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8 thoughts on “Simply Straight Reviews and Complaints

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery
  1. Horrible! Pulled my hair out, made it more frizzy. The brush has plastic Brussels on it that snags your hair.this brush is a rip off. Should not be used on thick long hair. This brush pulled my hair out, made my hair more frizzy, did nuthing what so ever that it was sopose to do. I’m takeing this brush back asap ! I was so upset and disappointed I wrote 2 reviews all together so no one will be scamed by this ! Don’t wast your time or money.

  2. Should not buy the purchase on commercials and never order online. Do not believe them if you have not seen and touch. This is the first time I bought simply straight does not perfect and useful as they show on TV. It is heavy and not help your hair straight as you use regular straight. You will smell burn and you were been burned by surface brush. You have to pay online fee and pay for return shipping. Do not believe them.

  3. Very hot and heavy….If I knew how HOT it was, I called customer service and they did NOT know the minimum temperature… 365 degrees on BARE DRY hair will burn. My flat iron is 310 degrees AND I found a GREAT flat iron spray that smells great and gives tons of shine. This was a huge mistake, SO sorry I wasted my money. Going back today!!

  4. I bought this brush and the rubber bristles kept pulling on my hair, breaking a few off and hurting my head. I heated it up to 250 but it didn’t really do anything. Very disappointed! Do not recommend.

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