Switch Brite REVIEW

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What is Switch Brite – As per the infomercial it is a super bright light that can be installed anywhere easily. It comprises of 8 powerful LEDs for bright lighting anywhere. Switch Brite states to be a great option for areas which generally are not well-lit.



Switch Brite CLAIMS

Easy-to-install Design – Switch Brite alleges to be perfect fit for places such as attics, under the sink, car’s trunk, closet, wardrobe and more. The best part stated about Switch Brite is it doesn’t require any kind of tools or installation to work. All it needs is simply peel, stick and flip the switch. Does Switch Brite really work? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Powerful LED lights – Switch Brite emphasizes to be highly useful since it doesn’t require any wires or complicated installation. Since all one needs to do is stick, it can make a great portable light and can be placed within children’s reach. More shall be revealed once Switch Brite is reviewed. Whether it’s a dark basement or a power outage, Switch Brite asserts that its 8 bright LEDs provide superior lighting option. Switch Brite claims that the LEDs last for up to 100,000 hours use making it a cost-effective solution. Switch Brite reviews will reveal whether its claims are true or false.


Switch Brite Review

CHRISTA Bonin who used Switch Brite says in his review, “Switch Brite came across as very neat in the pictures. But there is a lack of information on the website. A lack of clarity about what exactly it was other than a mere light is a little disappointing.”

Another user Rodney JILLIAN who tried Switch Brite mentions in his review “It simply doesn’t stick. The adhesive backing offered is of poor quality and does not stick to any type of surface.” The user further adds in the review, “Although there is some satisfaction in the fact that the light worked great.”

GRACIE Carson who purchased Switch Brite reveals in her review, “The Switch Brite light is pretty bright but the Velcro type material used to stick it is very minimal. In fact it doesn’t stay up for long and needs to be beefed up to provide solid bonding on surfaces. I received two lights, out of which one is working fine and the other failed within 2 weeks of usage. It is priced reasonably for 2 lights but if one has stopped working the cost effectiveness has come down.”

Bryan Chase a Switch Brite user complains similarly in his review saying, “Switch Brite does work well in terms of bright lighting and handy nature. But the Velcro attachment doesn’t stick for more than one day of use. Later Switch Brite stopped sticking altogether.”

CRAIG Holder who reviewed Switch Brite reveals, “When I received Switch Brite I was expecting something more than a light switch with bulbs in it. The light does provide decent light but the adhesive backing does not stay put which is kind of the selling point of Switch Brite.”

JUSTINE Bright who tried Switch Brite writes in her review, “Its design is flimsy and feels like it is made using cheap hard plastic material that broke apart easily. It does give decent lighting option but is not bright enough for an attic or a closet as claimed.”

CRAIG Cole states in his review, “Switch Brite has a Velcro backing which sounds nice but doesn’t hold up with the battery weight. The switch is decent and flips swiftly. Although when Switch Brite is on the wall and you flip the switch, it will surely fall off.”

Carroll Finch who purchased Switch Brite has written in her review, “I wanted this to add light in dark areas around my house. They are enough to provide decent light where required and serves more as an ambient light or night light. Switch Brite stated to come with 3 AAA batteries which didn’t arrive with shipping.”

Jerry Noel who tried Switch Brite says – “The lighting is pretty decent for dark areas such as hallways and basements. The down side of Switch Brite is it requires 3 AAA batteries which consume lot of power.”


Switch Brite Questions and Answers

Q. What type of batteries does Switch Brite use?
A. Switch Brite uses AAA batteries.

Q. How many batteries?
A. I think 2 AAA batteries.

Q. How long do the batteries last.
A. Not very optimistic. But its the brand of the battery that would decide it.

Q. Are the LED bulbs in the Switch Brite replaceable?
A. No way.

Q. What is the color of the Switch Brite light?
A. Bright white and very strong.

Q. Is there a warranty on the Switch Brite?
A. No warranty.

Q. What is the type of the LED used in the Switch Brite?
A. They do not bother to reveal this information.

Q. What is the Switch Brite wattage?
A. No information regarding wattage is available. But could be 25 watts.

Q. Should I buy Switch Brite?
A. We see no reason why you should buy Switch Brite when there are enough tried and tested alternative lights available in the market. You can choose from them.


What do I get?
You get 2 Switch Brite Switches for $19.99 at SwitchBrite.com

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