Renumax Review

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What is Renumax?

As per the TV infomercial it is a car scratch remover that easily helps in eliminating expensive scratches, scrapes and scuff marks. It takes absolutely no time to perform such surgical scratch removal and works on all types of colors on any type of vehicles.



Renumax REVIEW

Francke in his Renumax review reveals “Having worked in the automotive industry for nearly 15 years, I can confidently say that this product is just making false claims. Though I haven’t used it yet, I have experience with many others that eliminate scratches. There’s no product in the market that can do what it’s boasting of. It’s just hype and completely misleading.”

Denish complains in his Renumax review “Boy, can you beat the hype and blatant lies being promoted in the name of advertising? It’s just not possible to make a scrape or scratch disappear on a painted surface like it claims it can. I haven’t fallen prey, and I think you shouldn’t either.”

Earl who used the Renumax product complains in his review that “I used Renumax on minor scratches but it didn’t work. I’m really disappointed. Returning it right away and hoping for a full refund.”

Teresa complains in her Renumax review “Total hogwash and waste of money. It doesn’t even eliminate minor scratches. Even the packaging was pathetic. My advice- DON’T buy it.”

Belgio says ”Sad to see unsuspecting customers like you being cheated by unethical sellers, who’re minting millions at your cost…”

H.Mudge warns “Don’t buy this product. It didn’t eliminate even a small scratch on my vehicle. In fact, scratches look magnified to me. It can’t even dry clear, and you have keep removing the residue repeatedly. Very disappointing.”

Paul complains ”I wish I hadn’t believed the dubious advertisement of this product and purchased it from a shopping channel. It showed how it makes vfx scratches disappear. Forget big scratches, it can’t remove even tiny scratches. I’m aiming for a full refund. Don’t buy this product.”

Ian says “I purchased Reumax from the ‘Best’ Direct shopping channel. Turned out to be a disaster. It’s a piece of garbage. Don’t buy it.”

C Edwards reveals in his Renumax review “I purchased this product on Best Direct TV in December 2015. It didn’t work, so I returned it on the address mentioned on the package. However, no refund came and when I contacted them, they said they don’t sell this product. I’m left shocked. Can someone help?”

Walter says ”Wonder why people fall for such ‘miracle’ products and then repent. I believe that scratches can only be painted or rubbed down by an expert. Products like Duralube are the perfect example. No pain, no gain…”


What is the Ingredeint of Renumax Car Scratch Remover – The manufacturer of the product does not find it necessary to mention the INGREDIENTS of the product. They just say RENUMAX

Why is Renumax so expensive?
Because the include some cheap vacuum cleaner with it.


Renumax Exposed

If you have to eliminate deep scratches, repainting is the best solution instead of using products like Renumax. A soft rubbing compound effectively removes swirl marks and other subtle scratches. A clear coat works best on superficial scratches while regular scratch removal methods can remove deeper scratches when mixed with it.


Car Scratches Facts – Car scratches actually aren’t what they usually seem. Taking care of the vehicle’s body, shine and coat is essential to prevent them. ‘Scratches’ occur if the surface of a car rubs against some wooden board, painted car bumper, rubber bumper, etc. Actually, these objects usually don’t penetrate nor cause scratches on the car’s body but simply deposit some residue on it and look like a raised mark.

If objects that rub against the car are tougher than the paint, patches of lost paint may appear on the car’s surface. Some of them can be mended as they aren’t too deep and affect only the base colour), not the primer and metal). Appropriate sanding, buffing and waxing can effectively remove colour left at the bottom of the scratch.


What does Renumax NOT Work on? – Renumax may remove scratches and is also used commonly like paint correction. It cannot eliminate scratches that go deep into the primer or touch the metal of the car. Also, it also works only on cars that have clear coats that are a modern addition, so it’s not effective for cars manufactured before the early 80’s.


Types of Car Scratches and those Renumax Works on – It’s important to know that not all scratches on vehicles are deep, and that types of scratches can be identified. Car scratches are categorised in three ways and on the basis of intensity of the scratch and expenses borne to remove them.


Car Clear Coat Scratch – All cars manufactured now are provided with multiple layers of paint, and the Clear Coat layer is used as a final touch-up to prevent abrasions on the painted surface. A Clear Coat layer also imparts a mirror-like sparkle to the car’s body paint. Scratches that occur on this layer are known as a “Clear Coat Scratch”.

To identify a Clear Coat scratch, run your fingernails over it. If you don’t feel the vehicle’s surface on your fingernail, you may not notice gray colour (the primer) or bare metal through the scratch. Clear Coat scratches are the easiest to mend as they are the lightest. Renumax and most scratch removers seen in adverts can usually eliminate such scratches.


Car Primer Scratch
The primer coat offers deeper level protection to the car paint. However, applying primer to a car is a time-consuming, expensive and troublesome process. A scratch that penetrates the clear coat and affects the primer is included in the “Primer Scratch” category.

Car primer scratches are more intense than Clear Coat scratches. If you run a fingernail over it and feel the abrasion, it means the primer is affected. Gray colour paint visible through the scratch is the colour of the primer. However, bare metal body of the car wouldn’t be visible in this case. Some paint work may adequately eliminate such scratches. Renumax cannot remove primer scratches.


Car Paint Body Scratch – Car Paint Body Scratches can delve deep and even affect the clear coat, erode the primer and damage the metal body of the vehicle. Such scratches are most severe as the metal surface has no protection and can even corrode. It should be attended to promptly at a professional centre only. A fingernail run test will cause a deep cut and display exposed bare metal. Renumax will not work on a Car Paint Body Scratch.


Easy car scratch removal

Renumax guarantees to remove all type of car scratches, scrapes and scuff marks like no other solution. Is Renumax really so effective at such elimination? Renumax reviews will expose the facts soon. Renumax asserts to be a better option than sending the car to the garage for repainting or repairing in terms of both cost and output. There are no reviews of Renumax currently available that affirm such a comparison. Renumax assures to have a revolutionary formula that can perform its job in mere seconds. Such a claim by Renumax will be proved once we get to analyze user reviews.

Easy to use

Renumax states to be the fastest at removing scuff marks and scratches off car surface thanks to its proprietary formula. The formula is very powerful and when rubbed over the surface leaves millions of micro-particles that fill the scratch quickly. These micro-particles not only eliminates the scratches and scuffs but also retain the shine in the area. This way Renumax convinces to go unnoticed completely. Although at this point of time there are no Renumax reviews available to attest to its claims. Renumax claims to be easy to apply and just needs to be applied with its applicator. Such an easy way of treating the scratches is very appealing but will be confirmed with Renumax reviews. Renumax promises to have a sponge applicator attached to the bottle. This helps in using Renumax over larger areas easily and even on curve sections of the car, which includes the backside of the mirrors. Renumax does sound fancy; user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Renumax spreads evenly over damaged surface and disappears within seconds by magically fading the scratch away. At this point of time there are no Renumax reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.


Features and benefits

Renumax declares to be beneficial when it comes to saving money on sending the vehicle to a repair shop. In fact, Renumax also alleges to involve no hard work where one has to rub very hard with solutions and end up with greasy hands. Renumax sounds quite promising but will be verified once users review it. The best thing that is proclaimed about Renumax is the fact that it works with on any type of colors on various vehicle surfaces. Although there are no Renumax reviews yet makes its effectiveness still in question. Renumax emphasizes to dry in minutes for producing a smooth, clean finish on any type of vehicle be it cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and even boats without causing any type of damage. Whether or not Renumax works on all types of surfaces and is completely safe to use will be known once Renumax reviews are out.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 units of Renumax for £39.99+£4.99 S&H. at and $48 at
  • You will also get an amazing Smart Polish, A Liquid Cleaner Wax and a powerful Wheel Cleaner.

Official website: |

Rating: 1

57 thoughts on “Renumax Review

  1. Renumax product is total crap
    I am a ex spray painter and tried it on scratches just for curiosity ,will be taking it back to Big w for a refund

  2. Vielen Dank allen, diem
    das Produkt bewertet haben. Es erspart mir viel Geld! Und richtig: es gibt keine Zauberei, wie sollte das auch funktionieren..

  3. Robert

    Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped off .

    Oh Robert you should know by now about the Government.. They interested only on their VAT..the more you buy the more they get.
    There are so many silly people out there it is good for the scammers and for the Government.
    Finally!!! who to be blame? (YOURSELF)

  4. Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped off .

  5. Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped of .

  6. david
    Has anybody received a refund from Best Direct in Australia for Renumax as I was told when I rang them
    that if I send it back I will receive a refund less postage.
    I was told that everybody that had sent it back has received a refund ?

  7. Bought this product from Best Direct in the UK .As everyone else has said, it is absolute rubbish. Does not fade to clear and when you finally manage to rub it off the scratches are still there. The scratches it was used on were very minor but still did not disappear. Luckily we bought it as part of a set which included polish and a car vac. Those to items are very useful so not a complete washout. Will not buy from Best Direct eve again.

    Rating: 1
  8. Thank you all for sharing your renomax eperiences. It really disturbs me to see this reckless and unrelenting exploitation of unsuspecting customers. Even worse there’s fuck all else on.

  9. renumax is shit, it actually made it worse, like it brought the marks out even more, scrapes and scratchers are more clearer now.

  10. Thank you all.
    I was about to buy the product, but after I have read your comments, I won`t even think of it.

    • Thank you all for sharing your renomax eperiences. It really disturbs me to see this reckless and unrelenting exploitation of unsuspecting customers. Even worse there’s fuck all else on.

  11. Never suprices me these products. Still people falling and buying this crap.
    There are no shortcuts in paint damages, it need to be painted or rubbed down by a pro.
    Remember back in the days about Duralube, this miracle product made a engine work without oil… omg so sadly

    Rating: 1
  12. If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is!
    Why aren’t there penalties for blatent false advertising? It’s the world we live in and it’s fcked on so many levels.

  13. An unfortunate sorry to everyone who bought it, but thanks heaps to those that posted on here to warn the rest. Nearly fell for the video BS. Won’t be buying it.

  14. Thanks for the warnings! They are making TV ad on Swedish television…. This should be forbidden! Thanks again, I will NOT purchase this product.

  15. Total shit product. It does not work at all even on small scratches.

    It has now been 3 month since i returned renumax and Clamed my money back. Still have not head anything from the company.

    Dont by any of these so Calle wunder products.

  16. That TV offer is totally misleading ,the Renumax is
    Best Direct should be held responsible legally to rip off so many innocent consumers .

    I will claim to get a full refund.

  17. Hey guys,
    I’ve never used this product however I’ve used many products that eliminate scratches when I worked in the automotive industry for 13 yrs. I can assure you that no such product is commercially available that can do what this claims to do! If it existed obviously we would have bought it!
    Don’t believe the hype, it’s totally false advertising!

  18. Dakujem pekne za vyjadrenia o vyrobku prečital som si to a aj som si myslel že to je taký podvod – to sú kurvy musia ich zničiť
    už som to chcel objednať aj s tým vysavačom no pochopil som to že by “vysali”! oni mňa
    preložil som si to a dakujem pekne

  19. Wow. So glad I read your reviews before buying this product. There should be a law against companies ripping people off selling products that don’t work. Shocking!! Many Thanks

  20. Lucky me… I was considering buying as well, but it sounded just too good to be true… and, thanks to you all, my Volvo will go on looking as it just Went through a blackberrybush 😉

  21. It’s total rubbish. I just purchased it and not one tiny scratch was eliminated. In fact my children now think they are enhanced. It does not dry clear at all, you have to run hard to remove the residue and again. Not one scratch gone. I’m so dissapointed.

    • poor guy. its people like you they get millions of. the greatest thieves openly cheating worldwide making millions victim like you.

      Rating: 1
  22. Oggi 5 aprile 2016 ho recivuto il pacco di renumax.Veramente una truffa.non funziona per niente!e mi hanno mandato la roba scaduta del 2015

  23. Les produits miracles n’existent pas
    ce genre de pub devrait tout simplement interdit.
    Aprés on n’est pas obligé d’acheté mais il y a encore de beau jour pour les crapules, les gens sont tellements naifs, si renumax était si miraculeux il n’aurait même pas besoin de la télé pour vendre leur merde

  24. Too late to find out about this product. Bought here in Philippines as now introduced. It’s a total rubbish and doesn’t work as shown in TV. Am working out for refund and will take 3 weeks to process.

  25. thanks to everyone i was considering buying renumax but i wont waste my money. there is a pen available that i have used which does work on most scratches and a lot cheaper.

  26. Renumax, complete waste of money, doesn’t even reduce the appearance of minor scratches slightly. I would not recommend to anyone. one star given for the packaging alone.

    Rating: 1
  27. I haven’t even bought the stuff and don’t believe the hype. You CANNOT just magic away a scrape or scratch on a painted surface. I’m British but saw the ad in Holland with some overweight moron expounding the virtues of this stuff. He doesn’t do them any favours as he sounds like somebody trying to sell you the elixir of life which is mythical – same as this stuff!!

  28. The biggest con on shopping channel do not buy all wast your time using it bought it didn’t use it till 2 months later and now can’t get a refund because it’s been more than 30 days.

  29. Bought this in December 2015 from Best Direct TV,
    Absoloute rubbish, sent it back to the address given in the package and had not received a refund. I contacted the address by phone and they denied any knowledge of being involved in this or any other product.
    Can anybody help ?

      • C Edwards, I’m glad to hear you received a refund, had you opened the pack and used the product?. I have and Best Direct website states it must be returned in saleable condition!

  30. Bought this from a shopping channel. Should have known by their tacky advert and vfx scratches that magically disappear. Absolute rubbish that does not even make any difference to a hairline scratch let alone the major scratches that i tried it on. Will be getting full refund. Complete rip not buy this crap!

  31. Hi K.earl,

    many thanks for your review…

    We have already spent enough money to buy “magic” products NOT working…

    Best regards,


  32. I am very disappointed with my renumax.
    I used it on some very minor scratches and I’m sad to say it made no difference at all.
    I shall be returning it this week and hope to get a full refund.

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