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36 thoughts on “Nina Silk Hair Removal Product Info, Reviews and Complaints

Buying Xanax Online Cheap
  1. You need to set up for if you want only 1 and NOT the “FREE” one also!!! I did NOT want the FREE set and have to pay extra shipping and handling my $14.95 plus sh turned into a $33 order! And not so many buy this and this! Some people just want one thing and that’s it!!!

  2. I ordered this product in June and my estimated delivery date was in 5-7 business days, it’s been two weeks now when I called they say the item is not shipped yet and I’m suppose to get it on the 26th of July. Disappointed..but

  3. I ordered this product in June and my estimated delivery date was in 5-7 business days, it’s been two weeks now when I called they say the item is not shipped yet and I’m suppose to get it on the 26th of July. Disappointed..

  4. I ordered this Nina Silk Hair Removal product months ago when I saw the infomercial. I just received it in the mail due to some major back ordering. I must say this thing is freaking awesome !!! Its pain free and removes all the peach fuzz … I’m in love and want to shout it from a mountain top , lol but seriously ! I’m a little worried about possible breakouts from hair removers in general … We shall see. But def works !

  5. I never buy the “as seen on TV” things, they always seem way too good to be true. However my friend suggested me this product and it does what it says! It leaves my legs feeling smooth. It’s quick and easy because I can do it while I’m watching tv. Nice product!

  6. I bought this a few days ago and am really happy with it. Works well on legs and arms. I watched a demo video online. So it was easy to use Nina Silk correctly. No stubble, just a fine growth comes which can be easily removed again with a few strokes of Nina Silk. This is very handy for travelling too. I’ve been carrying my epilator wherever I went on holidays etc. Now I can leave it at home and take the Nina Silk which is so light and easy to carry.

  7. How long before the hair grows back…..and The Nina silk hair mover is guaranteed for how many months or years ? If it will have any repair,then how can i deal this ?and how can i recover it ?

  8. This is working only for soft thin hair. Not working bold hair. First time i use happy.. but second time it working not effective.and the hair born after saving in 2days. It takes large time. think it’s not good product.

  9. This product does not remove hair from the roots. It’s similar to rubbing fine sandpaper across the skin. It will remove the hair from the surface but expect regrowth in several days, not weeks. Basically a pack of disposable razors r cheaper.

  10. Years ago when I was a teenager I used a product called silky mit which was fine sandpaper that fitted over my hand like a mitten and it was only used on legs. It worked the same way as Nina Silk and the hair on my legs became thinner and thinner until at age 70 I no longer have hair on my legs. I think this must work the same way.

    • Gail. I am 67. The hair on our legs and underarms naturally decreases as we age. I was very hairy in those spots and no longer am. I worked in Aged Care and discovered that hair reduction is a factor in ageing. Sadly, it may not be the case for facial hair which gets grey and tough. I would suggest the hair reduction over time is due to age and not the sanding. I remember the Silkymit Sanding mist from long ago.

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