Maxi Glider 360 REVIEW

What is Maxi Glider 360

It claims to be a uniquely designed home workout system that helps in losing weight and provide fitness by working the body from every possible angle. As the name suggests, it claims to offer 360 degree movement to target all major muscle groups.



Maxi Glider 360 CLAIMS

Total fitness system – Maxi Glider 360 promises to offer an all-round fitness and weight loss with its unique 360 degree design. The design of Maxi Glider 360 alleges to work as an Air Strider, a Cross Trainer, an Abductor Machine, and a Pec Deck. Such design states to offer heart-pumping cardio, full body muscle toning and is proven to burn up to 265 calories. Such farfetched claims made by Maxi Glider 360 will be verified once users review it.

Innovative design – Maxi Glider 360 asserts to provide workout with Dynamic Resistance Technology. Its 4 distinct movement types and 4 resistance levels maintain to help improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. More shall be known once Maxi Glider 360 is reviewed. Maxi Glider 360 promises to be made of sturdy material that simply folds for easy storage at home and can take up to 110 kg weight. Maxi Glider 360 does sound fantastic for home workouts; user reviews will expose the truth.


Maxi Glider 360 Reviews

Wallace Lee, a Maxi Glider 360 reviewer reveals that it makes a squeaking noise during workout due to a cracked left pedal arm. He further states in his review that Maxi Glider 360 is made with cheap quality and breaks within months of use. The Maxi Glider 360 review suggests that it’s out of balance and is not sturdy as people would prefer while working out.

Another customer named Raul Hall asserts in his review that Maxi Glider 360 was delivered with rusty support brackets and bolts. In his review he says that Maxi Glider 360 is cheaply made and the right pedal arm fell off while working out. He couldn’t fix it even after spending a couple of hours and shows disappointment towards Maxi Glider 360 in the review.
One other Maxi Glider 360 review by Susan Huff complains that it was delivered with some parts missing and had poor instructions about its functioning. The system is difficult to assemble and is heavier than expected. In her review she suggests other users from buying Maxi Glider 360.

Cora Wheeler, a Maxi Glider 360 reviewer, discloses that the system feels unsafe since it makes squeaking and cracking sounds. Her Maxi Glider 360 review says that it still continued to squeak after she greased it up.

Beth Hammond, an arthritis patient shows disappointment in Maxi Glider 360. As per her Maxi Glider 360 review, the system gave her a severe back pain. She had issues with the lateral swinging motion.

Another Maxi Glider 360 review by Raul Hall talks about the system’s poor design. A large nut and bold assembly that holds the center rod and the feet kept rubbing against his knees and thighs. He suggests that it might not be for shorter people. His review also complains that Maxi Glider 360 is difficult to assemble as well. His review says that the tools that come along Maxi Glider 360 are useless. Users might need their own tools and put some own mind since the instructions aren’t up to the mark either.

Bradley Quinn’s Maxi Glider 360 review has similar issues about the assembly instructions as it took hours for him to understand them. His review further states that the pin on Maxi Glider 360 was too short and didn’t fit in the hole. The pipes kept falling down while trying to fix them together. He finally gave up on it due to its frustrating design. According to his review, Maxi Glider 360 requires at least two people to put it together and can be a problem for users who live alone.

A similar issue shows up in Philip Black’s review of Maxi Glider 360. As per him the system fails to fold after assembly. He had to loosen the bolts but still no results as expected.

A user, Roderick Barrett, claims that Maxi Glider 360 is complicated to put together. The entire assembly with its demonstration indicated is complex and poorly shown. His review reveals that Maxi Glider 360 ships with lots of assembly parts such as screws, nuts, washers, and requires a lot of time. His review further exposes Maxi Glider 360 by saying it comes with cheap tools that fail to perform their job. The worst part about Maxi Glider 360 according to his review is that he still hasn’t been able to really put it together till date. He suggests getting some help from friends who have mechanical understanding.

A reviewer, Tara Floyd criticizes Maxi Glider 360 saying it’s a cheaply made gimmick. Her review calls it’s a sham since the weight limits are completely wrong. She warns other users in her review and asks them not to go for this machine.


What do I get?

  • 1 Maxi-Glider 360
  • 1 New Image Nutrition & Health Plan
  • 1 Maxi-Glider 360 Wall Chart
  • 1 Digital Progress Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 Tablet Stand

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