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What is MicroTouch Solo

It claims to be a new-age grooming tool that trims, shaves, and edges using micro precision and German Stainless Steel Blades. It assures that its pivoting head and spotlight makes grooming easy and quick.

All-in-one grooming solution – MicroTouch Solo guarantees that it is an advanced grooming tool that is designed that precisely trims, shaves, and edges. The three grooming attachments that come with MicroTouch Solo states to offer variations for a wide range of beard styles. At this point in time, there are no MicroTouch Solo reviews available to attest its claims.



MicroTouch Solo CLAIMS

Blades engineered for precision – MicroTouch Solo asserts to have German Stainless Steel blades that offer precision grooming. It maintains to be so powerful that it can tackle the toughest of beards in a single pass. The blade assembly of MicroTouch Solo is emphasized to be safe to the touch. This way it convinces to help groom the body as well. Plus it gives the users freedom to freely move about to get a unique style without worrying about cuts. Such farfetched claims made by MicroTouch Solo will be only proved once users review it.

Easy-to-handle design – MicroTouch Solo promises that its body is designed for perfect grip and easy handling while grooming. The head of MicroTouch Solo allegedly pivots while use for contouring to the neck, back, and chest with ease. Its high-intensity built-in light assures to help achieve precision trimming while handling it. Did you find MicroTouch Solo really helpful? Send us your reviews.


MicroTouch Solo REVIEW

A MicroTouch Solo review by Dustin Little asserts that even though the manufacturers suggest to replace the heads every 4 months there is no replacements or option to buy it online. His review says that MicroTouch Solo is a better trimmer but not a good shaver.

Gerardo Gonzalez’s review states that MicroTouch Solo doesn’t really give a great shave in one single pass as promised.

One Julian Pearson, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, complains that it arrived dead and wouldn’t start. He calls it a complete waste of money.

Terrance Harvey, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, warns that it is not waterproof and shouldn’t be used in the shower. He also complaints in the review that there are no MicroTouch Solo replacement heads available and it’s too costly for a use-and-throw groomer.

A MicroTouch Solo review by Stephen Harmon shows frustration towards it. He suggests users purchase a branded trimmer or shaver since this one fails to perform. His review also asserts that MicroTouch Solo’s design and LED are not as great as claimed.

Andrew Butler found MicroTouch Solo under-powered and doesn’t recommend users to purchase it in his review. As per his review, MicroTouch Solo is more like a head buzzer and not a shaver that provides a clean, close shave. Furthermore, his review says that his attempt to create a beard shape with MicroTouch Solo failed even after watching videos and sliding it in different ways.

One other angry customer, Theodore Carr, exposes MicroTouch Solo in his review as worthless and a waste of money. His battery died after shaving on one side of the face and takes forever to charge again. His review further states that MicroTouch Solo stopped holding a charge after 2 months of use and fails to work when it is plugged in a socket.

Another negative review of MicroTouch Solo by Caleb Baldwin discloses that it looked great in the advertisement but is not so good in reality. The razor is too slow and nicked the corner of his lip. According to his MicroTouch Solo review, he tried using it with lather and it still failed to shave decently.

A customer, Grey Ward, who tried MicroTouch Solo reviews it as a cheaply built plastic shaver. His shaver was so flimsy that it broke after the second use.

Ellis Townsend complains in his MicroTouch Solo review that it fails to cut properly. He suggests users look for something tried and tested.

One other review of MicroTouch Solo by Rolando Sherman asserts that the trimmer is overpriced and not useful. It failed to shave baby smooth soft beard completely. His review also says that MicroTouch Solo takes a long time to even produce a decent result.

Dominic Hayes, a MicroTouch Solo reviewer, criticizes its size and says that it’s incredibly cheap built breaks in a couple of uses. The LED light of the shaver is also poorly built. His review further states that MicroTouch Solo is horrible to get a clean shave with it and can leave the skin red with ingrown hair.

According to Preston Burgess’s review, MicroTouch Solo is not a great groomer and can take more time than a regular shaver or regular blade to provide any result. He is not happy with the results it provides with respect to its price and doesn’t recommend it to other users.


What do I get?

  • 1 MicroTouch Solo Grooming Tool
  • 3 Custom Attachments
  • 1 Additional Cutting Head

Price: $24.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling at the Official MicroTouch Solo website MicroTouchSolo.com


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  1. raymond vella says:

    waste of money 0/10

  2. JL Miller says:

    My solo completely fell apart during its first use

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