Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

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What is it? Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm/soft
150 years of experience has gone into the making of Cocoon by Sealy, which has taken the comfort and durability to a whole new level altogether. Users want different things from their mattresses, which is why Cocoon has two different feels to suit their needs.

It’s a mattress with universally comfortable surface that contours to your body to relieve pressure while maintaining cool temperatures and bounce.

It is a smart comfort grid system that has individual cell wall of hyper-elastic polymer with specific pressure/weight threshold. As you cross the threshold, the pressure and weight is distributed to surrounding cells. It results in adequate support for high and low pressure areas of your body. As the cell walls release, they just don’t collapse and keep offering support.

Ikea offers spring, latex or foam mattresses that are comfortable and reasonably priced. They suit your individual sleeping needs and budgets too.

Made by seasoned professionals, this mattress is a combination of quality design and technology. The mattress is comfortable, supportive and durable for every type of sleeper while offering proper spinal alignment. The complete set includes mattress and wood matching foundation, which is an ideal choice for discerning and stylish users.

It brings a new approach to mattress shopping with innovative personalization technology to design the most comfortable bed for you.


Features: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm
It is sturdy and comfortable for those who like to sleep on their bed. Stretch-knit fabric with spun poly fibers as fabric cover is breathable and inviting to sleep. High-quality, higher-density memory foam gives your body perfect support irrespective of your shape and weight. More robust foam gives your body stable support and it bounces back every time.

Sealy Cocoon Soft
It is pliable, soft support for those who like to sleep in their bed. Premium Fabric Cover, Perfect fit memory foam, and Essential Support Foam like in the case of Firm mattress from the company ensure that you get rejuvenating sleep for years.

It has hypoallergenic latex and high-density memory foam, which keeps you cool and offers you relief from pressure. Transition layer leads to even weight distribution and support foam ensures comfort layers are strengthened while durability is enhanced too. Premium textiles from the USA and Belgium are used in the making of the cover that is breathable. Above all, Casper’s award-winning sleep surface is the best combination of springy latex foam and supportive memory foam for perfect bounce and sink. The open cell design of the top layer makes it breathable. Casper comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

This mattress makes sense for couples with average and large rooms as there is space for kids and pets as well. It’s soft and firm at the right places with no pressure points and neutral temperatures. It is an environmentally friendly mattress with recycled (no waste), no toxic chemicals, and all recyclable packaging. Both layers of support foam are CertiPUR-US® Certified and its smart all white knit cover is aesthetically pleasing. The mattress works best with stretchy sheets and is shipped directly in sturdy packaging with convenient handles.

It has a thick layer of foam that contours to your body to relieve pressure. Its lamb’s wool filling offers comfortable temperature and soft surface. Comfort zones and high resilience foam give the right amount of support for different parts of your body. Soft filling adds to the comfort of the mattress, which is easy to clean too. It comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

It’s a bigger and thicker mattress for more comfort and is more responsive to the body. It costs 25% less, making it a cost effective option for you. It has superior latex and pressure relieving Gel Memory Foam to keep things cooler. It also comes with a 20 year warranty to keep your mind at rest.

It is made to order with cutting edge technology in 7-10 business days. Dual comfort and blended options can be chosen by couples based on their specific requirements. Premium quality materials including latex, microcoils, and high-grade foam are used in its making. The personalized mattress is put together through human touch before its roll packed for delivery. State of the art machinery is used while making the mattress that has microcoils, specific type of coils about 1.5 inch in height. They support side-to-side and up-and-down pressure so that you sleep comfortably without sinking feeling.


Material: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm/soft
Stretch-knit fabric with spun poly fibers

Polyester/Polypropylene Zipper Cover along with top layer of latex foam.

Knit Fabric: 29% Viscose, 67% Polyester, 4% Polyester-Lycra (all +- 5%), 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating

Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding, Polyurethane while the inner fabric is Non-woven polypropylene.

Blend of quality fabrics form the outer layer that keeps things cool. The top comfort layer is made of the finest latex and gives it softness while gel memory foam layer relieves pressure. It also absorbs heat. The base foam layer offers spine alignment and the plush cover is a blend of viscose and polyester.

It contains different densities and thickness of latex, springs, and foam. These materials are put together for maximum support, elasticity and optimum temperature regulation.


Base Layer: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm
No information.

The sleep surface is springy latex foam and supportive memory foam.

2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam

Lamb’s wool.

It has a 7½” high density base layer.

Different high density foams including poly foam (2″ comfort layer, 4.5″ base layer) and 20-26 ILD / 1.8 pcf (comfort layer), 26-33 / 1.5 pcf (base layer).


Foam: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm
High quality, high density perfect memory foam.

Sealy Cocoon Soft
Essential support foam that gives your body stable support.

A combination of latex foam, memory foam, transition foam and support foam.

Top Layer (2″) is Hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid, middle Layer (3.5″) is1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam and the base Layer (4″) is 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam. These high density foams don’t have ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and low volatile organic compound.

Its memory foam mattress in King size has thick layer of memory foam.

Synthetic rubber latex, latex foam and memory foam are used to give you the best sleep experience.

Latex for right amount of air flow and bounce, and high grade foam in the base layer for durability.


Foam thickness: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm
Firm for those who want to sleep On the bed.

Sealy Cocoon Soft
Soft and cozy for those who prefer sleeping In the bed.

The 10 inch thick Casper mattress contains 1.5 inches synthetic dunlop latex, 1.5 inches 4 lb/ft density memory foam, 1.5 inches 2.5 lb/ft support foam, 5 inches 1.8 lb/ft base foam.

3.25” – 1.8 lb/ft³ medium-soft comfort layer and 4.00” – 2.0 lb/ft2³ medium-firm support layer.

No information.

The 11inch mattress contains 1½” continuous aerated latex foam + 2″ Gel memory foam + 7½” high density base layer.

2 inches of Dunlop latex with poly foam (2″ comfort layer, 4.5″ base layer) and 20-26 ILD / 1.8 pcf (comfort layer), 26-33 / 1.5 pcf (base layer).


Number of layers: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm and Soft
No information.

It has a four layer foam construction.

It has two layers.

It has a generous layer of soft filling.

Ghostbed and Helix have three layers each.


Cover: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm and Soft
The cover is warranted for 10 years from the date of purchase. The cover is made out of stretch-knit fabric with spun poly fibers.

The woven cover is made from premium textiles from US and Belgium.

It has a patent-pending, high-quality, white-on-white cover.

Cover is made out of high quality fabric that is machine washable.

The handcrafted cover, which is a blend of viscose and polyester is CertiPUR-US certified. It zips off for easy spot cleaning.

It has a non-removable mattress cover.


Surfaces It can be used on: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm
It can be used on flat and sturdy foundation including bed frame, wooden slats, box springs etc.

It works on any flat surface but if you choose bed frames, it’s advisable that the slats are not more than 3 inches apart. Bunkie board or a piece of plywood should be used for older box spring with minimal support slats.

All sturdy surfaces.

Slatted bed base or mattress base.

The company’s own matching foundation/box spring, which is 9” in depth and made in the US is ideal.

You can choose a foundation with support beams not more than 3 inches apart. It works well with slats, platform beds, a box spring, on the floor. But it doesn’t go well with the sofa bed because of its folding mechanism. It works well with all adjustable bases/bed frames. The bed will incline or recline as needed without damaging the mattress. You can also have two Twin XL mattresses built to fit a King frame.


Price: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm/soft







Reviews: Sealy Cocoon vs Casper vs Purple vs Ikea vs Ghostbed vs Helix

Sealy Cocoon Firm/soft

Not luxurious but works well
Alecia who bought Sealy Cocoon Firm and Soft, revealed in her review that the mattresses had clean lines, nice design and beautiful stitching. They were quite comfortable as well. The foam forming the bed was exciting and a big leap from the regular 3-4 inch mattresses her family was used to. However they found it hard and it needed some time getting used to. The paperwork said one should give it 100 days and after giving it more time she began to like it because it gave her good support. Her husband, who feels hot at nights, also had no issues with temperature regulations. Overall she thinks it’s not a luxurious mattress but it works because it doesn’t move at nights.


Sealy Cocoon Firm review

Not for restful sleep
Karen who bought Sealy Cocoon Firm complained in her review that though she liked that the company gave her the firm option, she was quickly disappointed. She prefers sleeping on her stomach but that’s not possible on this uncomfortable mattress because her arms go numb. Sleeping on the side puts pressure on the rib cage. Sleeping on the back is okay but there’s the problem of it retaining temperature. She would feel hot even with AC on and considered getting a pillow topper to avoid the problem but that’s an expensive addition.

Well made but too firm
Ryan who used Sealy Cocoon Firm revealed in his review that he was impressed by the packaging at first glance. He could put it on the backseat and open on the bed platform thanks to the memory foam it had. He liked the fabric and overall quality but after sleeping on it for a few days he thinks it is firmer that he would have preferred. He wants to try putting a pad on the mattress to see if it breaks in a bit. He agrees that the firmness is good for his back but not very comfortable.


Sealy Cocoon Soft review

It works well
Emma who used Sealy Cocoon Soft revealed in her review that after getting this mattress she has been sleeping better than she was for a long time. She was impressed that the mattress came in a small box but expanded to full size easily. She thought it was too firm on the first night but like all mattresses it had to be broken in. After a few days she started sleeping better without any movement. Her husband thought it stayed cool too. Her only complaint was that depth was thinner than she would have liked.

Adequate support for restful sleep
Skyler who bought Sealy Cocoon Soft revealed in her review that in the last days she has been sleeping better than she did for 3 years when she used another mattress. Right from the packaging to the fact that the mattress gives good support, she liked it all about it. She did think it was a bit heavy and there was an odour, which went away after a couple of days. It was harder initially but was perfect after breaking in a few days. She is happy with the sleep she gets with it and is going to recommend it to friends.

It’s painful
Gracie who reviewed Sealy Cocoon Soft exposed in her review that she wanted to like the mattress because it seemed so right, but it was horrible. Firstly, the mattress got very hot at nights. Though it was set up easily the funky smell it had annoyed her. It was supposed to be a soft mattress but it was hard and hurt her back, which was the most annoying part.


Casper Reviews

Horrible mattress
Oliver who bought Casper mattress complained in his review that the mattress was too hard and he was asked to pay $150 extra for the topper. The customer service was useless in this regard. He also noticed neck and back pain, which he didn’t have before. Unfortunately since he was travelling he couldn’t return it in 100 day trial period and is now stuck with it.

Causes pain, has serious limitations
Roger who used Casper mattress exposed in his review that his wife and him hated the mattress. She is a side sleeper while he sleeps on the back. Though the bed is well made they both suffered from back pain. All their movements were magnified, which means they woke up every time the other moved. He thinks it’s not ideal for anyone below 120lbs because there is no give. If you are lighter than that, then it’s almost like sleeping on the floor. He now wants to return the mattress.

Painful experience
Clara who bought Casper revealed in her review that she hated it so much that she wanted to return it in a couple of days. Her husband wanted to try it out for a month and that caused both of them a lot of back pain on most days. According to her, the worst part is that it doesn’t have edge support. She sleeps on her side by the edge of the mattress and would fall off. Thankfully she found customer service and return policy to be exceptional.

Gets too hot
Maria who reviewed Casper complained in her review that it got too hot and she would wake up at nights sweating. Her back didn’t hurt before but it does now and pressure points on hips and back are sore. She could not sleep for more than 6 hours on the mattress and wishes she had tried it in a shop or something before buying it.


Purple Reviews

Nothing special
Michael who bought Purple complained in his review that it is heavy, and you need help to move it to the bedroom. He used it for a couple of weeks and returned it because he didn’t care much for it at all. Him and his wife were okay with the pillowtop mattress but Purple was just impossible to get used to.

Spacious and comfortable
Daniel who used Purple revealed in his review that he is on the heavier side and a side sleeper. But he found the mattress to help him sleep comfortably with no pain on either side. He also found it comfortable to sleep on his back or just sit on the mattress. The edges were a little squishy but he could deal with that. Since there is no transferred motion, he didn’t have to worry about waking up his wife at night. Putting the mattress on a sturdy platform bed makes for an ideal combination, according to him. He also thinks there’s enough room for two, the cats and their kid.

Disappointing mattress
Lea who reviewed Purple exposed in her review that it was so thin, it was bound to fall apart. There was hardly any pressure distribution and she would wake up at night in pool of sweat. She already had some back pain and it only got aggravated sleeping on the mattress, which felt like a hammock. It was as bad as the tempurpedic mattress she had been using for years. She has a few suggestions for Purple, like a tab that shows, which side of the mattress is up when you unroll it. She got it other way around and now the mattress is upside down. It’s not easy to flip the mattress later. She also thinks the cover is cheaper quality than her tempurpedic mattress. Overall she is disappointed with it and wishes she hadn’t spent money on it.

Fairly comfortable mattress
Alexander who bought Purple revealed in his review that he uses the mattress with his previous box spring and it works quite well. He sweats at night, which is why he likes that it’s cold. He also thinks it is good for lounging. It would be perfect if he didn’t have pre-existing back issues. He believes once his back gets healthier he will experience full benefits of the mattress. It helps him fall asleep quickly and there is no tossing and turning. He could sleep equally well on the edge and in the middle.


Ikea Reviews

Not great quality
Patrick who bought Ikea mattress complained in his review that though latex options are generally good, these ones are of poor quality. He suggests opting for easy financing options offered by some companies and trying out the mattresses in person. He also recommends mattresses at least 10 inches thick for users big in size. He also adds that the mattress is not durable and the 25 year warranty is a joke.

Toxic and smelly
Lara who reviewed Ikea mattress exposed in her review that it’s a cheaply made mattress that’s sticky and gave out a smelly gas, which gives the indication that it’s toxic. 100% latex mattresses are expensive but there are hybrid options like Casper and Leesa that she recommends.

Helps you sleep comfortably
Arya who used Ikea mattress revealed in her review that she bought hers recently and is quite happy with it. Though warmer than standard mattresses she was quite happy with this natural latex option. She also thought the customer service was good and helped her choose the right mattress. To those who might have a problem with the mattress she suggests picking the right bed, which can make all the difference. She had a memory foam mattress earlier, which was like sleeping on a rock. But when she bought a new Ikea Malm bed and tried the same mattress, it worked well.

Not comfortable
Sandrine who bought Ikea mattress complained in her review that she got Engenes option, which she paired with the Tolg latex pillowtop but it wasn’t comfortable at all. She would have hated the mattress more if it wasn’t for the pillowtop to go with it. She would have liked to return it but lives some distance away from the nearest store and once unrolled it was difficult to put back in place.

Satisfying results
Peter who reviewed Ikea mattress revealed in his review that he bought it together with box spring and loves them both. She thinks it’s important to follow manufacturer’s instructions for bed frames and it lets you sleep comfortably at night. She was also happy that she managed to get a discount on her purchase. According to her, there are two techniques for making latex foam; Dunlop and talalay. While the former is firmer, the latter is soft. Some of these mattresses are blends of natural and petroleum based latex. Overall she is satisfied with the product and asks others to not be put off by the outdated webpage.

Relieves back pain but breaks down
Dermot who used Ikea mattress exposed in his review that it was recommended by his chiropractor and it indeed had benefits for its back. The price is also enticing, but there is a history of Ikea mattresses falling apart. The memory foam mattress from Ikea stinks and is not comfortable. But the latex one is fairly okay, that is if it lasts.

It has serious issues
Olivia who bought Ikea Erfjord mattress complained in her review that she wouldn’t recommend it because although the cover is like absorbent mattress pad with a zipper, it cannot be washed. Due to pet accidents it was ruined in her house so she removed it to save the mattress but can’t find anything to replace it. Ikea asks not to remove it and now the mattress is vulnerable to crumbling, as soon as she sits on it, forget sleeping.

Not long lasting
Mia who reviewed Ikea mattress revealed in her review that these mattresses don’t last long and start falling apart within a couple of years. A high quality natural latex and wool mattress should last you for at least two decades. Overall, she thinks they are not good value for your money.


Ghostbed Reviews

Decent mattress, poor foundation
Gerard who bought Ghostbed exposed in his review that it’s a firm bed if you like them that way. In his opinion the mattress was good but the bed left a lot to be desired. The predrilled holes of the bed were not accurate and it was difficult to put together. The mattress on the other hand was fairly decent and he was happy with the straightforward shopping process.

Too many issues
Nemov who used Ghostbed complained in his review that firstly it is way too hot even on coolest nights. He wonders what it would be like in peak of summer. He is also startled by the height of the bed every time he tries to get on it. He thought the mattress would be firm as described but it is all squished in the morning.

Too expensive, not the best option
Serena who bought Ghostbed revealed in her review that she purchased it after reading decent reviews but she admits that it’s a bit expensive for what it is. The cover is cheap and the bottom ripped in a matter of weeks. It’s also quite hard and she wishes that there was a plusher option to choose as well. She found the bed to be comfortable but it didn’t really work for her because she is a side sleeper and it kept hurting her hips. It feels firm to touch but you sink in it. It aggravated her shoulder pain as well and there were occasions when she woke up in sweat at nights. Overall, she thinks it just cannot be the best option out there.

It’s a hard mattress
Susan who reviewed Ghostbed complained in her review that though the buying process was convenient there were many problems to deal with. The mattress was smaller than her previous king size option and it was very hard. She thought it would get better in a couple of weeks but it didn’t and she couldn’t sleep well at all. She was told that you need to let the mattress get to room temperature at first, but it didn’t help. She had to buy an extra $150 worth feather bed to put on the top of the mattress. She also thinks memory foam mattresses might not work well with cooler rooms. According to her, the price is good but she might use her 101 day return policy.

It is okay, not reliable
Esmir who bought Ghostbed revealed in his review that though there was a two week delay in delivery because of the holidays, he was pleased that it arrived exactly as expected. He was okay sleeping on it although there were nights when he would wake up feeling uncomfortable and hot. He was upset with the bed because wood to the foundation was not sanded properly and it was warped and splintered. There were a few missing screws as well. He put a mattress pad on it to get better results. He thinks they are fine but could have been a lot better.

Decent mattress
Paul who used Ghostbed revealed in his review that he is happy with his first foam bed. He sleeps on his side and back, and the firmness is spot on for him. He was also pleased that there was a lack of movement in the mattress. The only problem he could think of was that the mattress got hot at nights.


Helix Reviews

Ok mattress, poor finish
Jennifer who bought Helix complained in her review that firstly it’s thinner than regular mattresses but not softer as one would hope. The edges of the mattress don’t line up with the mattress shell and the pillow doesn’t fit the case. She thinks it’s a comfortable mattress but for the price you pay, one expects better finish.

Good support but not for hips
Kera who used Helix revealed in her review that her previous mattress was super firm and when she got a platform bed, her arms would fall asleep. But that wasn’t the case with Helix, which also offered her neck, shoulders and back sufficient support. She bought the medium firm option and doesn’t have enough support for hips, which leads to back pain. She wonders if she should have opted for firmer option.

Easy, painless and cheaper
Chloe who bought Helix revealed in her review that she got the split customization option with her fiancé. She was worried about how the large mattress would be shipped and assembled in her house. But she loved the way it was packaged and could be unpacked. She was also touched by attention to detail as they had also provided her with a cutting tool. She found it to be very comfortable unlike her previous mattress that would leave her feeling sore. She also thought that a split-customized King sized mattress more than anything she could find on at Sleepy’s or Mattress Firm. But it was actually quite reasonable.

Gets better with use
Robert who reviewed Helix complained in his review that initially it just feels like you are sleeping on top of the mattress. Thankfully it’s broken it after some use. It did get softer and he was pleased by the fact that the mattress could be customized just the way he wanted. He was happy that his wife and he could get individual fittings based on their requirements. The customer service was excellent and set up was a breeze too.

Comfortable but gets hot at night
Rita who bought Helix revealed in her review that overall it offers a comfortable sleeping experience because there is good balancing support and your arms don’t fall asleep or get cramped. However her complaint was that the bed was hotter, which meant she would wake up feeling uncomfortable at nights. But she couldn’t be sure that it was the bed that made her feel hot when asleep.

Got a firm mattress when asked for a soft one
Terry who reviewed Helix exposed in his review that though he had ordered a soft version, he got a firm mattress. He is surprised that the company’s product is based on a lot of research but they don’t check with the customers what kind of bed they are sleeping on currently, and how they feel about it. He had filled out a survey saying his current mattress was too firm but he got another firmer option. He also thought buying the mattress online and returning it would mean it would be donated and won’t go to a landfill. But he realized after a third party came to pick it up that it is illegal in some states to donate mattresses. If that’s going to be a concern for you then you should check the laws in your state before ordering this mattress.

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