Plug Purse Reviews and Complaints

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What is Plug Purse

It is a new fashionable purse that has a built in charger inside so you won’t be stranded with your mobile phone on the go.


Plug Purse is meant to be innovative and convenient for today’s users. Most of us just can’t do without our mobile phones today as they have become our lifelines, both in personal and professional sphere. However problem arises when your phone is running out of battery and you are on the go. You just can’t take such chances and risk being stranded without a phone. Plug Purse has been created to help you with just that, according to its claims.

Plug Purse is clever in its design

The mobile phone charger inside this purse is meant to be its highlight. And that’s what ensures that you can now charge your phone no matter where you are. The secret of the Plug Purse is the rechargeable internal battery that holds enough power to charge your phone completely. And the good news is that the internal power cord seen in the Plug Purse is also built in. Thus you will have no fear of losing it and being without the option of charging your phone on the go.

Plug Purse gives you everything you want from a purse

Firstly, it’s quite stylish and smart, so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. And it performs all the functions of the purse. Plug Purse has enough space to keep your necessities while it’s easy to carry around because it is lightweight. Plug Purse has different compartments for your cash, credit cards and keys as well. The inside of this wristlet also has a special lining, which can protect your phone while it’s charging as well.

Plug Purse is meant to be versatile

Another advantage of using this wristlet and its charger is that it is compatible with all types of mobile phones. Thus you don’t have to worry about the Plug Purse working for your particular kind of phone. You can carry it like a wallet in your bag or use it as a purse. It will not let you down, according to its claims, and will ensure that you are on top of things.

What do I get?

You get 1 Plug Purse for $19.99 +$ 7.99 S&H Offical website

Disadvantages/Cons of Plug Purse

Some of the vital information on Plug Purse is missing from the manufacturer. Like, there’s no list of what phones are compatible with the Plug Purse so you won’t know if it will charge your particular phone or not. Information like how much time it takes to charge the Plug Purse has also been skipped so you might need to keep checking if it’s fully charged or end up overcharging/undercharging it. There’s no knowing as to how long it takes for your phone to charge with the Plug Purse and there’s no mention of how much charge Plug Purse holds.

Everpurse and Mighty Purse are better alternatives

Amazon rates Mighty Purse and Everpurse better than the Plug Purse with an average of 4-star rating. Mighty Purse has LED to indicate when your purse is discharging and takes about 3-5 hours to charge the purse again. Everpurse comes with its own charging mat to charge the purse on.

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  1. Has anyone tried the Plug Purse? does it really work?

    Does it really charge your phone?

    How is the quality of the product?

    Does Plug Purse work with all the brands?

    How long does it take to charge the Plug Purse?

    How long does it take to charge the phone with the Plug Purse?

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