Pocket Hose Bungee Review

What is Pocket Hose Bungee?

The TV commercial states that it is a garden hose that expands to a full-size hose when water runs through it and shrinks to its original size when the water is turned off.



Pocket Hose Bungee Claims

A pocket-sized garden hose – Pocket Hose Bungee convinces to be a patented garden hose that is so small that you can store it in your pocket. When you run the water, Pocket Hose Bungee expands to a 50-foot full size and automatically shrinks to its compact size when the water is turned off also squeezing itself dry. Such great features in a hose sound too good to be true so we must wait for Pocket Hose Bungee reviews to know the truth. Unlike traditional hoses that damage, Pocket Hose Bungee proclaims to have seamless micromesh sleeve outside that does not tear or burst outside.


Does not kink, crimp, or tangle – Pocket Hose Bungee maintains to never tangle or kink and does not stop the water flow even if a truck is parked over it. Currently there are no user reviews of Pocket Hose Bungee to reveal if this is true. The industrial strength brass connectors and no-kink connector protector of Pocket Hose Bungee allege to prevent crimping or leaking. The truth about this will be revealed by Pocket Hose Bungee user reviews. Pocket Hose Bungee emphasizes to fold neatly and stow away into a drawer and last a lifetime with its ultra durability. Are all these claims true? Tell us with your Pocket Hose Bungee reviews.


What do I get?
You will receive 1 – Pocket Hose Bungee & 1 – Turbo Shot Jet Nozzle for $19.99 + $7.99 S&H. | Official website: PocketHoseBungee.com

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