Master Prostate

What is Master Prostate –

It is a formula that promotes prostate health, urinary function and enhances vitality in aging men.


A prostate formula that works better than regular supplements

Master Prostate promises to help aging men deal with prostate problems and get a better night’s sleep by cutting down their night trips to the bathroom considerably. As men grow older, their prostate enlarges and they face problems feel the urge to urinate very frequently and that keeps them chained to the bathroom. It also becomes impossible to get a good night’s sleep because of frequent urination and many men even stopped making road trips because of the embarrassment of going to the bathroom again and again. To maintain healthy prostate, there are options like treatments, drugs, surgery and e maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even then, men need to take prostate supplements. However, these supplements are not always very effective and often have side effects. But Master Prostate claims that it is a lot more effective in enhancing prostate health compared to these other formulast.


All essential ingredients in a single all-natural dose

Master Prostate is supposed to be made with several important prostate health ingredients in the correct amount. What supposedly makes Master Prostate better than regular supplements is the fact that it provides 500 mgs of the most important ingredient Beta sitosterol, twice the amount present in other brands. It is also said to contain Saw Palmetto extract, which other supplements do not contain. Apparently, a single tablet of Master Prostate is a scientific blend of 12 important prostate supportive nutrients like pygeum africanum, stinging nettles, pumpkin seed, prostate friendly anti-oxidant Lycopene, zinc, selenium, amino acids (L-Alanine, glycine, glutamic acid) and many more. Because it is a natural formula, Master Prostate is also said to have no side effects.

Helps you sleep through the night and has other benefits

One of the biggest problems that an enlarged prostate brings is going to the bathroom frequently in the night, which disturbs your sleep and can make you feel fatigued in the day too. But with Master Prostate you will apparently sleep fitfully through the night. The formula is claimed to be recommended highly by doctors and supposedly a man of 60 will feel as healthy as 40. Other than lesser bathroom trips, prostate problems can also affect intimacy, which Master Prostate can address too.


What do I get?

Get one month trial supply of Master Prostate® plus a copy of our Anti-Aging and You book. plus a bottle of Peak Libido™ for just $9.95 shipping.Official

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