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20 thoughts on “Rotorazer Saw REVIEW

Online Xanax Uk
  1. This product was a gift, and when recipient opened it, to my horror and embarrassment, it had been used and parts were missing. It was all dusty with saw dust, too. I called the company and got the run around, being told I would need to tt a supervisor AFTER they called Corporate. All I’ve asked for is a shipping label, since I don’t believe I should have to pay to return something that had been used and with parts missing. I’ve been promised by 2 customer service reps. that a shipping label was being emailed and also sent by US mail. Neither one of those has happened. This has been going on since September, and now its November 18th. Today again, I’m told that the Supervisor will contact me Monday, AFTER he talks to Corporate. All I want is to be reimbursed for the charges, and a shipping label emailed to me and one sent by US mail. If this company has supposedly sent this label twice already, why do they need to contact Corporate again? One more thing, when I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor, they never take the call, only speak through the C/S Rep. This may be a good product, but the company sucks if you have a problem! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS ARE TERRIBLE. HAVE YOU READ THEIR ARBITRATION PAGE? IF A COMPANY IS SO MUCH ON THE UP AND UP, WHY THE NEED FOR SO MUCH PROTECTION? THEY RIPPED OFF MY 82yr.old mom, and as her daughter, I’m gonna do whatever I can to let the public know exactly what kind of company they’re dealing with. GO CHECK OUT LOWES OR HOME DEPOT BEFORE ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY. AT LEAST YOU’LL KNOW YOU’RE GETTING A NEW PRODUCT, AND CAN RETURN IT IF THERE’S A PROBLEM. MONEY IS JUST TO HARD TO COME BY! AND TO BE SENT A PRODUCT THAT HAD OBVIOUSLY BEEN USED? I couldn’t have been more embarrassed when the gift was opened! SO FREAKING ANGRY!!!

    • I’ve tried to cancel less than 24 hours into my order they refuse they said they cannot cancel. I order on line I never even saw a total of what I was paying. For I thought i was going to go to a check out page to see the total but it never did next thing I know I got charged 250 and they refuse to cancel I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said they don’t have supervisors. This company is horrible.

  2. TOTAL piece of CRAP! DO NOT waste your money! The infomercial is TOTALLY misleading and false advertising!
    Will NOT replace other tools or do what they say. I have
    spent 26 years in construction and remodeling. This is a
    SCAM piece of JUNK! Hi speed, but NO power when it comes in contact with the materials they show, or you will work
    with. Hate it when people try to SCAM us!!!

  3. I ordered a rotorazor saw and was hoodwinked into thinking it would be a handy tool for many things. What a joke. It is hard to handle for someone with small hands. And after using it about three times, it just quit working. No refund, because they only give you 30 days. Total piece of junk for $150. Don’t waste your money.

  4. I had a specific task I purchased this saw for, thinking it would be perfect. When I opened the container it was in, it was filled with roaches and small mice. My wife screamed and the hitchhikers jumped on the floor and ran away. We were both disgusted, especially with the bug and animal droppings remaining behind in the box. I am getting ready to send it back. Hopefully there will be a replacement or a refund from the company.

  5. My rule of thumb is the more
    A company spends on slick ad
    The less they spend on making
    a quality product and providing
    good customer service. $150+
    For a small hobby saw is obviously
    rediculous. Always read reviews
    And check retail stores for similar
    products. Also don’t buy tv products
    because you have to give them
    Your credit card info., then you’re
    at their mercy. Ha!

  6. I bought this product and upgraded to the more expensive version. I received the product and 7 days later received the 2nd one. I didn’t order a 2nd one and they charged my account the 2nd time. When I tried to return it, they told me I had to pay the shipping to return it. I didn’t order it but I have to pay to return something “I DIDN”T ORDER”. WTH. DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE

  7. I bought one very disappointed with that! I thought it would cut deeper than a half inch like it shows on TV when it’s cutting the ceramic tile! that ceramic tile was deeper than a half-inch they! They lied it doesn’t cut that deep! If you’re cutting something that is 1/4 of an inch deep it will do a good job but anything deeper it’s no good! Are use mine when I was putting down laminating flooring did OK not as good as I wanted you to do.

  8. saw is crap total crap used it 5 minutes and it quit working, total crap. their customer service is crap also, wanted refund within 30 days, never heard from them they do not answer calls. SAVE YOUR MONEY

  9. Saw the late-nite infomercial and went online to purchase as a Christmas gift for my bro-in-law, who loves his boy-toys & gadgets (selfishly thought I’d be able to borrow for craft projects!). Sooo glad I read these reviews first before going to RotoRazor’s website. Thanks y’all !! Sorry for your crappy experiences. Bad product AND bad company really blows.

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