressure by more than half and shrinking when the water valve is open. Useless trash.”

“It’s not lightweight, but weak. When it went over a bush in my garden, a leak sprang and it collapsed. Gonna junk this one.” – Terry Boyd on Lizard Hose

”Heidi Trevor in her Lizard Hose review mentions “Since expanding hoses like Lizard Hose have a wrinkly surface, dirt, manure and other stuff get deposited in the creases. You need to wash it all off and then dry it. Not worth the effort.“

Lizard Hose measures around 17′ and expands up to 50′ while watering. However, that decreases the pressure in the hose and it shrinks. It’s even worse around its edges. It never happened with other expandable hoses I’ve used.” – Steve Mercy’s Lizard Hose review

“I first used Lizard Hose to wash my deck. The next day I noticed small white spots all over it. I thought of running some water through it before washing surfaces to eliminate grimy substances, and it worked. There were no white foamy spots again even on dark surfaces. I’d suggest you do the same before using Lizard Hose.“ – Trina Lane’s Lizard Hose review


Lizard Hose Claims

Expanding and Retracting water hose – Lizard Hose is a water hose that expands with the water flow and retracts automatically when water’s shuts off, winding and coiling at the same time. Lizard Hose claims to have a unique flow-and-grow with flexible liner design inside that expands the hose with building water pressure and rubber sleeve outside stretching as the water flow increases. There are no Lizard Hose user reviews yet to prove this.

Lightweight, compact and kink-free – Lizard Hose proclaims that it’s lightweight, kink-free and compact to store unlike traditional hoses. It states to glide around furniture, corners, trees and shrubs, and tires. Lizard Hose convinces to expand up to 25 feet and weigh less than 2 lbs while being durable enough to withstand 20,000 lbs truck going over it. We’d like to hear from your if Lizard Hose is that great?


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