MaxiClimber Review | Is Maxi Climber worth $250?

What is MaxiClimber?

It is an exercise equipment that gets you to imitate the body’s natural rock climbing movements. It helps you tone up body, lose weight and shape up in minimal time.

Maxi-Climber is a vertical climbing machine that is capable of mimicking a climb up a very steep mountain or a very tall wall. Hence you are meant to burn large amount of calories in a short span of time (10 to 20 per minute, depending on the intensity), according to its claims. What’s more, your aerobic capacity is enhanced and your body is toned from head to toe.


It’s smart, different and amazing!

MaxiClimber promises to be a revolutionary workout equipment that is styled to make you move as you would while rock climbing. MaxiClimber seems to be the ideal equipment to get a better, firmer and healthier body. According to its manufacturers, it uses virtually the same muscles that are used in rock climbing which are perfect for a complete, intense workout.

MaxiClimber features vertical climb design, which requires you to move vertically. Hence when you are pushing or pulling, your arms, shoulders and back have to keep up with the strength of your legs. As a result your aerobic system is taken to another level, your fitness is boosted and you manage to burn large amount of calories too.
In case of MaxiClimber, your body has to be moved in reciprocal motion to your legs. As you move your right arm with left leg (and vice versa), your coordination improves, strength is built and your overall agility, movement is enhanced as well. The motion you have to keep up with MaxiClimber can be tricky initially, but you are taken out of your fitness comfort zone. Hence there’s a major turnaround in your body.

MaxiClimber and its potential benefits

According to the infomercial, having MaxiClimber is like two cardio machines rolled into one because it includes upper and lower body workout in its vertical climbing motion. With your regular cardio machines you have to work out for about 45 minutes to burn calories and they still leave a lot to be desired. That’s where MaxiClimber comes into the picture and claims to have advantages over Treadmills, Elliptical, Bikes and Steppers. The vertical climbing design of MaxiClimber promises to help you get rid of fat while building a stronger heart.

Devote just 10 minutes, 3 times a week!

The manufacturer of the MaxiCliber claims that you will be pleased to know that using MaxiClimber is anything but a grind as you need to workout on it for just 3 days a week for only 10 minutes. That means no more slogging for hours at the gym any more but guaranteed dream results right at home.


For the perfect total body workout

MaxiClimber guarantees a total body workout that can help you attain leaner, shapelier legs, a tight lifted butt, solid abs and toned, contoured triceps and biceps. It offers a total head to toe workout as it combines both cardio and muscle toning exercises.


Sculpt up, tone up and lose calories easily

If the commercial is to be believed, the MaxiClimber equipment apparently helps you burn calories, lose weight and also sculpt your body and tone up. It makes you work out in the same way that you would while climbing a mountain, during which you use almost all muscles in your body to reach the peak.


Engages upper and lower body along with the core

MaxiClimber promises a full-fledged, truly intense workout that focuses not only on your upper and lower body but also the core. It also creates no stress on the lower joints of your lower body.


Ergonomic design

The equipment is placed vertically, supported with additional cold-rolled steel stands which allow you to step on it and exercise as you would move while climbing. It seems to be useful for everyone with any body type as its length can be adjusted. It also comes with a personal workout timer that starts and stops with you for precise time indication.


Easy storage

They also claim that MaxiClimber can be easily folded up and conveniently stored wherever you want.


What do I get?

Get MaxiClimber just for $49.95. Official

MaxiClimber Review – Is it really that simple

The concept behind MaxiClimber seems to be good one but the problem lies in its execution. It’s a cheaply made product that’s flimsy and falls apart. It doesn’t have any resistance levels either, for people who want to further their fitness goals.

Some might find working with MaxiClimber uncomfortable and difficult to use. The manufacturers haven’t given any information about the maximum user weight the MaxiClimber can take. That makes things tricky and it can cause injuries to people who are overweight. You are also not given any information about assembling it, on the official website.

MaxiClimber claims to burn high calories, but the figures shown on their website can be misleading. That’s because the amount of calories you burn depends on factors including your weight, time you spend on the machine and the speed of the workout.

MaxiClimber just seems like a cheap knock off of the expensive VersaClimber. It’s priced at $249.75 and it’s certainly not worth that amount given the limitations it has.

MaxiClimber might have its advantages but it’s cheaply made and breaks down soon enough. What makes it worse is that their customer service is pathetic. They offer to change parts but not the entire product and then go on to send the wrong part. You also need to pay shipping if you want to return it.

How to use MaxiClimber

1. To climb efficiently, keep your hips back and focus on your glutes as it will help you cut down the risk of knee pain and injuries.
2. While using MaxiClimber it’s recommended that you don’t bounce from side to side. Instead you can keep your hips stationary by engaging your legs and core. It’s the similar action to riding out of the saddle when cycling. It keeps your movement efficient, and your abs get a good workout too.
3. When you push up your right arm, you need to pull down with the left so that they assist each other.
4. When using MaxiClimber you can go through a full range of motion. While it might be tempting to go a few inches up and down, if you go bigger, your arms and legs will get a better workout and you will burn more calories too.

Average Ratings

24 thoughts on “MaxiClimber Review | Is Maxi Climber worth $250?

  1. Lots of odd conversations and questions on here. If you actually go to the website, it will give you all the information you need, including how to use the Maxi climber.
    I ordered this on Amazon, knowing it would not be top of line. It works very well. I’m in good shape and the Maxi climber gives you a run for the money. So, I have no complaints. It is intuitive how to use the machine.

  2. still waiting for hardware for maxi climber was not in box please hurry waiting 1month and 1/2 thanks tim

  3. Fantastic!!! I been using it for the last two weeks, and I feel my body with more energy and getting my legs and arms firm…..very happy with this product.

  4. Do not make order Maxi climber, because they will take the order and not send anything and when you call to say you have not received anything, they tell you it will come in three days. Return to call and tell you that in a week, and so only take you and grab your money.

    • We are very sorry to hear about your trouble. Indeed We experienced an unanticipated demand for the tremendous customer response when We launched the product. However, We don’t charge any customer unless the product has shipped. Please contact us at at or (866) 293 4647 to address any concerns.

      Best regards,

      Maxiclimber Customer Service

  5. My friend has one, I can’t do it at 145 lbs. I would like to see a woman 200 lbs, and a man 250+ lbs. do it—impossible!!!!!

  6. What is the weight limit on this? If it’s flimsy, we don’t want to get off it may last a few times! My husband is a very stout built man.

  7. I bought this from Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with it. On my first try I didn’t last 2 minutes! I’m getting better at it now and definitely feel stronger, though 10 minutes is still hard to achieve. Even if the machine only lasts a year, $250 isn’t a huge price to pay compared to other machines. A year at a gym would cost as much. I don’t know how many calories I’ve burned or if I’ll have a beach body by summer, but it’s an all-over workout. Don’t buy direct from the company. Amazon is a better place to get your money back if you hate the thing or if it arrives broken.

  8. Purchased this Airclimber on amazon. Doesn’t take a lot of talent to use it. I have used it 4 times and it kicks my butt. I can only last 5 min on this climber. I work out 4x a week st the gym. I do this 1st thing in morning. Really whats 5 to 10 min to get your heart rate pumping. Putting the climber together Pretty simple if you can follow directions. Less then 15mn set up time. Yes, not high quality.probably wont last a lifetime. You get what you pay for. But definitely worth the price. Compare this price to tread-climber or elliptical machines cant beat it! I’m happy with it!

  9. Anytime a rater uses the term “product”, as in “this ‘product’ will cure pimples on your a$$”, they are a shill. Have you ever had a conversation with someone that used the term “product” ? Shill, shill, shill, as in “fake”!!

  10. This machine really does work! I have been using it for about a week now, and in only 10 minutes manage to burn 700 calories! You can also feel your body toning up right after the very first work out. Definitely worth the $250.

    • No way did you burn 700 calories in 10 minutes! There is no exercise that burns that many calories in that short a time period. If you are going to lie, please keep it in the realm of believability.

    • These are fake ratings. This machine can’t burn 200 calories in 10 minutes. We are fitness coaches and we tested!

    • I bought mine for 5 payments of $50; however, a week later when I recommended it to a friend he got it for $200 because he paid upfront.

      I called back the company and they let me have the same offer; the first payment I made was $50 and they just charged the extra $150.

  11. I just received this MaxiClimber workout ladder, seems flimsy plus came with no DVD or instructions to use it.. Can someone pls help… PLEASE?? Does it even have any resistance at all.. I tried customer service no reply… What a sorry ass company… A lot of $$ to spend I at least deserve a response to help me use this correctly … Thanks any suggestions?? Much appreciated… Jen

  12. Has anyone tried the MaxiClimber?

    Does it really work?

    How is the quality of the product?

    Would you recommend this product to others?

    • I found that Maxi Climber is a great product. I am using it to strengthen my legs, knees and back.I had back surgery done 5 month ago and going this physical therapy, but this product is helping me a lot to get my balance back without hurting my self. The product was easy to assemble as per the instruction. It looks like a sturdy product. The manufacturer states it is safe if you way less than 230 lbs. .


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