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One thought on “Mattress Doorbusters Review

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. I ordered an 8 inch well over a month ago. The first time the order was cancelled without reason. So I called I was told to re-order the mattress. Confusing emails from their customer support dept, made me worried so I called, when I would call the customer support line I would get the same guy telling me to call back in a week. Finally, after leaving 5 messages for their Support dept. A very nice Lady called me. I was told that my order was in place and everything was fine. That the mattresses were on back order. She showed that my mattress would be delivered on or before April the 8th 2016. I know its just March 23rd. The reason Im going ahead and writing this review is I just received an email stating that my order had been canceled again. I would not waste your time trying to buy from a company that doesn’t even have the mattresses they make in stock and just randomly cancels orders without any explanation. Its true what they say you get what you pay for. Im disabled and have a bad back and my old mattress sags so bad that i have to sleep on the floor. I saw Mattress door Busters ad on Television. I was hoping it was true but its just a scam.

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