Simoniz Eyeglass Polish

What is Simoniz Eyeglass Polish:

It is meant to be a way to make your eyeglasses crystal clear instantly.
Simoniz Eyeglass Polish has been created for those who struggle to clean their eyeglasses and have to go to great lengths for it. There are many who think they don’t have any option but to resort to those expensive cleaning cloths that don’t do the job they claim to. But you just can’t go out wearing dirty, smudgy glasses, which can be a risk for the wearer as well. And now you won’t have to if the claims of Simoniz Eyeglass Polish are to be believed.


Simoniz Eyeglass Polish is made out of a special compound

And that’s what makes it so safe to use on your precious eyeglasses. Simoniz Eyeglass Polish claims to ensure that your glasses are spotless clean and the job is done almost instantly. Thus you don’t have to spend a long time trying to get rid of the dirt, smudges and other marks on these glasses, which can obstruct your view. Simoniz Eyeglass Polish also claims to give you the perfectly clean lens every single time by polishing it to perfection.


Simoniz Eyeglass Polish can condition your glasses too

While cleaning your eyeglasses and leaving them spotless clean is one thing, making sure they remain that way is quite another. And that’s possible with Simoniz Eyeglass Polish because it conditions your glasses as well. As a result you will realize that your glasses have become smudge resistant. They will manage to keep their look from those stains that seem to creep up quite often. The conditioning further ensures that your eyeglasses are UV resistant too, which is an added advantage. Now you can get the most out of this easy option to clean glasses.

Simoniz Eyeglass Polish is meant to be versatile for your use
Since it’s supposed to repel smudges, fingerprints and grime, you have the option of using Simoniz Eyeglass Polish on your mobile phones as well. You know how dirty their display screens can get or tablets and laptops for that matter. Now you can ensure that they are spotless clean without too much effort with the help of this polish. Simoniz Eyeglass Polish can also help you maintain their look because smudges and dirt will be repelled. Thus not only does it work on all types of lenses but your gadgets too.


What do I get?

Get 2 Simoniz Eyeglass Polish just for $10.00 + 11.90 S/H.Official website:

Rating: 4

4 thoughts on “Simoniz Eyeglass Polish

  1. Ordered Simoniz Eyeglass Polish from an email ad; arrived promptly, very expensive; kind of unusual in that for the first minute you try to buff it, it is very hazy and it takes a while to clear up. Once it does however it is absolutely crystal clear and scratches on the lenses are definitely less visible. I”m not sure the microfiber cloth included is really the best for it because it isn’t especially absorbent, but regardless with a little work – minute or two of buffing, it really is crystal clear and it does hold up for at least a day, far better than standard eye glass cleaning solutions.

    Rating: 4
  2. Went to buy the product and by the time I got to the final cost it was about $30. Way too much for eyeglass cleaner. I looked on Amazon for eyeglass polish and found a similar product for about $4.

    1. Don’t bother. I ordered this a month ago and still have not received it. Iv called two times and when I went to go look for there number on there web site it says it’s down. Unfortunately I think it’s a scam.

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