Silk’n SkinVivid REVIEW

About Silk’n SkinVivid

Silk’n SkinVivid proclaims to be a facial massage device that comprises hot and cold massage therapy. It claims that the two settings work with sonic vibrations that enhance their effects and also soothe headaches.


How does Silk’n SkinVivid work?

The hot setting in Silk’n SkinVivid alleges to reach a temperature of 42 degrees Centigrade. Such action relaxes the skin and muscles, evens out the skin tone, and enhances the absorption of skin care products. The cold setting of Silk’n SkinVivid states to drop to 6 degrees Centigrade temperature to reduce puffiness under the eye and blur lines and wrinkles.

Excellent facial massager – The smart technology in Silk’n SkinVivid facial massager promises that its therapies help in revitalizing the skin, preparing it for makeup, and diminish the signs of aging. Such fanciful claims made by Silk’n SkinVivid will be verified once users review it. The facial muscles are allegedly relaxed and pores are opened due to the hot setting for optimally absorbing skin care products. The cold setting later helps in shrinking pores for ensuring that the skin is smooth for a better makeup application. Does Silk’n SkinVivid really offer such benefits will be known once users review it.

User-friendly Design – The device emphasizes to come with an ergonomic design that glides over the contours of the face. For ideal massaging, Silk’n SkinVivid asserts to have a smart timer that automatically switches off after 2.5 minutes. Silk’n SkinVivid declares to be hands-free and is rechargeable via cable and USB adapter. Did you find Silk’n SkinVivid helpful? Send us your reviews.


Silk’n SkinVivid Reviews

A Silk’n SkinVivid customer Fannie Hale writes in her review that it is cheaply made but does work for its price. As per her review, Silk’n SkinVivid offers very light massage compared to other devices and doesn’t have the option to choose the intensity.

A Silk’n SkinVivid review by Brenda Evans reveals that it is perfect in terms of size and massaging. Her problem was with its battery that only lasts for 10 minutes or so and takes more time to charge.

Doris Christensen complains in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that its surface is too small and the temperatures are not sufficient enough to provide any visible results.

Vickie Wests Silk’n SkinVivid review discloses that it is easy to use and switches between cold to hot temperature efficiently. Her review further states that Silk’n SkinVivid’s sonic power is weak and is the main reason why it doesn’t create a necessary difference to the skin.

Another review of Silk’n SkinVivid by Suzanne George says that the shape and size of the massaging plate makes it difficult to closely reach under the eye. She also writes in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that there are no proper instructions offered with the device to understand its safe functioning.

Terry Riley has a similar issue about the instructions in her Silk’n SkinVivid review. She suspects that these are poorly translated from another language.

Luz Garcia shows frustration in her Silk’n SkinVivid review over its battery. She tried charging the device for over 36 hours and it still failed to work. She states in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that the LED light does switch on to indicate charging but the battery seems to have given up.

Another customer, Courtney Spencer, asserts in her Silk’n SkinVivid review that she didn’t feel the massaging vibration at all and saw no change in her skin after few regular uses.


Silk’n SkinVivid Questions & Answers

Q. Silk’n SkinVivid comes with both heat and cold setting that worked well but there is a lack of vibration. Is it supposed to just buzz or vibrate too?
A. The massager comes with heat and cold setting and additionally has sonic vibrations available that are unlike regular vibrations.

Q. Where is Silk’n SkinVivid manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. Is Silk’n SkinVivid suitable to relieve jaw/TMJ and neck pain?
A. No, it is meant only for light massaging of the face and doesn’t have the strength required to relieve pain in the jaw and neck.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be used under and around the eyes and on the forehead? The instructions on another device say not to since it can damage the skin.
A. It can be safely used on every part of the face. A face massage cream is recommended along for better results and to avoid any side effects.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid come with a portable battery charger?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Silk’n SkinVivid work while charging?
A. No.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid work on the belly?
A. No, it is meant for facial massaging only.

Q. How many times should one use Silk’n SkinVivid on the face for achieving optimal results?
A. It should be used twice or thrice a week safely since it doesn’t have a lot of power in its vibration and the key is to use hot and cold setting.

Q. Does Silk’n SkinVivid emit ultrasound waves?
A. No, it is an ultrasonic facial massager that vibrates along with hot and cold temperature setting.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be charged via a USB port?
A. Yes, it comes with a portable USB cord.

Q. Is Silk’n SkinVivid effective at tightening lose skin after a weight loss surgery?
A. No. It fails to even show visible results in facial massaging and is a waste of money.

Q. What is the best way to use Silk’n SkinVivid under the eye?
A. Care should be taken while using it under the eye and the temperature should be kept nominal to prevent any injury to the sensitive skin.

Q. What kind of power supply does Silk’n SkinVivid require?
A. It has a regular adapter that works similar to any electronic device and even has a USB cable for portable charging.

Q. How much time does Silk’n SkinVivid take to fully charge?
A. It requires about 3 hours charging cycle for use.

Q. Can Silk’n SkinVivid be used for reducing hand and foot sweating?
A. No, Silk’n SkinVivid is a facial massager and is not meant for any other body part.


SkinVivid Price
SkinVivid is priced at £168.95 at the Official website:

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