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57 thoughts on “Renumax Review

How To Buy Xanax Pills
  1. Bought this from a shopping channel. Should have known by their tacky advert and vfx scratches that magically disappear. Absolute rubbish that does not even make any difference to a hairline scratch let alone the major scratches that i tried it on. Will be getting full refund. Complete rip off..do not buy this crap!

  2. Bought this in December 2015 from Best Direct TV,
    Absoloute rubbish, sent it back to the address given in the package and had not received a refund. I contacted the address by phone and they denied any knowledge of being involved in this or any other product.
    Can anybody help ?

  3. I haven’t even bought the stuff and don’t believe the hype. You CANNOT just magic away a scrape or scratch on a painted surface. I’m British but saw the ad in Holland with some overweight moron expounding the virtues of this stuff. He doesn’t do them any favours as he sounds like somebody trying to sell you the elixir of life which is mythical – same as this stuff!!

  4. Too late to find out about this product. Bought here in Philippines as now introduced. It’s a total rubbish and doesn’t work as shown in TV. Am working out for refund and will take 3 weeks to process.

  5. Les produits miracles n’existent pas
    ce genre de pub devrait tout simplement interdit.
    Aprés on n’est pas obligé d’acheté mais il y a encore de beau jour pour les crapules, les gens sont tellements naifs, si renumax était si miraculeux il n’aurait même pas besoin de la télé pour vendre leur merde

  6. It’s total rubbish. I just purchased it and not one tiny scratch was eliminated. In fact my children now think they are enhanced. It does not dry clear at all, you have to run hard to remove the residue and again. Not one scratch gone. I’m so dissapointed.

  7. Dakujem pekne za vyjadrenia o vyrobku prečital som si to a aj som si myslel že to je taký podvod – to sú kurvy musia ich zničiť
    už som to chcel objednať aj s tým vysavačom no pochopil som to že by “vysali”! oni mňa
    preložil som si to a dakujem pekne

  8. Hey guys,
    I’ve never used this product however I’ve used many products that eliminate scratches when I worked in the automotive industry for 13 yrs. I can assure you that no such product is commercially available that can do what this claims to do! If it existed obviously we would have bought it!
    Don’t believe the hype, it’s totally false advertising!

  9. Total shit product. It does not work at all even on small scratches.

    It has now been 3 month since i returned renumax and Clamed my money back. Still have not head anything from the company.

    Dont by any of these so Calle wunder products.

  10. Never suprices me these products. Still people falling and buying this crap.
    There are no shortcuts in paint damages, it need to be painted or rubbed down by a pro.
    Remember back in the days about Duralube, this miracle product made a engine work without oil… omg so sadly

  11. Thank you all for sharing your renomax eperiences. It really disturbs me to see this reckless and unrelenting exploitation of unsuspecting customers. Even worse there’s fuck all else on.

  12. Bought this product from Best Direct in the UK .As everyone else has said, it is absolute rubbish. Does not fade to clear and when you finally manage to rub it off the scratches are still there. The scratches it was used on were very minor but still did not disappear. Luckily we bought it as part of a set which included polish and a car vac. Those to items are very useful so not a complete washout. Will not buy from Best Direct eve again.

  13. david
    Has anybody received a refund from Best Direct in Australia for Renumax as I was told when I rang them
    that if I send it back I will receive a refund less postage.
    I was told that everybody that had sent it back has received a refund ?

  14. Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped of .

  15. Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped off .

  16. Robert

    Every Person is right on here it is total crap and there should be a class action brought against these f–king scammers,and what makes it worst is the Governments that be know about this crap and sit back and let people get ripped off .

    Oh Robert you should know by now about the Government.. They interested only on their VAT..the more you buy the more they get.
    There are so many silly people out there ..so it is good for the scammers and for the Government.
    Finally!!! who to be blame? (YOURSELF)

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