SANI STICKS Review | Clogs Drain!! Read this Sani Sticks Report


As per the television infomercial it is a great way of keeping drains clear and odor-free. The biodegradable sticks have powerful enzymes that are 100% safe for plumbing, septic tanks and the environment.


Sani Stick REVIEW Video

Sani Sticks Review

Sani Sticks doesn’t work
Matthew Kaine in his Sani Sticks review complains that the product doesn’t quite live up to its claims and hence won’t be buying it again. He compares it to the alternate options of using bleach, vinegar and baking soda or lemon juice down the drain. According to him these options were not only more effective than Sani Sticks but they were also cheaper. Finally what really cleared the drain was taking apart the pipes underneath and thoroughly cleaning them.

Not impressed – Brandon Long in his Sani Sticks review says that he was under the impression that dropping a single stick down the drain would serve the purpose but it didn’t help that much and hence he’s thinking of buying another package.

Sani Stick breaks – Elizabeth Stewart in her Sani Sticks review regrets buying the product and claims that baking soda works much better in comparison to Sani Sticks. She says that the sticks broke on inserting into the drain and there were no noticeable difference in the odor. She further adds that the Sani Sticks are a complete waste of money.

Sani Stick clogged my drain pipe – Debbie Dole in her Sani Sticks review admits that buying the drain sticks was a total mistake. She never had any issues of a blocked drain but was only concerned about the foul smell. Precisely why she went for Sani Sticks. But instead of solving her issue, she was faced with a new problem of a clogged drain and to get the drain open again, she had to take 2 treatments.

Insufficient Instructions – Sheila Snowe in her Sani Sticks review gives a detailed explanation about how to clean the drain. She complains that the Sani Sticks commercial did not mention anything about the stick being completely soluble. She is unsure about how to plug in the stick to the bathroom sink plug. She would rather prefer to use the ten minute hair clog remover at least once a month. She recommends to put a pail under the p-trap and clean it out. Or loosen and pull out the metal rod that goes into the sink plunger and clean that pipe.

Misleading Marketing and Unsubstantiated Claims – Rose Felton in her Sani Sticks review reveals that she felt cheated by the claims depicted in the advertisements. Before using it the makers ask the user to ensure if the drain is possibly clean as the stick is meant to prevent future clogging or slow draining. Depending on the built-up inside the drain, the Sani Stick will take that much longer. Now since Rose was looking for something that would quickly clear up her slow draining sink, Sani Stick didn’t quite live up to her expectations. Even after using it for several days, it did nothing to improve the flow through the drain. Moreover, she claims that the advertising doesn’t clearly indicate as to how should one use the Sani Sticks. She wonders whether she has to use some chemical products first and then use the Sani Sticks. If it is so, she thinks she’d rather use the chemicals sparingly followed by baking soda and hot water once a week. That way she’ll save money too.


Claims to clear drains easily

SANI STICKS emphasizes to be the best solution to keep the drains at home free of odor and prevent clogging. Although such promises have been made by many solutions, SANI STICKS reviews will tell us if it’s any different. SANI STICKS assures that it is a pre-emptive measure more than a solution used after a drain is having a problem. This way it ensures that the problems do not even surface. Such far-fetched claims by SANI STICKS will be only validated once users have reviewed it.


Promises ease of use

SANI STICKS promises to be a very user-friendly solution that can be used without a hassle. We will know for sure once it is reviewed. All one needs to do is drop a piece of SANI STICKS once every month in the drains. Currently there are no SANI STICKS reviews to substantiate its claims. SANI STICKS declares to be very powerful and rests inside the pipe trap to release concentrated blend of enzymes. Whether such a design is fruitful enough will be verified once users review it. SANI STICKS proclaims that the enzymes that it releases literally break down the clogs and odor that is formed inside the track to let it run freely. Also, SANI STICKS alleges to be so strong that it prevents the build-up of grease which is bad for the drains. The truth will be only come out once SANI STICKS has been reviewed.

Boasts of exceptional features

SANI STICKS maintains to be highly powerful on clogs, grease and odor but is not at all harmful to the pipes. Although we cannot be sure of it due to lack of SANI STICKS reviews. SANI STICKS proclaims to be effective on all types of organic deposits that are generally found in drains. This is why it works wonderfully on different drains that include the one in kitchen, bathtub, basin, shower and utility. These features stated by SANI STICKS are definitely attractive but we will have to analyze user reviews first to be sure of it. SANI STICKS guarantees to be environmental-friendly and completely biodegradable. This makes it good to use around the house without worries of having toxins released in the drain. Also, SANI STICKS asserts to be very safe to use in all types of plumbing, septic tanks and the environment. Nothing can be believed upon until we receive user reviews. Also its all natural formula releases a fresh scent round the clock. Is SANI STICKS really this great? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?

You get SANI STICKS set of 48 for $10 Plus $11.98 P&H.Official website

Rating: 2

12 thoughts on “SANI STICKS Review | Clogs Drain!! Read this Sani Sticks Report

  1. Just bought it at target and used it. I been having problems with sinks clogging and used it. Ran water and the drain is clear.since other reviews say it doesn’t dissolve and cause damage I will check and keep you all up to date on progress. I put it in both bathrooms and sink. Only used 5 sticks and have to use it monthly so I just have about 4 months in each packet since it has 24 in each. So far it is affordable, reliable, and easy.

    Rating: 5
  2. I’ve been using these for about a year. They seemed to be working until I noticed the bathroom sink was draining slow. Instead of waiting until it was clogged totally, I decided to pull the drain apart the other day. What I found surprised me. Not only were there globs of what these were supposed to be getting rid of, there was a glob of about six of these tangled up in the goop and hair. I did notice there wasn’t any odors from the most used drains but, when I took the one apart, there was a strong chemical like smell. And, it wasn’t coming from the hair and goop. Now am wondering how long it will be before other drains will do the same. I will not be using these any further nor will I pay to send what I have left back to get my ten dollars back.

    Rating: 1
  3. Save your money. This is the worst product I have ever purchased. It doesn’t work and to think I purchased two packages. The drain backs up and takes forever to clear. Lesson learned.

  4. Save your money. This is the worse product I have ever purchased that claims to clear your drain. The water backs up and takes forever to drain and I was gullible enough to purchased two packages. Lesson earned.

  5. Let many others, it broke up, and then turned into a clog that I can’t get rid of. Now I have a pool of water for a kitchen sink and NO MONEY ($100-$200) for a plumber. Got most pieces out of my bath tub and am using it to wash dishes, brush teeth,and so forth! WHAT FUN! This is not only a waste of money, but very expensive in terms of repairs. Thought the worse that would happen is I wasted money. Wrong!

  6. We moved into a new home recently, bought a new vanity, and some sanisticks to use as a preventative measure, before problems arose, now the only thing we have is a clogged drain and a lot of frustration, does anyone have a suggestion for what to do now to unclog the drain…WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE!!!!

    Rating: 1
  7. This is a scam. The product makes a hard blob at the bottom of the drain which then clogs your sink/shower/tub. It was not cheap to have a plumber pulling out blue hard blobs from the drains. I called to get my money back and they said I have to pay to send it back which then they will return my money “…If they receive the product before the 30 day guarantee period”. So, you don’t get a full 30 days to try the product. So, if the postage is slow and it gets there after the 30 day period you are out of your money x2 (you pay postage to get it and you pay postage to send it back). Don’t bother!! Lesson learned

    Rating: 1
  8. I ordered approx 3 weeks ago. I have not heard anything from the company since I ordered. I would like to just get a refund and let them keep their Sani-sticks. After I placed the order, I thought it was odd that an actual live
    person did not interact with me during the closing.

  9. What did you “review” here? You repeated the claims of the commercial. I wanted to know if it worked…..but it seems you know less than I do. Waste of space and time.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. I can’t seem to find actual reviews anywhere, just a bunch of sites regurgitating what the commercial says. Kinda ridiculous, especially for a site called trustworthyreviews.

  10. Didn’t even have a chance to use it. Placed an order over 1 month ago and just got an email saying my order was cancelled due to lack of inventory. Very poor customer service and business practice.

    Rating: 1

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