Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Compare what is it? Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is a portable canopy with side flaps for full shelter protection while you watch your favorite sports game in complete comfort. Its innovative design means you are protected from elements of Nature without it restricting your view.

Sport Brella: It is a rugged umbrella structure with side flaps that is easy to set up and offers you complete protection wherever you go. It has a smart design, which ensures that you can watch your sports games comfortably without your view getting affected.


Compare Features: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: Its smart design offers you protection when you are outdoors without obstructing your view. The detachable floor ensures that you aren’t protected by wet grass, sand and other surfaces. Its other features include telescoping pole with plastic tip, side zippered windows for efficient airflow, top wind protection and side flaps for complete protection. UPF 50+ Sun protects you from 99.5% UVA and UVB sunrays, the canopy is supported by 4 mm steel ribs and 4 mm steel stretcher. Internal pockets can be used for stakes, gear and other valuables.

Sport Brella: It is a specially designed umbrella structure that offers you protection from rains, sun and wind. The side flaps add to your comfort and top wind vents along with side zippered windows ensure that there is efficient airflow wherever you are. Another advantage of this umbrella is that it has a detachable floor. Thus you won’t have to worry about sand, wet grass and any other surfaces. It is metallic undercoated for SPF 125 protection. You will also find internal pockets where you can store valuables as you engage in your favorite activity.


Compare Benefits: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is a beach umbrella, sport tent, rain shelter and more rolled into one. It offers your entire family protection from elements of Nature and surfaces underneath too. You are offered protection from UVA and UVB sunrays by this portable canopy that can be set up easily wherever you want.

Sport Brella: It has several applications for the entire family that can hang out on the beach or have a picnic in the park while being protected from sun, rain and more. Its higher SPF protects you from 99.5% UVA and UVB sunrays. The umbrella is lightweight and can be set up quickly.


Compare material: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It is made using 190 D polyester.

Sport Brella: It is made with 210 D Polyester.


Compare Dimensions: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella and Sport Brella are both 96 inches in width when opened and 54 x 4 x 4 inches when folded.


How many people can it accommodate?

Super Brella: and Sport Brella can both easily accommodate a family or a team.


Compare Price: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella: It can be bought for $38.80.

Sport Brella: You can buy it for $56.01.


Compare Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Sport-Brella Reviews

The Sport-Brella offers full cover protection, it works well but after only few uses, it developed a tear. The fabric needs to be a bit tougher and long lasting, which is not the case. It is a huge umbrella and all umbrellas will catch wind and blow inside out if not oriented properly. The Sport-Brella XL is not recommended for extreme wind conditions. If conditions are windy, use 2 Anchor Cords with the Heavy-Duty Ground Stakes for extra wind security.

Even in the normal or no wind, conditions there were some buyers who complaint about the umbrella coming down mainly because of the pole’s clamp does not hold tightly or the umbrella unhooked from the metal anchors positioned in the sand. Which in other case would have been great if the metal anchors would block once locked in position to be better able to push it in the sand/ground.

Maragon a verified buyer mentioned in her review that only after 15 uses, the metal pipe in the middle started to bend and the sliding stake became very difficult to get out then got stuck all together. The quality of the supplied anchors and cords are super cheap and worthless in the sand. If you are going to the beach, make sure you buy a “beach anchor” or this will be darn near useless blowing around in the wind. Another way to prevent the umbrella from blowing away other than properly orienting it is that the pouches provided on the side can be filled with sand for stabilization.

If you are someone who can figure out how to point the top into the breeze you will love this thing as it already provides great sun protection and a large space under it which is suitable for any outdoor location.


Super Brella Reviews

The all-weather anytime, anywhere umbrella sounds too fanciful to be true. The anchors and the poles do not hold well on sand, it is believed to be designed for the use on grass, not at the beach or on sand. The stakes need to be redesigned to work better in sand as the pole seems a bit weak which would keep the person worrying of it breaking during some strong wind while on the beach or slide in and out freely without locking.

The new version is way more cheaply made – the shaft metal is definitely thinner, and the screw clamp on the shaft has been replaced by a cheap plastic lever clamp with basically a pop-metal hinge. The company has definitely decreased the quality is what an user named H.R.Harrison reviewed about the product. The umbrella spokes to rip away from the umbrella fabric. Fabric is very thin around anchor point thus having poor material and quality.

This is not a good beach umbrella and needs to be worked towards it making it convenient for the users to use at all locations. A verified buyer recommended in his review that it is better option to purchase the Sports-Brella instead. It is almost of the same price, size, appearance, and functionality except it has several design improvements over the Super Brella. Seems the company took all the user feedback from the Super-Brella and implemented the improvements in the Sports-Brella.


Verdict: Super Brella vs Sport Brella

Super Brella and Sport Brella are both similar in functionality and design. They also have many similar features however Sport Brella has a higher SPF and is made from superior quality polyester. It is indeed more expensive of the two but also has an edge over Super Brella.

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