Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

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Compare What is it? Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – It’s a food processor that conjures up vegetables and fruits to make delicious drinks and tasty food in just a few minutes.

Magic Bullet – It is a food blender with high-torque power base and a specifically designed bullet shaped blade that gives you healthy recipes in 10 seconds. You can grind, grate, blend, chop, mix ingredients and frozen ingredients.


Compare How does it work: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – The powerful motor perfectly and optimally disassembles fruits and vegetables. You just need to add the ingredients to the processor, position the mixing beaker on the motor unit, and turn it on with a simple hand movement. With its power Mr. Magic gets to work to conjure up a yummy dish or drink.

Magic Bullet – You can get healthy food quickly and easily with the Magic Bullet food blender. You just need to add ingredients to the blender and press the button for 10 seconds to get your job done. It is easy to use and efficient with its blade which is specifically designed and the special bullet shape design that use tremendous force to pass the food ingredients back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone. This allows Magic Bullet to the toughest of processing job in a matter of seconds.


Compare Features: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – The food processor has a powerful motor that gives perfect and optimal disassembly of fruits and vegetables. Mr. Magic can puree, mix, mince, chop, grind, whisk and also store food. Mr. Magic does all of these in just minutes and with a simple procedure of activating the processor with just a hand movement. The blade attachments and cups are dishwasher safe and detachable so they are quick and easy to clean, also under running tap water. The small profile saves space in the kitchen.

Magic Bullet – The ultra powerful 17-piece mixing system gives ease of carrying out kitchen chores. It takes just seconds to chop, mix, blend and do a lot more. Magic Bullet has a see-through body that allows you to control all your kitchen jobs. It is easy to use and needs just pressing the button for about 10 seconds to give precise processing of food. The blender is durable and lasts for years. The pitcher, cups and mugs of Magic bullet are freezer and microwave safe. The other parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Compare What is it good for: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – You can make delectable food and great beverages in just a few minutes with Mr. Magic. The food processor can make smoothies, cocktails, sauces and dips, snacks, almost any kind of beverage. It can also make healthy hot soups. Mr. Magic is good for mixing, grinding, chopping, whisking, pureeing, processing, blending and pureeing food to perfection.

Magic Bullet – It lets you mix, chop, blend, grind, puree, and do a lot more so that you can inculcate healthy foods in your daily diet. Since it takes a few seconds to process the food and is easy to use you can get healthy recipes every single time. It can also make healthy hot soups.


Compare Motor: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – 400 watts

Magic Bullet – 250 watts


Compare Blade: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – 1 Cross Blade and 1 Flat Blade detachable attachment each

Magic Bullet – The two stainless steel blades have unique shape of a bullet that circulates the food to the Cyclonic Cutting Zone. The Cross Blade chops, grates and blends ingredients such as onions, cheese, meats and frozen drinks. The Flat Blade whips cream and grinds hard ingredients like coffee beans and spices. The blades are dishwasher safe and don’t need sharpening.


Compare Pitcher: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – Large 750 ml mixer

Magic Bullet – 24 oz capacity pitcher


Compare RPM: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – Not available

Magic Bullet – 10,000 RPM


Compare Material: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – Durable plastic

Magic Bullet – Plastic


Compare Speed Settings: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – Not available

Magic Bullet – Single speed setting with fixed RPM


Compare What do I get?: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Mr. Magic Blender – The Mr. Magic blender unit with free delivery

Magic Bullet – 1 Bullet Blender unit and bonus 1 Bullet Juicer Unit and “10 Second Recipe” book


Compare Price
Mr. Magic Blender – $45.30

Magic Bullet – $99.99


Compare REVIEW: Mr Magic vs Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet REVIEW

Magic Bullet is a versatile blender that can grind, make smoothies, sauces and salad dressings. By adding heavier ingredients followed by lighter ingredients it gives the perfect shake or salad dressing. In the power and performance department, Magic Bullet is unbeatable. But some specific ingredients need adjustments. For instance, it blends coffee beans to a drip rather than espresso grind and cheese can be ground in small quantities at a time. But Magic Bullet gives great results and extracts nutrients well when blending fruits, vegetables and berries. It is easy to clean using water and dish soap. It might only need dishwasher if it has ground oily, fatty or greasy mixes.

Magic Bullet is a strong, durable and efficient blender. It is ideal for people who want natural products in their diet without spending too much time in the kitchen. A drawback with Magic Bullet is that it blends ingredients at the bottom and you need to manually mix them till you get even consistency. Its small profile cannot hold too many ingredients. The gasket rings are sub standard and the smoothie leaks on the motor which may even burn the motor. Magic Bullet is not quite powerful and it also makes a lot of hard-to-clean mess.

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