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About Mop Sonic

Mop Sonic proclaims to be a versatile floor mop that can clean absolutely anything with its unique Vibra-Clean Technology. It asserts to be powerful and flexible enough to clean all types of floorings and clean hard-to-reach areas of the house.


How does Mop Sonic work?

The Vibra-Clean Technology of Mop Sonic states to vibrate the head with 5,000 powerful sonic pulses per minute. Such vibrations power alleges to scrub, scour, and offer four times the cleaning power that regular mops provide. It assures that its micro-fiber cleaning pads have thousands of microscopic fibers that acts as a magnet for attracting dirt from the tiniest of pores on the floors.

All-purpose mop – All types of surfaces including tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, marble and granite are guaranteed to be squeaky clean with Mop Sonic. It maintains to clean kitchen spills, clean bathroom mess, reach the ceiling fans and even remove stuck on chewing gum. Although, there are no Mop Sonic reviews available to substantiate these claims. Mop Sonic asserts to have changeable machine washable pads – everyday, scrubbing, and dual cleaning pad. There are no Mop Sonic reviews available yet to verify its claims.

Ingenious design – Mop Sonic claims to have an on-board sprayer that assists in easy cleaning. Its smart design convinces to clean hard-to-reach areas with the help of a 360 degree swivel head and fold-to-the-ground handle. Mop Sonic emphasizes to be cordless and performs optimally on 4 AA batteries. Did you find Mop Sonic useful? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

  • 1 Mop Sonic Vibrating Floor Mop
  • 2 Everyday Pads
  • 2 Scrubbing Pads
  • 2 Dual Cleaning Pads

Price: $29.99 + $9.99 P&H at the official website

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