Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight REVIEW

Motion Pads REVIEW

The Motion Pads do not work as advertised. The customers who purchased Motion Pads are disappointed in what the product actually turned out to be. The brightness of these lights is pretty bad. For comparison it is about like if you hold the screen of your cell phone as a light (not flashlight mode, that is better). Motion Pads work if you just want a faint night light but nothing more.

One of the customer wrote in the review of Motion Pads – “ Quality does not feel that great, as the timer is too fast to shut off and not configurable. You have to constantly move to re-engage the light. And the sticky back is very weak.” The lights are too dim it may barely light up the pantry, too sensitive to small amounts of light to be useful. Too bad Motion Pads can’t be switched to a couple of longer “on” options and an on-off switch to allow manual control. Motion Pads thus does not seems to be cost effective and are of poor quality control.


Motion Pads As Seen On TV LED Stick Anywhere Nightlight

PROS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads lights up only when there’s motion that activates it
Light is bright enough to pick out clothes in a dark closet
Motion Pads detects pretty far like 20 feet
Sticky pads are easy to remove to use
Motion Pads should work great over the stove as a range light
6 LED each light
Very easy to open backs to put the batteries


CONS of Motion Pads

Motion Pads do not work in a refrigerator if there is enough light when you open the door
They stay on for about 15 – 20 seconds
Not a rodent deterrent.
No switch on each light to turn on or off, Motion sensing only
No variable brightness intensity switch
Motion Pads is not water proof


Motion Pads Verdict

Motion Pads got quite critical reviews taking into account its brightness intensity and how much did it really help the buyer serve their purpose to buy these. We would suggest you to look for many another options available in the market of similar kind and do a thorough research about the product by reading the product details as well as the reviews which is the significant part before deciding on buying any product as reviews on the online selling portals are from genuine customers and thus verify how could the product actually is.

According to our research we recommend you to go for URPOWER Motion Sensor Light. It is a Motion-sensing Battery Powered LED Stick and can be used anywhere Nightlight, Wall Light for Entrance, Hallway, Basement, Garage, Bathroom, Cabinet, Closet. You can find URPOWER Motion Sensor Light on for $12.99. It has received 4.3 star ratings on an average and having 2582 customer reviews majority of which are positive. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for wall light, thus making it a front runner in the motion sensor wall light category buy.


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