Solar Flowers

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About Solar Flowers

Solar Flowers states to be a decorative flower that dances back and forth when placed in direct sunlight. It alleges to be great for cars, window sills, or even desks.


How does it work

Solar Flowers proclaims to be solar powered and doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work. Just placing it in the sunlight powers its mechanism to get it to sway.


A flower that sways in sunlight
Add delight and fun to your workspace, kitchen or living room with the decoration piece Solar Flowers that asserts to sway back and forth when you place it in direct sunlight. Solar Flowers proclaims to work on solar energy and requires no battery or electricity thus delighting you for practically no cost and being environment-friendly. There are no Solar Flowers user reviews to know the truth yet.


Ideal for any space
Solar Flowers convinces that it is great for any space including your car and desk and will put a smile on any onlooker or passerby’s face. Let’s read some Solar Flowers user reviews before believing these claims. It guarantees to come with a decorative vase and colored base to complete the piece. Send us your reviews if you were impressed with Solar Flowers.


What do I get?
Buy Solar Flowers just for only $19.99 + 3.99 P/H
solar sunflower includes a high efficiency solar panel which powers the unit.

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