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34 thoughts on “Smart Living Ceramic Cookware Review

Xanax Visas Z Les
  1. I bought the smart living ceramic frying pans at a home show in March and already the one size I use the most everything sticks unless I spray it with Pam. Also the ceramic coating is coming off. These were not cheep and I am very disappointed. Would not recommend them for the price.

  2. I bought a set of three at a show in September. I’ve tried to be meticulous about utensils and cleaning. We cooked sausage and it was almost impossible to clean them – I finally used fine sandpaper. Also, it is very hard to clean the outside of the pans. I am sorry I bought them.

  3. Over a year ago I bought a set of three fry pans at a show. I use the small pan daily and the other two several times a week. Unlike the other negative reviews I have found that the pans do all that they are said to do. NO sticking, No flaking. No discolouring. I have never sprayed them with oil as there is no need. Cooking without oil or fats was one big reason that sold me on the pans. Nothing sticks and they rinse or wipe cleanly.
    I store them with seperaters to protect the finish.

  4. BUYER BEWARE!! Purchased the three pan set at the local Home Show. Food started to stick to the pans within the first three weeks of everyday use on low heat. They do not perform as advertised and Ocean Sales will not honour the warranty. The pans are a huge disappointment and frustrating to use ~ would never buy the smart living ceramic pans or anything from Ocean Sales again.

  5. Bought pan set at home show last weekend. Using for eggs, etc. and worked as demo. Tonight, Seared a very thick steak on both sides with no oil then, as demo, put pan in oven at 425o to finish. Steak was great – and inside pan looked just HORRIBLE and I thought – let’s see how this cleans up. Now I’m a believer! Only had to hold pan under hot water nozzle spray – didn’t even have to rub or scrub. It all just melted off pan and down the drain. Love ’em.

  6. I bought a set of three pans at the RV show several weeks ago…..I specially asked if the pan handles would hold up on my gas range…well I melted mine this morning cooking breakfast! I love the way the pans clean up but this is a disappointment!
    Trying to find the address to get a new pan or refund? Anyone help?

  7. We also bought the frying pans at the home show. It was a total waste of money! It has been the worst frying pan we’ve ever owned. I followed all of their instructions on use and cleaning but yet everything stuck to it after a month. Also, their lifetime warranty is a lie!

  8. Bought a Smart Living high performance 10″ frying pan in February 2107 and the surface is very hard to clean after frying a steak. Where should I send my complaint and ask for a replacement? What document do I need to do that?

  9. We bought ours at the 2016 West Coast Women’s Show and it has been working terribly for the last 2 months. We’ve been very careful with it but can’t do eggs anymore without destroying them while trying to flip them. Don’t waste your money.

  10. This is very strange. I live in the Dallas Ft.Worth area and bought my one pan from the Home Show in Allen a year ago and have been trying to BUY ANOTHER ONE EVER SINCE. I totally love mine. I don’t know what all of these other people are talking about. I was disappointed that they were not at the show last week so I could buy another one. I will see if I can buy online. I totally love mine. Maybe you turned the heat up too high. We use a glass cooktop and usually keep the temperature at about the 5 level. My one pan still looks brand new. I don’t use any of my other pans, only this one frying pan. I have to find another one!

  11. Bought my pans at the home builders show in Kansas City. The 2 smaller pans are wonderful. The biggest pan has become stained and is no longer non-stick. I would like to know how to replace the largest pan.

  12. We bought the 3-pan set at the Spring 2016 Home & Garden show in Phoenix. They see pretty heavy, steady use. Wife cooks, I clean. These pans are never supposed to be run in a dishwasher, and we use nothing but silicone utensils while cooking. I wash them using Ajax Triple Action dish washing detergent, and the blue sponge/scotchbrite combos.
    All three pans looks as good today as they did a year and a half ago. We absolutely love these pans…
    That said, a couple of ideas came to mind… Is there a possibility that some of these pan sets are clones/copies/counterfeits? The other thought was that maybe they had a run with bad or poorly cured coatings.
    It really doesn’t make any sense for the exact same pan set to work so well for some people and so horribly for others.

  13. I bought mine (set of three) at the Home and Garden show in Houston this summer. Definitely not worth the money we paid for them. I only use mild dish detergent and a sponge to clean them, plastic utensils when flipping eggs or bacon and yet they are getting scratched???? Getting stains on the inside of them and since I have a ceramic sink, if the pan touches the surface it leaves a horrible marks. Would not ever buy this product again, and where can one find to exchange them??? Since there is a three year warranty…its a selling gimmick and a false advertising.

  14. Bought set of 3 fry pans at exhibition 2016. Didn’t stick for the first few uses. Now all pans stick. Even if I use oil. Largest pan is used often and is very stained. Cant get stain off. Followed the directions given with purchase and stain is still there. Also I always use wooden or plastic utensils and also use the plastic covers to keep pans from scratching but there is a scratch on the large pan. I’ve also noticed that the aluminum bottom is marking my ceramic glass top stove. Which I cannot remove with stove top cleaner. How do I get stain off pan and off stove top? How do I get a replacement set?

    • mine are the same way..bought set at the National Women’s show in October..I do not use any metal utensils, I use plastic, non abrasive scrubbies, and I put a cloth in between each pan when storing then and they are all scratched and food sticks to them.

  15. I would give negative stars if I could. Like the other reviewers, I was impressed by these pans when demonstrated live at a fair. I did not purchase them myself, but received a set from a family member who had been with me at the fair. Within a few months, EVERYTHING stuck to these pans, there were stains that could not be cleaned, loose handles that won’t tighten with a screwdriver, etc. I took them back to the fair today, a year later. The sales woman was the rudest, most condescending person I have ever encountered. She took one look and told me I had “destroyed” them by stacking them for storage. Seriously? If your product is that fragile, it is not worth the $100. I called her boss, at the number I was given, several times. No answer. This product is a scam. Stay away!

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