Secret Extensions

What are Secret Extensions:

They are your way to thick and natural looking hair in a matter of seconds.
Secret Extensions are meant for women who want to go out there and make an impression with their luscious hair. But that’s often easier said than done because there’s constant onslaught on the quality of your natural hair. Regular hair extensions on the other hand are difficult to use and don’t look very natural. You can’t spend huge amounts on salon styling every time you want to go out either. Secret Extensions offer you an effective and reasonable solution every time, according to their claims.


Secret Extensions are perfect for all types of occasions

Do you have to go for a special occasion in the family or a work gathering for that matter? You can then dazzle the audience with your Secret Extensions because they give you natural looking, gorgeous hair within a matter of minutes. Secret Extensions are available in 11 multi-blended salon inspired colours. As a result you will find professional quality solutions at home and right at your fingertips. From blonde to brunette and red, there are different shades in hair colours for all women.


Secret Extensions are said to be effective for you

The patented headband in Secret Extensions is said to be at their heart and which is why they remain invisible and completely discreet. All you have to do to use these extensions is place the headband over your head and then pull your hair over it. The fact that the headband is adjustable works well for you because it fits beautifully without causing any bumps or discomfort. Secret Extensions blend in your hair easily and give you natural, fuller hair in seconds.


Secret Extensions feel like the real thing

Secret Extensions are made using keratin conditioned fibre that gives it an almost real look, according to its claims. They move and feel like real hair while giving you a spring in your step. Secret Extensions are convenient for use too because there are no clips, glue involved and thus no damage to your hair.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive the Secret Extensions Hair Extension for just $39.99 +$6.99 P&H.
  • Official Website :

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  1. Dawn says:

    They did take a long time to ship. I ordered them in June and didn’t get them until August. They blended with my hair great, BUT the brown headband is totally noticeable and should be clear instead. ALSO, within 2 months they turned to complete fuzz!!! They look like over-processed, dry, dead hair. There is no more curl and they will not take a new curl. Bottom line- they look great at first but only last about two months!


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