Lynx Review

About Lynx

Lynx states to be a cleaning system that has a docking station to store different cleaning heads and a multipurpose pole neatly. Lynx claims that it can transform any messy place into a neatly organized space instantaneously and gives you extra room. Lynx declares to have a mop, duster and broom head with dry and wet pads that clean anything easily and better than vacuum cleaner while storing neatly.


How does it work

Instead of shuffling in the mess trying to find the right tool from broom, duster, and mop, Lynx maintains to store all 3 in one docking base. All you allegedly need to do is place the pole connector on top of the tool you want to use, click, and you will be ready to go about your cleaning chore. The sweeper states to clean in easy sweeps, the super absorbent surface of the mop in Lynx claims to collect all the mess effectively, and the wet and dry pads assert to get all debris and dirt on the floor from the most difficult places. After you have used from Lynx’s three tools, you need to just twist the pole, disconnect the attachment head, and place it right back on the docking station.


Turn a messy place into organized storage space

A laundry room is always a cluttered mess and filled with different cleaning needs. If finding the sweeper or mop is a big chore for you and the store room is a mess, then the new cleaning system Lynx promises to be the right thing for you. Lynx asserts that it has a docking station that stores the cleaning heads and multi-use pole so that your messy place will be neatly organized. Lynx declares to be a 3-in-one cleaning system with a duster, mop, and broom and you just need to place the pole on the cleaning head you need, connect and click it and you will be ready to clean. After the cleaning job is done, you just need to twist and disconnect it and stow it away on the Lynx base.

Effective cleaning heads

The mop head of Lynx promises to have a super absorbent scrubbing surface that grabs all debris and mess and cleans the dirtiest mess easily and quickly. Lynx declares that its broom head attachment has ultra fine and durable bristles give a clean sweep. The duster head and wet pad of Lynx emphasize to attach easily and wipe away all the mess while the dry pad reaches all difficult to reach places. With these, Lynx can give you mopping, sweeping, and dusting with the same cleaning system and yet save time and effort laying your hands on the cleaning of your choice. The duster head and wet pad attachment of Lynx convince to swivel 360 degrees and clean behind toilets and every hard to reach corner so that the bathroom will be spic and span. The dry pad of Lynx emphasizes to have dust grabbing surface that can get dirt and debris that even vacuum cleaner cannot.


What do I get?

You get the Lynx™ Cleaning System which includes mop, broom and duster for 2 payment of $19.95 USD + $7.95 USD processing and handling.Official website

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