Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

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Compare what is it? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: It is a coffee brewer with its patent pending brewing technology that promises to deliver richer tasting coffee that is never bitter.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It is a two in one coffee maker that brews a whole carafe of coffee or a single cup to save you time and give you just the right amount of coffee.


Compare how does it work? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: This coffee maker works on the patent pending, unique Thermal Flavor Extraction that claims to truly unlock the full flavor potential of your coffee. It has automated controls for Temperature calibration, pre-infusion and coffee saturation to ensure that you have delicious tasting coffee at different richness levels. Auto-iQ One touch intelligence not only allows you to choose the size and the brew but just the right amount of water, based on your specific requirements as well. As a result you get the perfect brew every single time.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It promises to offer you more flexibility and versatility with brewing coffee. Firstly, you have the option of using the single serve side to brew into a standard cup or 14 oz travel mug. The Carafe side on the other hand makes a 12 cup pot, which is ideal when you are entertaining guests. You can make delicious tasting coffee from your K cup pack or your favorite ground coffee.

Compare what can it brew? Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: Classic Brew, which gives you a rich and balanced flavor from your coffee blend. Rich brew on the other hand gives you a more intense flavor if that’s what you want. Taking the richness up a few notches is the Over Ice Brew that lets you increase coffee concentration to compensate for the melting ice. There’s also the Specialty brew that offers the highest concentration of coffee. This coffee extract like espresso lets you make coffeehouse style hot and cold layered beverages.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: You can get rich tasting coffee either from the K cup pack or any of your own favorite ground coffees. You will be able to brew a standard cup or up to 12 cup pot at the same time.


Compare Features: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: Thermal flavor extraction technology lets you choose the richness of coffee while you are also in control of the size of the cup you want. The coffee maker comes with a 43 oz stainless steel carafe that is vacuum insulated to keep coffee hot for two hours, which makes it ideal for entertaining guests at home. The milk frother froths milk for coffeehouse style results. The removable water reservoir with auto metering means there is no need to measure or refill constantly.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: The adjustable cup rest allows you to make standard size cups or travel mugs. It claims to offer you better coffee extraction than other leading brands. The 12 cup extraction lets you access to regular and bold brew strength. It has a programmable time with 2 hour shutoff, and automatic pause and serve, so that you can grab your cup of coffee when it is brewed. It has stainless steel durable parts and is compact in size to be perfect for your countertop. It comes with a “Quick Start” guide that has step by step brewing guidelines to make things convenient for you.


Compare Filter: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: It has a permanent filter with a 5 paper filter starter kit.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It has 8-12 cup cupcake perm filter.


Compare Settings: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: Multi-serve dial lets you choose the size of the cup you want to brew coffee in. It also has different settings to choose between classic, rich, over ice or specialty brews.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It has settings to make standard cup or 12 cup pot of coffee. The 12 cup extraction gives you regular and bold brew strength.


Compare Cleaning: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: It makes for easy cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: It has dishwasher safe parts that make for easy cleaning.


How much coffee does it make?

Ninja Coffee Bar: It comes with a 43 oz stainless steel carafe so that you can make coffee for you and your guests. You are also in control at all times and can make a cup, travel mug, half carafe and full carafe.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: You can make a standard cup, 14 oz travel mug of a 12 cup full pot of coffee with the help of this maker.


Compare time required to make coffee: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar: No information.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew: No information.


Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach Verdict

Ninja Coffee Bar not only gives you more varied options with the size of the brew but you are also more in control of the richness you want. It also has more automated features including the Auto-iQ One touch intelligence. Yes, it is more expensive than Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew but worth the extra costs and definitely the winner for us.


Compare Reviews: Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

Ninja Coffee Bar REVIEW

Not very consistent – Stella who used Ninja Coffee Bar complained in her review that it is very inconsistent for a drip coffee maker. She has tried it with various amounts of coffee and different types of filters and the results have always varied. According to her it’s either very weak or very strong, but never did she have the same strength of coffee. She says that she had a lot of expectations from this coffee maker, which claims to be versatile and gives you coffee cups of different richness. But even after following the instructions to the T, she did not get the results she was looking for. What’s worse is that on many occasions the coffee simply came out bitter, which was hugely disappointing for her. On the bright side she thinks that it can hold a lot of water and is quite easy to fill.

Not what it claims – Dana who reviewed Ninja Coffee Bar revealed in his review that this is a smart looking drip coffee maker and not really a coffee bar that it claims to be. It can be that it if you buy all the specialty coffees you prefer to have. And that quickly adds up to your costs, which is not what you anticipate when you buy a “coffee bar”. After having used other coffee makers in the past, he realized the problem with Ninja’s cap, which stays open and that lets the coffee get cold too quickly. He adds that though it has one touch buttons to make coffee of different richness, your regular drip coffee makers do that as well. And they are nearly half the price, which is why he thinks this coffee maker is not worth the price.

Badly made Coffee Maker – Alex who bought Ninja Coffee Bar exposed in his review that it is a horribly made coffee maker. Even after cleaning it many times it smells like plastic. You can smell it quite strongly in the steam when it is brewing and that completely put him off. Another problem he had with it was the frother, which he calls a joke. It didn’t do anything and he had to get another one from the market. It was the same with the travel mug and metal carafe, which he thought would be included in this package. He just fills ripped off after paying a lot of money on a product that is of poor quality.


Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew REVIEW

Terrible coffee maker – Robert who bought Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew complained in his review that firstly it holds only a small portion for the single cup function. That means he has to get up to fill it up again to make coffee for two. Overfilling it doesn’t help because then the single cup side will not work at all. It is a big issue especially when you are in a rush and want your cup of coffee, quickly. And that in itself is a problem because it takes quite a long time to brew. If you have used other drip coffee makers then this is going to be a problem, according to him. The worst part though for him was the fact that it really makes bad tasting coffee that is absolutely undrinkable. In fact he felt that it tasted like burnt plastic and tried to clean it up as some others pointed out, but that was of no use. If he had to mention some good things about the coffee maker, it would be the single cup refillable basket.

Single serve option is a problem – Craig who reviewed Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew revealed in his review that he was looking for a drip coffee maker that would work for both, single serves and pots. While the pot options works well with this coffee maker, the single serve option is a disaster according to him. Firstly, fixing the K-cup in the holder is tricky and sometimes the holder will come loose. The insert cup holder can be placed backwards but that starts another problem where you just can’t open the drawer. It also takes about 4 minutes for water to heat up and brew, and you have to keep pouring water every time. That makes it a tedious way to make your single cup of coffee.

Bad products, not durable at all – Keisha who used Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew exposed in her review that it’s a tacky product. Problems begin right from filling the reservoir where the water dribbles and makes a huge mess. If you take the cup away when it beeps then it makes a huge mess again. The warmer plate for the full pot gets activated even when you use the single brew. That’s why you need to have water in the pot at all times, which leads to it sweating and becoming a huge problem to clean. After a few uses, it also starts leaking water from the bottom and all over the kitchen counter. That’s a big disaster that she wasn’t prepared for and wishes she could have returned the coffee maker altogether.

3 thoughts on “Ninja Coffee Bar vs Hamilton Beach

  1. So according to this, both of these coffee makers are “terrible”. lol. Doubtful. A few people who get a defective one and leave negative reviews doesn’t really prove that the coffee maker itself is bad.

  2. Bought the ninja flex brew within 2 weeks cleaner light went on. I think it’s is a hassle if you have to clean it that often
    Going back to my mr coffee

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