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About My Secret Safe

My Secret Safe declares to be a clever safe that is disguised as a dictionary book. Such a smart design ensures that people wouldn’t know that there is something valuable inside it. Like any other safe, My Secret Safe also states to have a lock that keeps most valuable items such as money, passport, documents, family heirlooms and safer. It emphasizes to be discreet and safe for storing important items while traveling, at home or living in a hostel.



My Secret Safe CLAIMS

Exceptional Features – The cleverly disguised My Secret Safe assures to have a durable and strong gauged metal and has a tamper resistant galvanized steel hinge for additional safety. Such a design makes My Secret Safe seem worth purchasing; user reviews will expose the truth. The lock on My Secret Safe is asserted to be a customizable combination lock that can be changed from time to time and offers more safety. More shall be revealed once users review it.

Convenient Design – My Secret Safe claims to be lightweight and approximately 18 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm that fits most valuable items including tablets and phones. Does the handy and compact nature of My Secret Safe offer anything substantial? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


My Secret Safe REVIEW

According to Lester Morton’s review, My Secret Safe is a decent safe but is so small that it failed to accommodate a large size wallet. Otherwise, he says in his My Secret Safe review that it is good to keep small size objects and does the job even if the pages are plastic and looks pretty fake.

Ruben Cook has no complaints about the utility of My Secret Safe. But in his review, he says that the box has a very poor quality of glue that holds the fake book cover on the little metal case. As per his review, My Secret Safe might be made using flimsy material but does a decent job if used by kids.

A My Secret Safe review of Lela Ballard reveals that its idea is quite nice but its quality is not decent. She says it is pretty standard and is worth three stars.

Another review of My Secret Safe by Melba Pope also gives three stars to it since it still looks a little fake.

Pete Blair, a My Secret Safe reviewer, states that it fits nicely in a bookcase but the pages might be too white to look at. He suggests users to use markers or crayons to put a less noticeable shade on it. His review further adds that My Secret Safe comes across as fake the moment it is picked up. It is lightweight, though, and does its job decently. Another issue he asserts in his My Secret Safe review is that the adhesive on the cover is cheap and can come off after use in the first week.

One other customer, Glenda Moody, discloses that My Secret Safe looks fake but has a decent locking mechanism. As per her review, My Secret Safe works fine for kids who can hide their precious items for fun.

A fairly contradicting review is given by Hilda Davis. She got My Secret Safe for her stepson to stow away the money lying about but says that its bind broke after few days. Her review also exposes that the glue used to put together the book cover of My Secret Safe kept falling off.

Delia Colon’s review shares that My Secret Safe’s plastic pages give it away as a fake but does the trick if it is shoved into a bookcase. Although she suggests in her review that My Secret Safe can do better with some design tweaking.

Tammy Morales also complains about the plastic pages of My Secret Safe in her review that is a dead giveaway. She says that her little niece loved it and that it does store all her precious items safely.
Another review by Kurt Allison points out that My Secret Safe fails to hide in plain sight as promised. He further reveals in his My Secret Safe review that the lock fails to function if the item stored inside gets in its way. He suggests in his review to keep smaller items in My Secret Safe and not something large or awkwardly shaped.

Irving Walsh doesn’t recommend My Secret Safe in his review since it fails to be discreet as claimed. Also, the steel safe makes a banging sound when My Secret Safe is handled.
A user named Rogelio Curtis states in his review that My Secret Safe is only good for children as it doesn’t pass a close inspection. He praises the locking mechanism in his review and says that My Secret Safe will be loved by children to store their items.

Kristy Curry mentions in her review that My Secret Safe does have a decent look but has poor quality build. According to the review, the paper-wrap binding on My Secret Safe ripped apart without any mishandling of the book. She does highlight in her review that My Secret Safe is not expensive so there is nothing much one can do about the quality.

A review by Shawna Cole claims that My Secret Safe could have done better in terms of concealment if they put some pages before the safe.

A reviewer, Travis Brooks, divulges that My Secret Safe looks pretty much like a toy can be and concealed amongst other books in a bookshelf. His review asserts that the glue used to stick the cover falls off and seems like it wasn’t meant for use with metal. In his review, he claims that My Secret Safe cracked and separated when he opened it first. The double-sided adhesive strip of My Secret Safe is weak and falls apart in few uses. He shows moderate disappointment towards My Secret Safe in his review since it wasn’t a serious purchase in the first place.

Ed Robinson suggests in his review that My Secret Safe works only if it kept between a bunch of other books.

Ruben Cook’s review sheds some contrasting information regarding My Secret Safe’s looks. He complains that the product pictures don’t give a proper understanding of how fake the pages look. The review also states that the empty metal sheet makes rattling sounds and may require little foam packing to solve it. As per his review, My Secret Safe is nothing that can make anyone fool and will be easily identified as fake.

Another review by Issac Day reveals that My Secret Safe doesn’t look like a book but works great for storing items inside a drawer for easy access.

Gail Conner complains of similar issues about My Secret Safe having a fake design in her review. Her review also shows frustration towards the binding peeling off upon opening. Furthermore, she writes in the My Secret Safe review that it has a terrible quality and isn’t trustworthy.

An angry customer, Miriam Brian, lashes out at My Secret Safe in her review saying its flimsy body can be easily broken down. Her review further states that My Secret Safe is so small that it fails to fit a diary inside and is good for only smaller items. A word of advice mentioned in her My Secret Safe review is to keep it away from water as it can ruin it.


My Secret Safe Questions Answers

Q. Is My Secret Safe fireproof?
A. No, it doesn’t have insulation and has sheets of metal on each side. There is no protection whatsoever against fire.

Q. Can My Secret Safe accommodate a Glock 19?
A. Yes.

Q. How large is My Secret Safe from the inside?
A. It has approximately around 2 inches depth, 5 inches width and 9 inches in height.

Q. Is the safe air tight?
A. No.

Q. Can a journal fit inside My Secret Safe?
A. It depends on the size of the journal although it can fit a small locking diary within with ease.

Q. Can My Secret Safe fit a Surface Pro 3 tablet?
A. No.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to hold paper documents?
A. It can but if the documents are larger they might need to be folded. It works better for smaller items such as cards, IDs, and passports.

Q. Will My Secret Safe accommodate an iPhone 6?
A. Yes.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to fit a Beretta nano inside it?
A. Yes, it can easily fit hand-sized guns.

Q. Can My Secret Safe fit a full-size pistol along with its magazines?
A. No.

Q. Will the inside My Secret Safe smell?
A. Yes, it can since there is no airtight lock, something potent enough can make it start smelling.

Q. Will pill bottles fit inside My Secret Safe?
A. Yes, if they are small in size.

Q. How many DVDs can My Secret Safe fit inside?
A. It can roughly fit 3 to 4 standard size DVDs with their covers. It will not accommodate more since the depth is designed to look like a book.

Q. Is My Secret Safe large enough to fit a PS3 controller, 3 games with their boxes and a speaker?
A. No.

Q. What are the key selling points of My Secret Safe?
A. The looks of this safety box are pretty authentic and lightweight as well. The insides are not that perfectly made but it is a good, cheap security box option. Although, a sentry would fit better for people looking for something bigger and secure

Q. Can My Secret Safe cause trouble at the airport?
A. It has a metal locking door on the inside that might get screened.

Q. Will things inside My Secret Safe rattle around?
A. Yes, if it’s used along on travels since the metal case inside doesn’t have paddings. However, if it simply sitting on the shelf there is no way anything will rattle. One can cut some Styrofoam and place inside to prevent the rattling.

Q. How sturdy is the metal used in My Secret Safe?
A. This has a sheet metal that is not pretty strong and is meant to be a toy for kids to hide their stuff.

Q. Is My Secret Safe recommended by other users?
A. Users suggest that there are many options available online and a tried and tested safe should be purchased.


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