Rubik’s Spark

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What is it?

Rubik’s Spark is an electronic exciting and interactive cube that tests your memory, speed, dexterity and logic. Designed with 6 uniquely addictive games, Rubik’s Spark is a game that gives you, your friends and family hours of fun and addictive play.

Rubik’s Spark offers you an entirely new experience with 6 entertaining and challenging games of speed and dexterity. You can either play each in single play mode, or challenge your friends in multi-play! It’s that amazing!
The 6 games include:
Seek & Destroy – Guide your light to capture the lit cubes!

Light the Cube – Copy the Spark’s every move exactly to win!

Tilt & Zap – Put your speed and reflexes to the test!

Snackin’ Snake – Feed the snake light to make it grow, but don’t take a bite out of yourself!

Follow the Path – Challenge your memory to follow commands & defeat the Spark!

RUBIK’S DJ – Unlock the beat to make your own music with RUBIK’S DJ!



How it works:

RUBIK’S Spark features patented Built-in Gyroscope ‘Bubble’ Technology to offer you a thrilling and interactive addictive gaming experience.

The special built-in sensors recognizes where the lights are as you tilt, turn, twist and rotate the cube.

Enjoy the RUBIK’S Spark to challenge your friends and family, or beat your own record, the Spark is hours of fun for everyone!

Order it today!


What do I get?
Buy Rubik’s Spark just for only $US34.95 at Official website:

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