OxiClean Splot REVIEW

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What is OxiClean Splot?

Getting rid of coffee, wine or other stains from your favorite rug or carpet can be such a chore but now that’s going to change, with the amazing new carpet stain remover, OxiClean Splot. Stains on your carpet are not a pleasant sight for anyone, but with the OxiClean Splot, removing stains from carpets or rug is both simple and easy.



OxiClean Splot CLAIMS

Here’s introducing the OxiClean Splot, a carpet and rug stain remover designed to lift and remove stains from your carpet. OxiClean Splot gives your carpets and rugs a deep cleaning, right down to the padding.


How to use OxiClean Splot?
OxiClean Splot is easy to use! Simply, spray, lift and clean! It’s that easy! It requires no batteries, no charging and no plugs. Simply spray your rug or carpet with 3 or four sprays of OxiClean carpet and area rug stain remover spray, open the blue cap marked “IN” and fill it with clean water. Ensure to close the blue and yellow caps and lids tightly.

Holding OxiClean Splot over the stain, begin pumping until the clean side of the water tank is empty and your carpet is nearly dry.

The pumping action ensures OxiClean Splot pulls the dirty liquid out of the carpet.

Then, using a clean towel, soak up any water that is left behind in the carpet. Lastly, remove the yellow “OUT” cap and empty the contents.

Your carpet or rug is now clean and spotless once again!

Uses of OxiClean Splot – You can use OxiClean Splot to remove pet stains, wine stains, coffee stains and so much more.


Buy OxiClean Splot for $29.99 at Casabella.com | Order the OxiClean Splot carpet stain remover today!

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One thought on “OxiClean Splot REVIEW

  1. I bought one of these units, and it leaks out of the clean water side. I have written to you before to get a replacement! I have not even received a reply. I ordered one because I need one. What do I need to do to get one that works?

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