Polar Vortex Review

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What is Polar Vortex?

The Polar Vortex Vest is a simple yet groundbreaking system that is designed to increase fat burn and caloric burn. This patent pending metabolic-boosting, fat-burning thermodynamic cooling solution is proven to boost your metabolism and help you burn unwanted fat.



How does the Polar Vortex Vest work?

Polar Vortex Vest Directly Activates Metabolism, Calorie & Fat Burn: The Polar Vortex Vest is designed to prevent shock and shivering by offering mild cooling directly to the skin. This activates your body’s own natural defense against cold. The Polar Vortex Cooling Vest helps your body comfortably go from straight to fat-fueled Non-Shivering Thermogenesis, with your cells creating calorie-intense waste heat to maintain normal body temperature.

Scientifically designed, the Polar Vortex Vest comfortably cools the body. This cooling of the body is what is called Mild Cold Stress which helps your body “fights back the cooling” by actually increasing its metabolism burning considerable amounts of calories and using mainly fat for fuel in the process. The specialized gel design and multiple cooling zones of the Polar Vortex Vest mildly cools the core, and not other parts such as ears, nose and hands, which can cause shivering and discomfort. The result is an effect called non-shivering thermogenesis, an effect that can supercharge the body’s metabolism primarily using fat for fuel.


Other Claims

Research shows that when the human body is exposed to cold temperatures it burns the fat stored in the body in order to produce heat so as to maintain its core temperature. So if you don’t like to endure the cold then what you need is the Polar Vortex Vest.

The Polar Vortex Vest features a specialized gel design and multiple cooling zones that mildly cools the core while keeping your ears, nose, hands and feet warm so there is no shivering.

With the Polar Vortex Vest you get to burn calories and fat without any discomfort. The vest is cooling and soothing too, especially on a hot day.


Use Anytime
The Polar Vortex Vest helps you burn more calories and fat while keeping yourself cool. So you can use it when you are sitting down, going for a walk or while doing your daily chores. The Polar Vortex Vest is so amazing, you are sure to get fat burning results that you were always looking for.


The Polar Vortex Vest features a hi-tech integrated cold activation gel, isolated cooling zones, and drawstrings to give you the perfect fit.


The Polar Vortex Vest is available in five standard sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Order the Polar Vortex Vest System today to get the perfect fat burning results you always wanted!


Polar Vortex System REVIEWS

Here are some of the excerpts from Polar Vortex System user reviews.

“The Polar Vortex System costs $240 which is too expensive. There are no reviews too. You will not want to buy it. The internet has a lot about these jackets which are all a lie.”

“The Polar Vortex System does not get cold enough and does not fit well. Tried the Polar Vortex System while dieting and when not dieting, while dieting, the results were no more impressive than what you would have already accomplished. While not dieting, you may get zero results.”

“Do not buy the Polar Vortex System. It is better to try the military evaporation cooling gear for working reasons. For fat loss, stop eating cheese, fast food and snacks, avoid drinking soda and all the things you can’t live without.”

“Don’t waste your money on the Polar Vortex System. The Polar Vortex System is ugly, uncomfortable and doesn’t work at all. It does nothing for your weight. The Polar Vortex System is a waste of money if you use it for weight-loss.”

“There is no magic pill for weight loss, and the Polar Vortex System is no exception to that rule. The cold, hard truth is that the foundation of weight control is your diet.”


How to use the Polar Vortex Vest

Step 1: Cool the Polar Vortex Vest by folding it and inserting it into the included freezer bag. Zip up and place in the freezer. It takes 6 hours for the Polar Vortex Vest to completely cool and be ready for use. You can also leave it in the freezer until you are ready to use it.

Step 2: When you are ready to wear the Polar Vortex Vest, simply remove it from the freezer bag, put it on and zip it up. It is recommended to use the Polar Vortex Vest over a t-shirt or light clothing. The easy-to-use side panel adjusters allow you to adjust the Polar Vortex Vest for a comfortable cozy fit.

Step 3: Using the Outer Shell & Daily Use: Simply put on the multi-layer insulated Outer Shell on top of your Polar Vortex Vest and zip up. When worn with the Polar Vortex Vest it maximizes results, although you can wear the Polar Vortex Vest separately and still experience its cooling power. The Outer Shell locks in the Polar Vortex Vest’s cooling power and minimizes condensation. Designed with a specialized rib knit design, the Polar Vortex Vest automatically adjusts to a variety of sizes. Wearing the Polar Vortex Vest for just one hour a day enhances your metabolism and caloric burn largely fueled by fat.

Step 4: Removing and Storing your Polar Vortex Vest: For maximum results, it is recommended to wear the Polar Vortex Vest for one hour a day. When you are ready to remove it, simply unzip the Polar Vortex Vest and place it inside the Freezer Bag and into the freezer.

Do not store the outer shell in the freezer.


When to use the Polar Vortex Vest?

The Polar Vortex Vest can be worn at any time of the day or night. Several users of the Polar Vortex Vest have stated they have a better night’s sleep after wearing the Polar Vortex Vest before going to bed.


How to use the Travel Bag, Neck and Wrist Coolers

The Travel Bag: When using the Polar Vortex Vest while you travel, simply remove it from the Freezer Bag and insert it into the Travel Bag. The Travel bag is designed to retain the cooling power of the Polar Vortex Vest while on the go.

Neck and Wrist Coolers: These coolers allow you to increase your cooling power up a level. Place the neck and wrist pads in the freezer for a minimum of six hours, and then place the coolers on your neck and wrists and tighten with the Velcro straps.


Care and Safety Information of the Polar Vortex Vest

The Polar Vortex Vest provides Mild Cold Stress also known as Non-Shivering Thermogenesis.

• Consult your physician before using the Polar Vortex Vest.
• The Polar Vortex Vest is designed for external use only. Ingestion of large amounts of the gel could be toxic.
• Keep the Polar Vortex Vest out of the reach of children.
• Discontinue use if experiencing severe tingling or burning.
• Avoid contact with skin or eyes. If they do come in contact with the gel, rinse with water immediately. If irritation or redness continues, consult your physician.
• Avoid using the Polar Vortex Vest if you suffer from: hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to cold, rheumatoid arthritis with cold sensitivity, medical conditions related to cold exposure, and skin sensation problems.
• The Polar Vortex Vest is not a life preserver. Do not use in water.
• The Polar Vortex Vest is not a protective vest. Do not use it for any other function than for which it was intended. It is only designed to provide mild cold stress.
• Avoid showering or bathing within 30 minutes of wearing the Polar Vortex Vest to get maximum results.
• Do not use the Polar Vortex Vest if it is punctured. The gel is biodegradable so you may dispose it off appropriately.
• Do not heat the Polar Vortex Vest. It is for mild cold therapy only.
• Consult your Physician before starting the Healthy Meal Plan.
• Hand wash the Polar Vortex Vest in cold soapy water and air dry it. The outer shell can be machined washed and instructions are found on the attached label.



Great for winters
The Polar Vortex Vest is great for wintertime too! Specially designed and tested to gently cool your body, the Polar Vortex Vest is comfortable enough to wear every day. Some first-time users of the Polar Vortex Vest have stated that they feel a little cold in the first five minutes but you will be still be increasing your metabolism to maintain body temperature using primarily fat for fuel. Your body regulates itself to the cooling effect created by the Polar Vortex and it’s in this process that you start burning fat and calories! Over the last five years, the benefits of cooling the body have come to the science forefront. The cooling effect of the Polar Vortex Vest continues to burn calories and fat even after for at least 45 minutes after removing the vest.


Personal Comfort System
The Polar Vortex Vest also makes a great personal comfort system! The Polar Vortex Vest is both convenient and fashionable making it perfect to use for hot summer days, while walking the dog, mowing the lawn, or at sporting events.


Uses of the Polar Vortex Vest

The Polar Vortex Vest:

• Increases the caloric expenditure on average between 26% and up to 32%.
• Increase fat burn up to 57%.
• Enhances the fat burn process for as long as 45 minutes after removal of the vest.


Claimed Features of the Polar Vortex Vest

• The Polar Vortex Vest is comfortable and features a fashionable design
• No Dangerous Low Skin Temperature – The Polar Vortex Vest is designed and laboratory tested to deliver the benefits of mild cold without the danger of freezing.
• Specially-Designed Gel Isolation Partitions are designed into key high blood flow areas targeting the thoracic arteries and core. This patent-pending design allows maximum cooling yet maximum comfort while minimizing uncomfortable whole-body exposure.
• Advanced Specialized Cold-Activation Gel Formulation for maximum cold yet flexible comfort. The gel used in the Polar Vortex is unlike any gel ever available. After extensive laboratory and real-world testing our amazing gel formula provides long duration mild cooling with extreme comfort.
• Draw String Side-Design to secure the perfect fit.
• The Polar Vortex Vest has highly durable polymers, cloth and advanced material construction throughout.
• Moisture Barrier to virtually eliminate condensation.
• Contoured-Pocket Construction of the Polar Vortex Vest traps a layer of super-cooled air next to skin with no direct contact with gel pack.
• Snug-Comfort Collar of the Polar Vortex Vest prevents cold escaping through the “chimney effect’.
• Fashionable 4-Layer Outer Shell included with each vest and available in either Arctic Blue or Cool pink. Designed using the same methods developed for NASA space suits, the outer shell provides both flair and function. Its Multi-Layer Insulation features insulation for efficiency and comfort plus wicking control to remove condensation during the cooling period.
• Shell Wicking Layer – a highly-absorbent inner layer specially designed to keep you comfortable and dry.
• Comfort Control Inner Liner with Rip-Stop Nylon for a snug yet comfortable fit.
• Freezer Bag with Cool Seal Technology allows you to easily freeze and store in any home freezer for ready use.
• Premium Freezer Bag for keeping your Polar Vortex Vest nice and compact in the freezer.
• Easy-to-follow meal plan.


Claimed Benefits of the Polar Vortex Vest

• The Polar Vortex Vest supercharges the body’s metabolism to help burn calories with the primary fuel being fat.
• You feel tight and toned from the inside out.
• The Polar Vortex Vest makes you look and feel healthier.
• Feeling more alive every single day.
• The Polar Vortex Vest keeps you cool and burns fat:
o – Watching TV
o – Checking your emails
o – Gardening
o – Cycling
o – Walking
o – Working at the office
o – Sitting
o – Going about your daily routine
• The Polar Vortex Vest is a natural solution for speeding up your metabolism and burning fat for fuel.
• The Polar Vortex Vest is a thermodynamic cooling solution
• – Scientifically supported – Laboratory demonstrated


Polar Vortex System Questions and Answers

Q. What is “Cold Activation Gel”?
A. Some high sounding phrase to describe some cheap cooling gel.

Q. Can I wear the Polar Vortex System to bed?
A. No, it is meant to be worn when you are doing some physical activity.

Q. Is the Polar Vortex System a one size fits all?
A. No, sizes are available in: XS, S, M, L and XL.

Q. Does the Polar Vortex System work?
A. Not really. Nothing is singularly capable of burning your fat. You have to be disciplined and wise enough to accept it to control your diet and do a lot of physical exercises.

Q. Do you recommend the Polar Vortex System?
A. No

Q. Is the Polar Vortex System worth $240?
A. No, it is a waste of money.

Q. Is the Polar Vortex System FDA approved?
A. No

Q. What is the NASA technology used?
A. Nothing, it is just a cheap way to promote their product. Don’t buy it.


What do I get?
Buy Polar Vortex Vest for $239.7 + $9.95 USD processing & handling at the official website PolarVortexVest.com

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