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About Meow Motion

Meow Motion proclaims to be an engaging catnip-infused toy for your feline pets. It asserts to have a range of lovable cat toys inside a ball design that keep them engaged for hours. It further promises to be interactive so that cats can have fun and exercise with its spinning and rolling motions.


How does About Meow Motion work?

The dual-sided opening of Meow Motion makes it intuitive for cats to enter it. The ball states to provide a large inner tunnel where cats of all sizes can simply enter and freely play. Meow Motion declares to
have feathers, mice, and bells connected inside so that cats can play with them and roll with the ball.

Innovative Gameplay – The enticing design and catnip-infused feathers, mice, and bells of Meow Motion allegedly makes the toy irresistible to cats and piques their curiosity. How effective is Meow Motion in engaging cats will be verified once users send us their reviews. Meow Motion assures that small kittens to large tomcats can easily fit inside it. At this point of time there are no Meow Motion user reviews available to attest to its claims.

Pet safe design – Meow Motion guarantees that the plastic material used for its body is safe around pets, durable, and completely shatter-proof. It also convinces to be storage friendly since it can come off in two pieces and nest easily. Currently, there are no Meow Motion reviews available to substantiate with its claims.


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