NuBrilliance Elite Pro Review

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What is NuBrilliance Elite Pro?

It is an advanced version of NuBrilliance, the microdermabrasion system that has been a popular and trusted name in skincare. NuBrilliance Elite Pro is a special diamond tip exfoliation and vacuum stimulation home use device that removes dead cells and rejuvenates the skin just like professional machines used by skincare experts in their offices.


NuBrilliance Elite Pro CLAIMS

Salon-like quality skincare right at home
NuBrilliance Elite Pro is a new and improved microdermabrasion system device that promises to transform the condition of your skin easily and conveniently without the need to seek professional advice and treatment. It is a sleek diamond tip exfoliation and vacuum stimulation device that claims to be a better edition of the previously launched NuBrilliance. What makes this version all the more appealing is the fact that it makes the high quality skin treatment convenient and affordable as it can be carried out right at home safely by anyone. That means you don’t have to spend time and money visiting a salon to take costly treatment, which might not really work as well as NuBrilliance Elite Pro promises to do.


Quick and effective
If you are wondering just how much of your precious time you will have to invest while using NuBrilliance Elite Pro, its creators assure you it takes just a few minutes to deliver incredibly splendid results. In the beginning, the treatment can take up to 10 minutes but when you are accustomed to it, you’ll need to use it for about 3-5 minutes to notice desired results. At the same time, one also needs to consider the fact that some women may take more time than others if they happen to have bigger faces, in that case the duration will naturally increase if it is used on other body parts. It is recommended that you use the appliance once or twice a week for optimal results, depending upon the nature and condition of your skin. Further, its promoters proclaim that your NuBrilliance Elite Pro can actually show results in just one session. This depends on your skin’s condition, but a general guideline is once or twice a week for ongoing maintenance.


Unmatched features
NuBrilliance Elite Pro boasts of a range of features that give it an edge over others in helping you maintain well-being and beauty of your skin. It operates with a dual action system that only professionals use. It is provided with a special Diamond Tip head to enrich your skin, which it does gently and impeccably as it does not contain crystals that can damage the skin. All you have to do to use NuBrilliance Elite Pro is place the diamond tip wand on the surface of your skin for it to go about treating it safely without causing any pain or discomfort. It promises a younger and healthier looking skin by exfoliating dead and peeling cells on the skin and reveals flawless and beautiful skin. It also treats your skin with its exclusive vacuum stimulation technology, which it proclaims is one of the highlights it is really proud of for its remarkable rejuvenating properties. The vacuum stimulation assists with collagen production that revitalizes your skin and keeps skin problems at bay. Promoters of NuBrilliance Elite Pro state that you will have the satisfaction of giving yourself the perfect microdermabrasion treatment like a pro without spending a fortune simply by using it.


Bid goodbye to skin flaws
NuBrilliance Elite Pro also claims that it makes you look years younger. Several women who have used the device have reported incredible results, with many exclaiming that they are told that they look more than 10 years younger. NuBrilliance Elite Pro states it does this effortlessly by not only eliminating fine lines and wrinkles from your face but also by preventing them from appearing. You can also get rid of other skin problems such as age spots and discoloration. You can rely on it completely to have improved skin tone, feel and elasticity with regular use. The secret behind it is its special vacuum stimulation technology, which removes dead cells while restoring the skin, thus treating it with pure and authentic microdermabrasion. It goes beyond mere exfoliation unlike most other home use devices and instead it replenishes your skin with total health and beauty so you easily acquire the results you have always desired. NuBrilliance Elite Pro guarantees that if you choose it, you can be sure that you have access to professional standard treatment right at home.


Nu-brilliance Elite Pro – the new generation sensation
The creators of NuBrilliance Elite Pro state that it’s more than just a new face of the original NuBrilliance. According to them, this microdermabrasion is taking rapid steps ahead and is set to become a rage amongst more and more users on account of its improved features and better state-of-the-art technology. The NuBrilliance Elite Pro creators seem to have gone the distance by making it more sleek, compact and portable. It’s now a cordless handheld device, which fits in the purse easily and can be carried anywhere for use.

This sophisticated microdermabrasion device comes with three exclusive diamond tips – fine, coarse, and precision you can choose from as per your needs. What empowers the device is the professional-style vacuum stimulation, which was also present in the original Nubrilliance. Since NuBrilliance Elite Pro is a really handy device designed to fit in your palm of your hand, you are guaranteed of the ultimate comfort and splendid results that were really not possible at home before. As for the tips, they are versatile, fine and cater to different intensities of usage while guaranteeing desired results and no discomfort.


The magic of Microdermabrasion
NuBrilliance Elite Pro uses microdermabrasion, a procedure that only professional salons and doctor’s offices can carry out proficiently to treat the skin by exfoliating dead and flaking cells on the skin surface. Combined with vacuum stimulation, the gentle yet powerfully effective technology the NuBrilliance Elite Pro’s microdermabrasion plays a pivotal role in boosting the skin’s natural cell regeneration and production of collagen for enhancing elasticity of the skin, which is essential for beautifying the skin. Together both create an effect that no home scrubbing solutions can. Suction is an essential part of this treatment as without it the skin is not able to attain benefits of proper microdermabrasion. It is the perfect way to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clean pores on the skin and have a younger-looking skin. Microdermabrasion is also known to enhance skin tone and texture, make the skin firm and transform the entire feel and health of skin. It promises to make your skin look at least 10 years younger even though it’s a simple procedure that can be performed in the comfort of your home.


First ever authentic home microdermabrasion treatment
With NuBrilliance Elite Pro as a part of your skincare system, you won’t have to step out into expensive salons to get what it gives right at home. NuBrilliance Elite Pro is the first microdermabrasion treatment solution that’s literally in your hands and can be done anytime anywhere in a jiffy. All you have to do is switch on the cordless device and gently glide it over your face for minutes. According to its makers, its suction stimulation function, which figures as the key element that makes microdermabrasion successful, coupled with exfoliation the skin, makes wonders happen to it as together they provide your skin the glow , firmness and elasticity you desire.


Not any less than professional treatment
The promoters of NuBrilliance Elite Pro present it is the first ever at home microdermabrasion machine that uses diamond tip and vacuum technology. Further, they elaborate that its standards are the finest and match those of dermatologists’ clinics, spas centers and salons. What lends credence to these claims is the fact that this device is manufactured by the same company that creates the professional machines that are used by beauty experts. That means when you use your own NuBrilliance Elite Pro you treat yourself to the same quality care that you get by visiting the best and the most exclusive skin care experts.


Better than the rest
NuBrilliance Elite Pro asserts that it goes beyond the ordinary home units that only make tall claims of treating your skin to the best but in reality do precious little. Most of them just polish the skin with harsh abrasives and leave the rest up to you. On the other hand, NuBrilliance Elite Pro is on par with the professional devices used by medical offices and also is the first home microdermabrasion device that utilizes dual-action therapy. Unlike other devices, it employs diamond exfoliation along suction to provide you the experience and benefits of true microdermabrasion that’s effective and unique.


The perfect solution to skin issues
NuBrilliance Elite Pro promises that it is committed to help you acquire great skin and minimize the visible signs of aging. It also assures you that it that is fully equipped to tackle a variety of skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, acne marks and more. In addition to that, it also protects you from skin problems like crow’s feet, cellulite and stretch marks, age, liver/brown spots including hands and large body areas along with dull skin or sun damage issues. It guarantees better health, texture and shine and makes your skin look healthier with better texture and abundant shine.


Suits all skin types
NuBrilliance Elite Pro asserts that it suits all types of skin because it uses gentle non-abrasive diamond tip exfoliation that doesn’t pose any harm. It is a gentle, safe and effective solution that promises desired results to everyone. It comes with both ‘fine’ and ‘coarse’ diamond tips modes you can choose from for treatment. It can be safely used to treat areas like the neck, hands, arms and legs besides face. It also helps you get rid from acne scars as it effectively removes dead skin reduces pore size, which is known to limit breakouts. NuBrilliance Elite Pro also works on wrinkles like crow’s feet though you just need to take care that you do not use it on delicate areas like under the eyes or below the lower eye lid.


Versatile, long-lasting and safe
The makers of NuBrilliance Elite Pro guarantee that it is an exceptionally resourceful device that is safe, agreeable and convenient enough for home use. It is compatible with all skin types immaterial of the user’s skin color, origin and race. If its use results in redness, it normally passes away after a while. It causes no side effects at the time of use as its diamond tip technology with gentle vacuum stimulation bears no crystals or harsh abrasives that can damage your skin.

In addition to that, since the NuBrilliance Elite Pro vacuum is designed to last for a lifetime they are able to withstand use of thousands of treatments. It’s an easy to use machine that also involves no additional hassles of cleaning or maintaining is required that can consume your time. The appliance runs on batteries, which means you have access to the convenience of not having to struggle with wires. It’s the perfect way to acquire youthful skin which claims it works on all levels. The fact that it can be used in the comfort of your home by yourself and still be assured of fabulous results comes across as a great motivator.


Nubrilliance Elite Pro REVIEW

Natalie Morgan mentions in her review“Nubrilliance Elite Pro is simply not up to the mark. It causes redness, splotches and swelling on skin and is quite loud. It’s expensive and has poor quality construction. Not worth buying.”

Emily Blake says in her review“Nubrilliance Elite Pro’s rather harsh for thin and very dry skin. It can reduce sun spots and make your skin glow but doesn’t really treat acne scars, deep lines and wrinkles.

Jane Picking claims in her review – “NuBrillance Elite Pro was breezily promoted as a sensation, but it’s such a dampener. The power button got stuck in three months. Now I can’t switch it off nor remove the battery pack to reinstall. Very disappointed with NuBrillance Elite Pro.”

Donna Byrne states in her review“When I set NuBrillance Elite Pro on low speed, it worked. But when I set on high speed, it stopped. It didn’t work even with new energizer batteries, so I returned it.”

Joanna Plants mentions in her review“Battery life of the NuBrillance Elite Pro is pathetic. It didn’t reduce my wrinkles, though some blemishes did disappear. I’m far from satisfied.”

Cindy Hopps complains, “Too heavy at the bottom to hold for long. And it eats up four batteries, which are difficult to install anyway. A costly affair indeed.”

Autumn Burns mentions in her review“NuBrillance Elite Pro’s microdermabrasion ‘treatment’ doesn’t work on deep discoloration or deep wrinkles. Using it too frequently results in rashes. Its suctioning motor doesn’t last over six weeks. Don’t buy NuBrillance Elite Pro until enough information is available about it.”

Daisy Stevens says in her review“The machine of NuBrillance Elite Pro starts weakening after the 30-day trial ends. The clogging issue with skin after a few uses is the culprit. NuBrillance Elite Pro’s a poorly designed appliance.”


What do I get?

  • 1 NuBrilliance Elite Pro
  • 3 diamond tip heads (fine, precision, and coarse) with filters
  • 1 Instructional Quick Guide
  • 1 Travel Carry Case
  • 3-piece Prep & Recovery skincare regimen: Preparation Cleanser, Collagen Regenerator & Moisturizing Day Cream.

Price: $59.85 + S/h. Official website:


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  1. i just saw the microdermabrasion product commercial on TV and the free trial is 90 days. Some of you may still be able to return yours.

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