Luma Lights Review

What is Luma Lights?

– As per the TV infomercial it is energy efficient compact LED pod and emits ambient light in 360 degrees.


Smart technology

Luma Lights claims to be a smart new way to light up dark areas. It is spherical stone-like and asserts to get activated on touch. Luma Lights also proclaim to detect motion and start when it senses any movement. Luma Lights promise to turn off automatically when kept still for 15 seconds. Luma Lights does sound highly impressive; user reviews will expose the truth. Made up of LEDs, it is energy efficient and claims to last for a long time. Does Luma Lights really work? Send us your reviews.


Multiple uses and portable
Luma Lights state it can be carried anywhere because of its sleek design and light weight. Luma Lights asserts to be an asset in your home when you have to get up in the night. The 360 degree ambient light is better than lighting up the bedside table lamp. It gets activated simply on touch so you can get moving. At this point of time there are no reviews available that will attest to Luma Lights claims. Luma Lights can be kept in cabinets, closets and other places where there is no light. It assures to be a real asset in medicine closet, purse or when you are going out camping. It declares to add comforts in places where things can be are difficult to see. Did Luma Lights function as it claims? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
Buy 2 luma lights for $19.95 + S&H only and Get 2 Luma Lights And Light Holder Free

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Rating: 1

One thought on “Luma Lights Review

  1. Goes on with absolutely no movement or even sound in a quiet home away from all road traffic. Just three weeks after using them, they now illuminate hundreds of times each night even when entirely still and I’m in bed 10 feet away — regardless of “Hi” or “Lo” setting. Won’t last long at this rate.
    Would be useful if they worked as promised.

    Rating: 1

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