Magic Tracks Review

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What are Magic Tracks?

Magic Tracks as claimed by the makers utilize the magic of glowing thus making the tracks more appealing and entertaining for the kids to play. As demonstrated in the infomercial, the Magic Tracks can bend, flex and curve the track magically in 360 degrees entirely, however way you want – even while the race car is zooming around. Just like regular tracks you can snap the pieces together and get a fully customized speedway of your own creation. But where the Magic Tracks scores over regular tracks is that when you turn off the light, it glows super bright. Seems like the kids would really enjoy playing with the Magic Tracks, but we’d rather wait for Magic Tracks reviews to validate our opinions.



How does Magic Tracks work?

Ever wondered that there are way too many kid’s birthday parties cropping up throughout the year and you always run out of options for their gifts. At such a time Magic Tracks claims to be an apt toy that will make the kid the talk of the town. Magic Tracks assert that it will definitely be a different toy than what the kid already has. Come to think of it Magic Tracks need not necessarily be for gifts, it can be used by any kid who is crazy about cars. And being equipped with the unique setting of glowing in the dark makes it all the more appealing. The Magic Tracks can be twisted and bent to any shape that the youngster desires.

Magic Tracks declares that the kids will never get bored of it as kids seem to love diversity. Sooner than you know, they’ll get bored of the same old toys but the advantage of Magic Tracks is that it can be set up in many different ways thus keeping the kid engaged at all times. The tracks can bend, flex and curve any way the kid desires. Just snap the pieces together and build a custom speedway in a matter of minutes. Magic Tracks allege that the kids thoroughly enjoy playing with it in the day as they design their track layout. As the day turns into night, they get an equal amount of thrill as they can turn off all the lights and see their cars and tracks glow. As exciting as the claims may sound, we are not buying into it. At least not till we have seen what the Magic Tracks reviews have to say.

Not only the tracks but even the race car’s 5 LED lights keep the track glowing while it is in motion. Magic Tracks promises to build the kids’ creativity and keep them busy for a while and have fun at the same time. In most of the cases, pieces and parts of the toy tend to get lost but not with Magic Tracks. It rolls up easily and stores neatly into the travel pouch that comes along as an accessory with the toy. That means the kid can carry it along while traveling and never get bored.


Magic Tracks Review

The car axles of Magic Tracks break far too easily for a children’s toy. The 2 Magic Tracks cars that it comes with could stop working even after changing the batteries twice. It may work for sometime and then stop. It is a huge disappointment!

Each Magic Tracks car needs 2 AAA batteries to operate. Batteries are not included in the kit. You need a small screwdriver to open the battery compartments, which can be quite inconvenient.

The Magic Tracks cars work just as well off the track as they do on it. There is a horizontal wheel on the front that will let the Magic Tracks car turn if it hits something head-on. The car gets stuck in certain situations, but for the most part the car will keep going even after bumping into furniture and other objects. The cars are a bit loud on the track, but they go quite fast which is a lot of fun for the kids.

When you change tracks, a few pieces may come apart. The track pieces are very light, a little flimsy looking, but they do work. Just ensure you do not pull or twist too much, that could make them break.

The Magic Tracks cars need improvements like sturdier plastic that won’t break so easily. Magic Tracks is a cheap knock off of Mindscope Twister Tracks.

Magic Tracks contains missing information such as dimensions, weight and recommended age.

Magic Tracks is available only at the official Magic Tracks website:, and you know the hassles associated with as seen on tv websites.


Magic Tracks Questions and Answers

Q. Does Magic Tracks work with the Kidoozietrack?
A. NOPE, from what other customers have mentioned. Magic Tracks is a KNOCK-OFF.

Q. Are Magic Tracks compatible with the build a road pieces from international playthings?
A. Not sure, don’t think so.

Q. Are these the same as Mindscope Twister Tracks?
A. No, magic tracks is a knock off.

Q. Does the Magic Tracks set come with cars or do I have to purchase separate and how big is the track?
A. The Magic Tracks set comes with 2 vehicles with light up race cars with 12.5 feet of track + 2 splitters which adds another 7″ in track totaling to over 13 feet of track.


What do I get?

You’ll receive 2 set of Magic Tracks™ for just $29.99 plus $13.98 shipping and handling (complete with 240 Track Pieces, the Translucent LED Racecar, Decals for Total Customization, the Storage and Travel Pouch and Fun Track Guide).Official website

Rating: 2

65 thoughts on “Magic Tracks Review

  1. I just bought the mega set for my son for Christmas and I am not impressed. All the blue tracks are broken and do not snap together properly. This making the cars not stay on the track. We sat it under light for hours and it does not glow very bright at all. And on top of that for the price I paid for this I would expect everything to work but the cars turn on and off by them selves and sometimes don’t even shut off. My boy is 3 and gets so upset when his one toy he asked for from Santa does not work. I would not buy this ever again. I wish there was a number I could call.

    • I bought them last year for my nephew for Christmas. i ordered them in August- received in january. Luckily someone else bought them for him from a store. I said no to all the sales questions yet was charged over $79 for this box that still sits here. Don’t bother calling or emailing. I did both and got nowhere (and I’m typically persistant). I still have copies of my emails with bs answers when I did get an answer. Rip off.

  2. I bought 4 sets of tracks for the great-grandsons, and my sister’s grandsons. They were Christmas gifts last year.

    I don’t know who loved them the most the kids or the adults.

    They went to 3 homes. The only regret was we didn’t save a set for our house.

    Rating: 5
  3. Magic Tracks are a joke! Bought this toy for my grandsons & it was such a disappointment! The car did not work. It would go a few inches & stop. The button on top of the car which you push down to make it go, would not stay down. I had to tape it down to make the car run. The tracks don’t glow either, & the tracks fall apart if you move them around. Do NOT buy this!!

  4. I purchased the Magic Tracks for my grandson. The car quit working after the first day. The lights work, but wheels will not turn .

    Rating: 1
  5. I ordered 4 sets at $104.00. On January 7th, I placed an order that was put on back-order for 4 weeks, and than was promised delivery, by February 10th. That order was never received. The Fed Ex Tracking will show that that order was never received.

    On February 21st, the previous order was cancelled by your representative, and a new order was placed by thier representative. That order was also place on back order for approximately 3 weeks. On March 13th, I received notification that my package was shipped with Fed Ex and was promised delivery by March 17th at the end of the day. Now it states that the package again was never shipped and I have not received my order.

    You wait for over 45 minutes for a rep to answer their phone just to get nowhere.

    • Why don’t you just get it at the store?I got the same amount at the store and it was the mega on I got it for $49.95 and my daughter loves cars and she loved them.

      Rating: 5
  6. I received my kids package in September 2016 and the cars were defected and the decal stickers were not included in the package. Since then I have been waiting on the delivery for my kids cars. I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service and support you call no answer on hold for ever. send e-mails and no reply back. Kids are very disappointed they ask everyday about their magic track cars.

    • I had the same problem, cars didn’t work, ordered the warranty cars in September and am still waiting for them 7 months later. No one at the company replies to me. 35.00 down the drain.

  7. Track is colorful and functional however the cars are made so cheaply that they lasted for a few laps and then would not move nor stay on the track. We bought two sets so he’d have two cars! Waste of money, time and effort.

    Rating: 1
  8. We finally got our Magic Tracks! Because they couldn’t ride in time for Christmas, we have decided to give them for his birthday. But when they came to the door, I didn’t realize what they were and let him open them. He has been playing with them nonstop. So while I am upset about the back order at Christmas time, And I can understand the frustration everyone feels, The toy is definitely a lot of fun. One important thing that was difficult for us to figure out was how to turn the cars on and off. There’s a button on top of the car! When we first put the batteries and we thought the car just ran on forever with no off button. This is not true, there’s a button on top. I’m wondering from some of the reviews of others also didn’t realize this. Instructions are tiny and sparse. And while I can see why you would be upset that your kids hair that caught in mechanized car, any mechanized car will tangle in a girls hair. I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of common sense not to run a mechanical toy over long hair (I had long hair growing up). I will not participate in a class-action lawsuit for such an action. I feel like it’s frivolous.

    • While I understand the common sense about putting hair in the way and the actions that follow, I have to say in a personal case, my cars would not shut off. I have pressed the button, held the button down, changed the batteries…they will not stop! I am sure other customers have experienced the similar things. We shouldn’t assume something because you have a good set.

      Rating: 2
  9. I ordered magic tracks beginning of November- for Christmas ! Long before the notice on website came out stating delay!!
    I called repeatedly!! Always put on hold – no one ever answered!! 40 minutes I waited both times I didn’t hang up!! Middle of January I received a notice they might be shipped by end of January!! Terrible customer service!!!

  10. I have been trying to call the magic track customer service for days now and I’m only been put on hold. I would like to to know where is my order I made since. December 21st and no one is answering the phone. could someone please contact me. This not good customer service.

    • Don’t deal with them they’re crooks, dispute the charge with your credit card company. File a claim with the BBB as I have. Just cancel the order by e-mail and refuse the package if it comes, they finally got back to me by e-mail after a month of trying to reach someone, only to play dumb as to my attempts to cancel the order. Now they’re trying to have me cover the shipping and handling for their poor business practices. If you want to vent, call and attempt to place an order over the phone, just don’t give your credit info again, and in about 2-3 minutes you’ll get a live person from the sales dept. They’ll give you the run around and tell you to call customer service and if you ask for a supervisor they’ll say they don’t have one. You can at least yell at someone though. You can get the product at a reputable box store, much more reliable and safe, worth the little bit of extra cost.

    • My order was placed on back order on December 19, and I just got it this weekend. I would guess that yours should be there soon, if they are filling orders in order of placement. They were certainly unprepared for the volume of orders that came in!

  11. I have sent several emails to the help Center and spent hours on hold to complain about 2 defective cars that came with my order. No one has responded to any of my emails. I’d advise anyone to not order via Magic track website but to purchase directly from toys r us, walmart, etc.

  12. My kids enjoyed playing with Magic Tracks, but the cats got stuck in both of my daughters hair. My 4 year old was screaming and the cars were just getting tighter in her hair. I had to cut her hair to get the car out. Same thing then happened to my 9 year old. She thought the track would go over her body and insured the cars granted her hair. There should be some kind of stopping mechanism. The cars wheels should not just continuously run.

    Rating: 2
  13. I ordered the double set on December 3rd. I received a “your order is on backorder” email a few weeks ago. Well, my package was mailed on the 23rd. I’ve been tracking the FedEx progress and it’s nothing short of bizarre.
    On Dec 30th apparently my Magic Tracks package was in Pennsylvania, just one state away from New York, where I live. The last few days I’ve seen it go west. My package is now in Bloomington Ca. That’s right. California.
    I’ve used several emails they provided online to get a hold of them but they’ve all bounced back.
    I contacted my credit card company and they graciously took care of the matter.
    I suggest everyone do the same.

    • I ordered November 13th and its January 3rd no package as of yet. I’m going to the bank and cancel payment and get my $56 back I will never mess with these CLOWNS again

  14. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Ive emailed them about 4 times to cancel my order, but yet no reply to any of them. I tried calling multiple times and was on hold waiting for almost an hour each time and had to hang up finally every single time. Would NOT recommend someone buying these from the website, worst experience ive dealt with!

  15. Magic track is full of crap in very unprofessional. I placed my order in November still hasn’t got my order then they tell me after been on hold for 30 mins there are no supervisor to talk to in that they can’t return my money until item ship then I can return it. I don’t won’t their product next year. I emailed them also I think this company is a scam I wouldn’t advise anyone to order here. I think we should all sue them and petition shut them down


    Rating: 1

  18. The car got caught and removed a chunk of hair in not only an adult friends hair but my granddaughters hair while leaning down to play with a car, it went straight to the scalp removing a big chunk !!

  19. Got my Magic Teack order after Christmas, 6 weeks from when I ordered it. Less than thrilled with service. Company hid behind voice mail for several weeks before Christmas. No way to track order so we had to buy additional presents. I am not at all thrilled with product either. Several track pieces broke during initial test assembly. Accessories are too cheap to get excited about. All good ideas but poorly made. Website said AA batteries need for cars. They actually take AAA batteries. Unfortunately we missed the grandkids Christmas but will put all to the test on their next visit this coming summer. I would not recommend doing business with any company that hides when the going gets tough. Signs of poor leadership.

  20. Piece of crap, car ran fine for 15 minutes, now nothing. Changed batteries, nothing, people should be ashamed of themselves for disappointing these little kids.

  21. I ordered 2 months ago for Christmas gifts. Christmas has come and gone and the order never arrived. I cannot get anyone on the phone. No emails are responded. Worst customer service ever!!

    • I am cant get customer sevice been trying since they took my money out the 17th.i have recived nothing.done tracking says delivered.was noti want my doble order or im going to bbb.better business.i am still listening to 2 kids everyday over iti paid 42.00 for upgrades n double tracks.i have sent emails it comes back no such site

  22. Let me jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the satisfied customers out there with Magic Tracks! I placed a order as a Christmas present on 11/11/2016. On the 19th of November I was informed my upgrade was on back-order, then they sent another email on 12/16, that it had been shipped. I received the order today, 12/24/2016. Kind of late to get it out as a present don’t you think? This is totally unacceptable by any means, I mean 43 days, come on now! Refunds are in order and I also agree on a class action suit!

    Rating: 1
    • I agree. I ordered on 11/11/16, as soon as I submitted the order a pop up came up that said it was on back order. Got it today, 1/10/17 and they shorted me the second set of the double your order offer and was charged $124.94. I will be seeking return info and I have no doubt, a lengthy refund period.

      • A refund? Thats what i thought. My refund will take 6-8 weeks. I had cancelled the order when i was told it was on back order. The date was 1-22-2017. To my se the order was shipped and i was charged on 2-7-2017. This co is screwing everyone. They insist they didn’t get the cancellation notice. What a scam

  23. I am very pissed off they charged me 82.95 i order the 2 for 19.99. I want to cancel my order but of course no one answers the phone. I called the day after it happen to let them know and they said oh we can’t see it yet I said ok and then called the next day and no one would answer the phone I have emailed 10 times since 11/19/16. NO RESPONSES I WILL BE GETTING THE BBB INVOLVED AND MY LAWYER. HAVE FUN WITH YOU SHITTY BUSINESS.

  24. Sadly I too ordered Nov 5th 2 sets of the double offer & still nothing 12-19-16. Checked order today and now it says I placed the order on 12-15-16 🙁 This company is lieing!! I ordered over 40 days ago😠

    Rating: 1
  25. Magic track is for sure a fraud no way to cancel or talk to anyone to cancel orders. Do not order this product it is a rip off.

  26. Please cancel my order I was charged 92.00 fucking dollars with not a Rep to talk to like r you serious so upset order number 20240479 even the cananadina could not help like wtf

    • Please cancel my order I was charged 92.00 dollars with not a single Rep to talk how professionally full of crap this company is like are you serious so upset order number 20240479 even the cananadina could not help like wtf

    • Same here. The site is a big scam. I don’t even get put on hold though. It rings twice then goes to busy signal. The Spanish line just hangs up on me.

  27. Just bought one set at Walmart car didn’t work returned it for another set the new car doesn’t work garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage

  28. This company either does not have enough people to handle the volume or it is a scam

    I am sending an email because you can not talk to anyone in customer service. I tried multiple times and a message comes on that due to Higher than anticipated orders product is on back order and may not be shipped before Christmas! I sent an email to cancel my order and have not heard anything back. I tried doing it on line and it says to call customer service number ( where u are not able to reach a person or any prompts to do so)! On the below order I was charged $14.99 for a set which I did not want! That fact that I can not get a hold of anyone or a response leads me to believe this is not a good company and I WANT MY ORDER CANCELED!!! Please cancel my order below and send notification that this happened!

  29. I bought madic tracks at our local Walmart tonight. I sat the track up for my 4 year old son and tried it out. I didn’t want him to be disappointed if it didnt work. the track is fine but the ONE RED car that came with it wont stay on the track…advice??

    Rating: 1
  30. I order The buy get one plus double shipping I got the Fedex shipping email on 10/7/16 The package hasn’t. Moved thur the system yet all it says is it has a shipping label and is waiting. But they telling me that hurricane Michael is causing floods for the southeastern region when the package is coming from Las Vegas hell Las Vegas is on the West Coast I feel like damn you got $37.80 where is my sons magic tracks

    Rating: 1
  31. I have ordered quite a bit and I still have not received my stuff when will it come ???? It was birthday presents its going on a month

  32. I ordered the 2 sets and upgraded to the Deluxe set. (Note: If you turn down their first upgrade offer they offer it to you at 1/2 price.) Caution: once you push the button at the button at the bottom of the first page you bought it even if the sight goes down before you finish your order.
    When my credit card auth went through they issued a tracking number. The charge has been deducted from my account ( I used my debit card) and FedEx has yet to pick up the product.
    When I called to ask why, they swore FedEx had the package and hadn’t updated their tracking system. (I had already confirmed with FedEx that the package was still with the shipper.) They refused to put me through to a supervisor and told me they had 15 days to get me my order and hung up.
    I think I just learned a $45 lesson at the expense of my grand nieces and grand nephews.

      • I ordered 2 sets if magic tracks in the beginning of October, I even got a confirmation email of my ordered being placed. Come to find out 2 1/2 weeks later I get an email of insufficient funds because they never took the money off. Therefore I cancelled my order. Come to find out everything has been back ordered due to overwhelming orders. Just yesterday I see the payment that I cancelled had been ordered a again aND taken out of my account. I spoke with a rep and she told me I cannot cancel my order and get a refund until I get the package which BTW will arrive and 2 weeks they say. Then she tells me my refund can only be given to me in the former of a check which will take 10 weeks to recieve OMG! I ask for a supervisor and was told now I can get partial refund and the other half when I return my order. Once again my refund is gonna take 10 weeks. At this point I’m in the middle of reporting this company to the BBB. I feel they are scamming people. Mind you I feel this should be a class action lawsuit as well, especially because its so well advertised on TV. I’m am so not happy at all with Christmas right around the corner.

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