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3 thoughts on “Micro Chef Grill Review

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  1. I ordered a Micro Chef Grill on March 19th. As of today, April 23rd, the order still hasn’t shipped. I e-mailed the company, but the e-mail returned as undeliverable. Every attempt to contact the company has been fruitless. At this point I’m wondering if this whole thing isn’t a scam. The order status at the company’s website still reads order received. Nothing else. Quite frustrating.

  2. Ordered my product back in February and still not received. Post card from micro chef said ship now end of April. Got new card to ship end of May. Website does not work. Phone calls you get someone who does not speak English very well and tell you China has not shipped order yet. Yet they still advertise on TV to order. SCAM???

  3. So sorry to hear you guys are having trouble getting your Micro Chef Grill. I got mine in a timely manor and use it almost daily. I cook all my meat in it and it hasn’t let me down. I was able to get ahold of Customer Service easily. Please take heart and if Micro Chef sees this, please help these 2 people. I love mine and I would like the world to have one too.

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