Sift Away Review

What is Sift Away?

It is a self-cleaning litter box for cats with three interlocking tray sdesigned to make it easy to change litter.



Tidy environs for your kitty dearest

Cats are sticklers for cleanliness, so a litter pan like Sift Away could be just what you’d really like to pick for your kitty. Sift Away is a uniquely created litter box that its makers say not only keeps cats comfortable but can also be cleaned smartly and very easily. It is also a cost-effective alternative to others as it makes it possible for just one bag of litter to be used for the entire month. According to the computation of the creators, with Sift Away, you will need only one-fifth of cat litter in a month, which means big savings. Besides, any litter brand can be used with Sift Away, so things become really convenient if you use it.


Smart mechanism
Sift Away boasts of aningenious design that comprises three interlocking slotted trays. The topmost tray collects the clumps while the remaining two trays store the clean residue that can be used again. When you lift the top tray to sift, the waste that remains in it can be thrown away and the clean litter in the bottom tray can be reused. The top tray has a slotted design which, according to its makers, is an exceptional concept and helps separate the cat litter neatly. In addition to that, you are also spared the discomfort of scooping stinking, messy litter boxes that no one likes.


What do I get?
You’ll get the Sift Away System with 3 trays for $19.99 plus $9.99 P&H.
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  1. This is the fourth letter I’ve tried. Yesterday I only wanted to order one Sift Away + glove. Then I was sent to the place for the deluxe, I found it was going to eventually cost the same as ordering the two litter boxes. So I went back to change my order for the two. Then I get the bill for $157.85! I can’t pay that much. I only wanted the one, I’m only getting one cat. Will I be able to return the two I don’t need, and credit my account? I would of called but I have lost my voice.

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