Nutrimaster Blender PRO Review

What is Nutrimaster Blender PRO

It is a two in one blender and juicer that claims to handle around 50 kitchen tasks for you while getting you 60% more vital vitamins in your glass of juice. It is a blender and juicer rolled into one that promises to handle over 50 kitchen tasks for you with complete ease.

Nutrimaster Blender PRO asserts that now you don’t need to buy a separate blender, juicer and several other devices for your regular kitchen needs because it is capable of handling many tasks for you. There’s a growing emphasis on eating healthy, all around the world and you want to make sure your loved ones can have those delicious and nutritious juices on a regular basis. You also want to get a helping hand in the kitchen while you make soups, dips etc and cut down on the prepping time. This blender maintains that it is up to the task while giving you exciting health benefits as well. Unfortunately we don’t have enough Nutrimaster Blender reviews to confirm those claims.



Nutrimaster Blender Pro Review

Gives out bad smell – Elena who used Nutrimaster Blender Pro complained in her review that though it works okay, the silicone cap gives off a bad smell after it has been used once. She tried several ways to clean it but the smell persists, which is quite annoying. It made her put the whole thing away.

Fell apart – Alex who bought Nutrimaster Blender Pro revealed in his review that it doesn’t last long. His first blender stopped working within a month and the replacement met the same fate in a short time. It makes him think that it’s a badly made product.

Not what it is claimed to be – Katya who reviewed Nutrimaster Blender Pro exposed in her review that since there is no recipe book or instructions she can’t use it to make a lot of things. She has only managed to make smoothies and soups with it, which is a huge limitation. She had seen a video of it pulverizing coffee blades but hasn’t found any instructions to do so. According to her, the little bits of the sharpened blades are precarious and could just fall apart. Hence she hasn’t been able to make up her mind on whether to keep it or return it.


Blender and juicer for many tasks

This is a blender that is a lot more than your regular options, according to its claims. It asserts that you now have a two in one blender and juicer at your disposal in the kitchen. But does it really double up as that? We would like to find out more through your Nutrimaster Blender reviews. Moreover it promises to handle over 50 kitchen tasks for you without any difficulty. It can be used to blend and juice besides chopping and dicing. You can also easily make frozen desserts, soups, dressings and smoothies with it while blending fruits and veggies to 100% juice within a matter of seconds. These seem like really tall claims that have to be validated through Nutrimaster Blender PRO reviews.

Three pre-programmed settings it has can be used to make recipes according to your requirements. It also boasts of a powerful motor that blends all foods with ease. We await Nutrimaster Blender reviews to establish these claims. Nutrimaster Blender reviews are also looked forward to because we want to know if the blender has convenient features like split proof lid with removable lid plug and a digital timer display to keep you on top of things.

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Slow juicer for maximum vital nutrients

Don’t you hate it when your regular blenders end up wasting all that natural goodness from fruits and veggies? This blender stresses that now you will get 35% more juices from your chosen fruits and vegetables. Does this blender have that advantage over centrifugal blenders? We will be keen on finding out through your Nutrimaster Blender reviews. A good number of Nutrimaster Blender reviews should also be able to tell us whether it can really get maximum nutrients out of fruits and vegetables, which then has exciting health benefits for you.

Besides being your accomplice for healthy living, it’s convenient for use because it has on/off switch reverse function and is easy to disassemble. We would also like to know about the energy saving motor and benefits of the 1 litre juicer container in your Nutrimaster Blender reviews.


What do I get?

You get Nutrimaster Blender Pro for £199.99 plus £5.99 P&P.Official website


Nutrimaster Blender PRO Comparison

Compare Nutrimaster Blender Pro with Nutribullet here

9 Responses to “Nutrimaster Blender PRO Review”

  1. Christine Swift says:

    I bought a 2 in 1 Nutrimaster juicer & blender. I bought it from Idealworld and it came with a 3 year guarantee but after 18 months the blade unattached themselves whilst cleaning and it is not possible to reattach them. We have tried Idealworld and they have sent us to Nurimaster correct. After 2 months we have got no response. Where do we go now? When working it was good but now I could not recommend it to anyone. Stay clear.

  2. Beatrice Upton says:

    Very disappointed in the product. My Nutrimaster 2 in 1 blender also just stopped working for no reason. I returned this blender and received a replacement blender. This blender did not even work when plugged in for the FIRST time. This process of returning a faulty blender and receiving a replacement happened in total 4 times. Each time No power was registered by the blender. I was advised that the very same blender was being sold with No problems. The product is not fit for purpose- It has taken 2 months to get to this stage where I have followed the process and asked for a replacement only to be disappointed that within minutes of unpacking just the blender base plugging it in to find it does not work. I have now been offered a Tower blender.. we will wait and see

  3. Y. Brooks says:

    I really dislike this product and the manufacturers
    It is really only ok for blending and making smoothies, soups are useless ..whisks to a moderate heat leaving an uncooked mush of vegetables ! It developed rust on the underside of the jug which is impossible to remove. I have had no success in getting any answers from supplier. Will sell it in carboot sale if I can certainly not worth the money. Do not buy

  4. tony hargreaves says:

    nutrimaster works great but the silioine cap on the top once used gives off a very very very bad smell in fact it is a chronic smell so bad that we have put in a sealed bag and put in safe container in our shed,tried all the recommendations to clean it but nothing doing wonder if you can get a plastic top to replace this not very thought through silicone cap….watching this space.

  5. Colin Charley says:

    First one I bought in August 2015 lasted just over a month before it failed; I received a replacement in October but that failed with same fault in December 2015. Will now look for an alternative.

  6. martyn says:

    mine has stopped working after one month
    It was great while it worked but now I am very disapointed

  7. mary keeling says:

    i have just bought this machine but i am not sure whether to send it back because it does not give any other recipes only sooothies and soups i would like to be able to see what else you can use this machine for it was well described in the shopping channel but no books and instructions

  8. Claire Skitt says:

    Hi. I have just bought this and am not sure whether to keep it. The only thing that looks easier than my current blender/mixer is to make soups in the machine itself. I had the idea that it was made by the manufactures of Nutribullet but I am not sure about that now as I cannot find any link. One question posted on the Nutrimaster Facebook page asked if little bits sharpened blades could potentially break off over time, saying the dulled blades (as in Nutribullet) do not. I don’t know how to verify this independently of asking Nutrimaster. Also it has video of coffee beans being pulverised but no recipe guidelines for doing this in the DVD or in the book.

  9. Nutrimaster Blender Pro Reviews says:

    Nutrimaster Blender Pro asserts that it’s the only kitchen appliance you will need, to not only to do your kitchen prepping but ensuring that you make healthy juices, smoothies and more. How often have you struggled to make health drinks for yourself or your loved ones? You are seriously hard pressed for time managing your personal and professional lives and making health drinks or cooking prep for that matter ends up being a tedious process. You wish there was a blender that would handle these tasks for you so that you can get on with your day to day activities. That’s where this blender comes into play, according to its claims. Is it really effective and convenient though? Let us know in your Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews.

    Handles more than 50 kitchen tasks

    One of the main highlights of this blender is that it is extremely versatile and can do several tasks for you without any hassle. Whether you want to blend fruits and veggies, juice them or chop and dice; this blender will take care of that for you. But we don’t know if that’s really true and will reserve our judgments till we get Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews. The blender also has a grinding function, which means you can use it to make a lot of exciting things including frozen desserts, yoghurts and ice cream. Is the blender really that versatile? Why don’t you tell us in your Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews?

    The secret of this blender lies in its powerful motor that can get through all types of ingredients in a jiffy. Hence it saves you time, which is another claim we would like to substantiate through Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews.

    Get the best out of fruits and veggies

    It’s a criminal waste to lose all those healthy nutrients, vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables. This blender emphasizes on the fact that it will bring a lot more vitamins and nutrients in your glass thanks to the slow juicing process. We are unsure of this claim and await your Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews. Whether you are making a smoothie with your chosen leafy greens or a healthy fruit juice; this blender assures you maximum nutrients. Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews are awaited to corroborate this claim.


    Meant for your convenience

    This blender has been designed so that you won’t feel the need for several kitchen appliances that can handle the tasks it does well for you. Hence you will not only be saved money but space in your kitchen too. Whether this blender works out as a smart option we won’t know till we analyses Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews. Nutrimaster Blender Pro reviews should also be able to tell us whether it’s several features like convenient cups and pre-programmed functions make things easier for you while handling your tasks.


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