Smart Living Ceramic Cookware Review

What is Smart Living Ceramic Cookware

It proclaims to be range of innovative ceramic cookware created with aluminium for making cooking easy, non-sticky and quick.


Cook with ease

Smart Living Ceramic Cookware declares to be the best pan to cook any recipe right at home. It states to have loads of features that make it unique and stand out from regular pans that are just not good enough to cook healthy and delicious food easily at home. Currently there are no Smart Living Ceramic Cookware reviews available that will substantiate with claims.


Innovation at its best

Smart Living Ceramic Cookware asserts that it blends the old-age cooking materials and fuses with new-age technology. Smart Living Ceramic Cookware convinces to do so by ensuring that it is produced using heavy gauge aluminium. The heavy duty aluminium is then layered with a thick ceramic in the interior regions. The cold-to-touch handle is shaped impeccably to hold the pan while cooking. Such major design feature does make Smart Living Ceramic Cookware sound like a must-buy cookware range; user reviews will expose the truth. Smart Living Ceramic Cookware further alleges that it is created in such a way that it can be used on all types of heat sources to cook food nicely. It includes using it on ceramic, induction, gas and electric heaters. This makes it further more useful but we will know for sure once we get to analyse Smart Living Ceramic Cookware reviews.

Endless benefits

Smart Living Ceramic Cookware guarantees that its unique heavy gauge aluminium body is perfect for evenly distributing the heat across the surface. This helps in cooking food well without having hot spots and burnt food. The ceramic coating on the inside is a healthy material to cook upon and even has a non-stick coating that helps in cooking healthy food with use of less fats and oil even while frying and sautéing. At this point of time there are no user reviews available which will attest to its claims. Smart Living Ceramic Cookware additionally promises to be durable and safe with no PFOA and PTFE in it. It is available in three sizes – 20, 24 and 28cms. Did your find it great for cooking? Send us your Smart Living Ceramic Cookware reviews.


What do I get?

You get Smart Living Ceramic Cookware in 28cm — $60.00 – Grey, Black & Red Plus 24cm — $50.00 – Grey, Black & Red and 20cm– $40.00 – Grey, Black & Red.Official website

Average Ratings

19 thoughts on “Smart Living Ceramic Cookware Review

  1. We bought ours at the 2016 West Coast Women’s Show and it has been working terribly for the last 2 months. We’ve been very careful with it but can’t do eggs anymore without destroying them while trying to flip them. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Bought a Smart Living high performance 10″ frying pan in February 2107 and the surface is very hard to clean after frying a steak. Where should I send my complaint and ask for a replacement? What document do I need to do that?

  3. We also bought the frying pans at the home show. It was a total waste of money! It has been the worst frying pan we’ve ever owned. I followed all of their instructions on use and cleaning but yet everything stuck to it after a month. Also, their lifetime warranty is a lie!

  4. I bought a set of three pans at the RV show several weeks ago…..I specially asked if the pan handles would hold up on my gas range…well I melted mine this morning cooking breakfast! I love the way the pans clean up but this is a disappointment!
    Trying to find the address to get a new pan or refund? Anyone help?

    • The importer for these is PNW International, Inc. PO Box 770, Puyallup, WA 98371. Telephone is listed as 800-533-9657 and email is . I just bought one at a home show today so the label is still on it. Hope this helps.
      — Jacqueline

      • Than you Jacqueline, will be calling them tomorrow. Wonderful fry pan at first then within six months a total disaster. Everything sticks.

      • My wife got a set last year at the TN Women’s/home show in Nashville and they have been ok. The small pan that I use every morning for eggs has started to chip in the center.
        What is the email address for PNW? It’s not in you post.

  5. Bought pan set at home show last weekend. Using for eggs, etc. and worked as demo. Tonight, Seared a very thick steak on both sides with no oil then, as demo, put pan in oven at 425o to finish. Steak was great – and inside pan looked just HORRIBLE and I thought – let’s see how this cleans up. Now I’m a believer! Only had to hold pan under hot water nozzle spray – didn’t even have to rub or scrub. It all just melted off pan and down the drain. Love ’em.

  6. BUYER BEWARE!! Purchased the three pan set at the local Home Show. Food started to stick to the pans within the first three weeks of everyday use on low heat. They do not perform as advertised and Ocean Sales will not honour the warranty. The pans are a huge disappointment and frustrating to use ~ would never buy the smart living ceramic pans or anything from Ocean Sales again.

  7. I have these pans and I love them. I have had no issues with cleaning or flaking and I use them every day. I bought them at a home show and I am hoping that I can find them again for my kids.

  8. I bought a set of these and I love them. Have been very careful to cook on medium to low heat. No sticking and no discoloration. So happy to have these. Would love to have saucepans!

  9. Over a year ago I bought a set of three fry pans at a show. I use the small pan daily and the other two several times a week. Unlike the other negative reviews I have found that the pans do all that they are said to do. NO sticking, No flaking. No discolouring. I have never sprayed them with oil as there is no need. Cooking without oil or fats was one big reason that sold me on the pans. Nothing sticks and they rinse or wipe cleanly.
    I store them with seperaters to protect the finish.

  10. I bought a set of three at a show in September. I’ve tried to be meticulous about utensils and cleaning. We cooked sausage and it was almost impossible to clean them – I finally used fine sandpaper. Also, it is very hard to clean the outside of the pans. I am sorry I bought them.

  11. I bout a pan at the Zoomer show last year and the handle is always coming loose! Also things do stick unlike the demo…….very disappointed,and would never recommend.

  12. We purchased the set of three fry pans at the spring show. the coating on the largest pan is already coming o in the pan.ff. everything sticks

  13. I bought the smart living ceramic frying pans at a home show in March and already the one size I use the most everything sticks unless I spray it with Pam. Also the ceramic coating is coming off. These were not cheep and I am very disappointed. Would not recommend them for the price.


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