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59 thoughts on “MaxiClimber Review | Is Maxi Climber worth $250? | Exposed

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    • I found that Maxi Climber is a great product. I am using it to strengthen my legs, knees and back.I had back surgery done 5 month ago and going this physical therapy, but this product is helping me a lot to get my balance back without hurting my self. The product was easy to assemble as per the instruction. It looks like a sturdy product. The manufacturer states it is safe if you way less than 230 lbs. .

  1. I just received this MaxiClimber workout ladder, seems flimsy plus came with no DVD or instructions to use it.. Can someone pls help… PLEASE?? Does it even have any resistance at all.. I tried customer service no reply… What a sorry ass company… A lot of $$ to spend I at least deserve a response to help me use this correctly … Thanks any suggestions?? Much appreciated… Jen

    • I bought mine for 5 payments of $50; however, a week later when I recommended it to a friend he got it for $200 because he paid upfront.

      I called back the company and they let me have the same offer; the first payment I made was $50 and they just charged the extra $150.

  2. This machine really does work! I have been using it for about a week now, and in only 10 minutes manage to burn 700 calories! You can also feel your body toning up right after the very first work out. Definitely worth the $250.

  3. Anytime a rater uses the term “product”, as in “this ‘product’ will cure pimples on your a$$”, they are a shill. Have you ever had a conversation with someone that used the term “product” ? Shill, shill, shill, as in “fake”!!

  4. Purchased this Airclimber on amazon. Doesn’t take a lot of talent to use it. I have used it 4 times and it kicks my butt. I can only last 5 min on this climber. I work out 4x a week st the gym. I do this 1st thing in morning. Really whats 5 to 10 min to get your heart rate pumping. Putting the climber together Pretty simple if you can follow directions. Less then 15mn set up time. Yes, not high quality.probably wont last a lifetime. You get what you pay for. But definitely worth the price. Compare this price to tread-climber or elliptical machines cant beat it! I’m happy with it!

  5. I bought this from Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with it. On my first try I didn’t last 2 minutes! I’m getting better at it now and definitely feel stronger, though 10 minutes is still hard to achieve. Even if the machine only lasts a year, $250 isn’t a huge price to pay compared to other machines. A year at a gym would cost as much. I don’t know how many calories I’ve burned or if I’ll have a beach body by summer, but it’s an all-over workout. Don’t buy direct from the company. Amazon is a better place to get your money back if you hate the thing or if it arrives broken.

    • It will count steps, hower generally, your personal tracker and the maxiclimber will not agree on the number of steps and calories. Not a big deal, since none of the trackers are accurate, but give you a good idea. The only thing that I have found that is accurate is the combo electronic and mechanical pedometer. The accurate steps depends on your length of your stride. Most of the trackers sold today give you a pretty good idea of the number os steps. The number of calories burned depends on the number of steps (according you your stride) and weight. The Maxiclimber is a good machine and the results depend on the user to use it correctly. You don’t lean forward and you don’t lean backwards. Lean backwards and you will probably raise the front. It is a matter of keeping your spine straight. You can’t correct an error by puttting weight on the front to keep it from backwards. The answer is to start slowly and learn to do it correctly for the best workout for your entire body. It is not the speed of the workout, but doing it correctly to obtain the results you are looking for.

    • I received my Maxi climber just today. Took only three days to get it from the time I ordered it from Amazon. The safety pin that holds the middle arm to the frame is damaged. I called Amazon to report it. You are on your own when ordering from those folks. They said they couldn’t do anything about it. I emailed to see if they will send me a replacement pin. I will gladly pay for it. If they won’t, I will go to Tractor Supply and buy a pin of some sort that will work. I can still workout on it but it is unsafe if the pin falls out (it is a short pin and could easily come out). What little time I have been on it, I can tell it is a great tool for working the entire body. If you don’t have one already and want to tone, lose weight, feel better with more energy, i encourage you to invest in one now.

  6. Do not make order Maxi climber, because they will take the order and not send anything and when you call to say you have not received anything, they tell you it will come in three days. Return to call and tell you that in a week, and so only take you and grab your money.

  7. Lots of odd conversations and questions on here. If you actually go to the website, it will give you all the information you need, including how to use the Maxi climber.
    I ordered this on Amazon, knowing it would not be top of line. It works very well. I’m in good shape and the Maxi climber gives you a run for the money. So, I have no complaints. It is intuitive how to use the machine.

  8. I received my product within two weeks after ordering. I view delivery time as very good. After receipt I insured all parts were received. I then began reading the assembly instructions. I found them easily understood and completed the assembly within 15 minutes. The product worked as advertised and performed very much to my satisfaction.

    I must admit however, I’m still working to attain the exercise goal of 10 minute workouts three times per/week. It’s a lot harder then I expected. But because of that I’m fully expecting to ultimately achieve the results as advertised.

    • Hi! I ordered my maxi climber at Bed Bath and Beyond two days ago. I researched prices at various stores and it was the lowest there at $200. Then I used my 20 percent off coupon so it came to $180. I do t think you’ll be able to get it anywhere else cheaper. Hope this helps!

  9. I have had this machine for a few months now (august 2015).

    Within the space of a few weeks one of the rollers was disintegrating and couldn’t use it. Contacted the supplier with photos etc, it took approximately 6 weeks to replace.

    Yesterday, the frame had cracked and snapped completely at the bottom of the climbing side, just above the bottom weld and just below the pin on both legs.

    Hadn’t been on the machine much since replacing the roller, I was busy doing long distance training for marathon.

    3 times for half an hour each time I went on it this week and the damage occured.

    Gave 2 stars, not one, because the machine can you get really fit and help you achieve your goals, I’ve used versaclimber machines before and their price is out of my league.

    The after service hasn’t been good, it took far too long to get a replacement roller, and now I don’t know what’s going to happen, whether they will replace the legs or try and say it’s down to user error.

    I weigh 200 lbs, use the machine 30-60mins each time, and have hardly used the machine since purchase.

    Very disappointed at present, my goals with this machine were to help build my strength for fell running.

  10. Questions: 1. how helpful is customer service? 2.How much assembly is required? 3.If having to return do I have to pay for that? 4. What about replacement parts I’m hearing either they send wrong parts or it takes for ever? 5. How well built is it I weigh 185lbs. but I’m hearing comments that its flimsily what gives? And lastly the trial where you pay 19.95 will I have to pay return shipping if I choose to return it?

  11. I have been using the machine on a regular bases for about 20 minutes three times a week. I am also using a hoolahoop for about 15 minutes 3 times a week as well and I am seeing SIGNIFICANT changes in my physique. Others have even commented on the changes to my surprise!! I have been working out for years and have never seen results like this before. I am about 185 and the machine feels a little fragile but I just put a 25 pound weight on the foot of each leg in the front and its good. It is a hell of a workout but I love the challenge and definitely the results!!

  12. I received this within a few days of ordering and managed to carry the machine upstairs alone and assemble (I am 5’0). I have zero upper body strength so the first week was tough so I did 5 minute workouts the first week. I am now up to 10-15 minute workouts and feeling it. I haven’t lost much weight yet as I have an autoimmune condition and losing weight is not so easy. Foot peddles size is fine for me with small feet but definitely need to wear good athletic shoes. Overall, so far so good!

  13. We bought a Maxiclimber two weeks ago. I weigh 200 lbs., and I was up to 20 minutes per day, and was generally impressed with the workouts I was getting. Today one of the welds on the right pedal broke as I was getting on, which obviously renders the machine useless until replaced. If it takes more than a week to get a new pedal, we are returning it. One star until I get a new part- free.

  14. Mixed reviews on this. Not as easy to put together as advertised, especially for one person. Pedals are very small; to position your feet safely on them, your legs are too close to the center bar. And you have to be careful to balance your foot evenly, so as not to have too much/too little hanging over the front or back. Seems to give a good workout, but be careful that your weight is leaning more forward than backwards; not sure the front bar won’t raise slightly from the floor, which could cause it to tip over.

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