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What is Magic Ear?

It is a state-of-the-art hearing aid device that magnifies sounds for a better hearing experience and also features a discreet design so the wearer feels at ease. Magic Ear promises to provide a superior experience to those who need a hearing device but feel hesitant about using one.



Magic Ear CLAIMS

Unmatched Clarity and Volume – This device is made to fit behind the earlobe and comes with a clear cord which connects to a single headphone. According to the creators of Magic Ear, it has a one size fits all subtle design, which prevents discomfort of any kind when worn. All you have to do is insert Magic Ear in either ear and be sure that it will stay put for as long as you want while amplifying even those sounds which we usually miss.

Advanced Functions and High-quality Versatility – The creators of Magic Ear guarantee complete satisfaction, convenience and ease of use. It can be worn into either ear and can be operated through some simple controls provided on the top of it covering. Its power button simplifies its operation and has features like the adjustable sensitivity setting that amplify sounds between 1-10X and make them sound louder and clearer.


Magic Ear Review

A Magic Ear review by Manuel Green exposes it to be a below-average device that doesn’t work properly. According to his Magic Ear review, the system does amplify the sound around but it includes the background noise that can hamper the hearing during listening to conversations. Also, there was no way to turn it down low especially while he was in noisy environments.

Tara Lee states in her review that Magic Ear was too uncomfortable to wear since it is designed as a standard device and isn’t suitable for all sizes of ears.

A customer, Armando Warren, complains in his Magic Ear review that the sound screeches a bit while using it in noisy environments. The device did work great in lower settings but howls when it is turned to the higher setting. His review also states a recurring problem that Magic Ear amplifies the background noise way too much and there was no way to adjust it.

Henry Ray, a Magic Ear reviewer reveals that after working for a few days, it failed to hold a charge after several charging cycles. He also found it uncomfortable due its size and background buzz that it amplifies.

As per Jon Bass’s Magic Ear review, it amplifies everything and hence is useful only for conversations in quieter places. He didn’t like its output that sounded like all the noise shifted into one mix of treble.


Magic Ear Questions/Answers

Q. How do you change the battery on Magic Ear?
A. You will need to take it to an audiologist center.

Q. How should it be maintained for optimal performance?
A. Keep the earpiece clean by removing the built-up ear wax from the sound tube.

Q. Does it come in pairs?
A. No, it is a single piece that can fit either ear.

Q. Will Magic Ear interfere while wearing glasses?
A. They fit decently with glasses. The problem is that overall it doesn’t work well due to high background noise.

Q. How long is the sound tube on Magic Ear?
A. It is about 3 inches long, which might not work well for few users.

Q. Does it have the ability to help clear background noise and tune into a conversation clearly?
A. Magic Ear is a hearing aid that simply magnifies the sound and isn’t designed to separate different sound levels such as background noise from a conversation.

Q. Will the volumes reset every time it is turned on?
A. No, although users will need to adjust it according to the noise around them.

Q. Is Magic Ear waterproof for use in rains?
A. No, water can damage its circuit.

Q. What is the overall review of Magic Ear?
A. It does amplify the sound but there is no way to filter out unwanted background noise. Also, it isn’t great for some users since the minimum volume can be sometimes too high.

Q. Does Magic Ear come with a built-in battery?
A. Yes, the device comes with a rechargeable battery. Simply connect it to using its USB charging cable and plug it into a standard AC outlet.


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