Repeat Potty Pad | Reusable Indoor Pet Pee pad

What is it:

Repeat Potty Pads is an indoor restroom for your dogs. If your house is one big doggie bathroom and if you are tired of cleaning and replacing carpets and furniture then Repeat Potty pads is what you need. Now your dogs have a safe and clean place to relieve themselves. Repeat Potty Pads promises to eliminate frequent accidents on carpets, hardwood floors and furniture.


Repeat Potty Pad Features

Repeat Potty Pads is specially designed to make your pet comfortable and has the look and feel of real grass and attracts dogs when it’s time for them to go. The machine washable, triple-layer pad soaks up the liquid, protecting your carpets and wood floors. Repeat Potty Pad is great for younger dogs that are still in training, as well as older dogs that can’t always hold it. Repeat Potty Pad is also ideal for snow or rainy weather.


How to Use Repeat Potty Pad

All you need to do is simply place the Repeat Potty Pads and its special scent will attract the dog and let them know that it is okay to relieve themselves on the mat. Since it is designed to look like real grass your pet will be comfortable on the Repeat Potty Pads. It is great for outdoor patios, balconies and concrete areas. It is ideal for apartment buildings so no more waiting on elevators or rushing down flights of stairs for an urgent potty situation. Eliminate finding unexpected surprises around the house with Repeat Potty Pads.

No More Stained Floors

Repeat Potty Pads is thick and has three layers. The first layer is made of polyester, the second is a waterproof layer and on top is the super absorbent layer which makes it really thick and helps it hold the weight of the liquid without staining your floors. The Repeat Potty Pads are ideal for apartments, cold weather climates, college students with pets and dogs who are left at home all day. No more rushing home to take your dog out. These pads come as welcome relief for you as well as your dog as you don’t have to worry about the messy accidents anymore.
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What do I get?

Get 2 Repeat Potty Pads just for$16.99 . Official website:

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