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About Switch N Clean

Switch N Clean promises to be an amazing floor cleaning system that helps in cleaning up wet and dry messes quickly, efficiently, and easily. Its smart and switchable design with double pads alleges to help cut the cleaning time by half each time.



How does Switch N Clean work?

With a smart switchable design with double-sided microfiber pads, Switch N Clean asserts that one needs to simply flip it side to side for using the wet or dry pad. It states that its microfiber pads work like a magnet to pick up dirt, dust and liquids.

All-in-one cleaning system – The ingenious design of Switch N Clean guarantees that it can replace a mop, broom, duster, and baseboard cleaner. Switch N Clean assures that the pads have a self-wringer to keep the hands away from the dirt while using. They also allege to be machine washable and reusable up to 1000 times. How well does it work will be only known once we get to analyze Switch N Clean reviews.

Convenient features – Switch N Clean alleges to have a comfortable handle and stands on its own for easy maneuverability, making it easy on the back. The 360 degree flexible Switch N Clean head reaches anywhere including under furniture and works on the baseboard as well. More shall be revealed once users send us their reviews. Switch N Clean maintains to be perfect for use on tiles, hardwood floors, laminate, marble, and more. Can it really work as promised? User reviews will reveal the facts soon.


What do I get?

  • 1 Switch N Clean Cleaning System
  • 2 Microfiber Pads

Price: $19.95 + S/h at the Official website: SwitchNClean.com


Switch N Clean Reviews

Mae Turner, a Switch N Clean customer, reveals in her review that the mop isn’t sturdy enough and keeps flipping. She also complains in her Switch N Clean review that the self-wringing feature fails miserably to squeeze dry the mop.

A Switch N Clean customer, Josefina Moreno, says in her review that it is a waste of money and doesn’t work at all as promised. She found it highly impractical since its design isn’t user friendly at all and gives zero stars in her Switch N Clean review.

Another reviewer, Erma Cohen writes that Switch N Clean kept flipping badly. Its 360 pivot doesn’t lay down flat completely to reach under furniture as promised. Her Switch N Clean review reveals that its self-cleaning mechanism was good but broke down within a week.

Dolores Tucker reviewed Switch N Clean and asserts that it doesn’t stay sturdy while cleaning. The only positive point she mentions is the microfiber mop pads that perform decent cleaning.

Joel Ross claims in his Switch N Clean review that it is made using flimsy material. The handle broke down on the first use since the material is made using cheap plastic. The problem he faced is keeping the handle intact while continually pulling the wringer to squeeze the mop dry.

Another user of Switch N Clean Leo Price states that the mop makes a squeaky noise while in use and the self-wringer head doesn’t stay above on the pole as shown in the infomercial. His Switch N Clean review reveals that the wringer head kept falling to the bottom and scratched the floor.

Darla Long asserts that Switch N Clean is made using very low quality materials. Her review reveals that the mop broke down in 6 months’ duration and is a waste of money.

A Switch N Clean review by Carole Rice also says similar things about it. She says that its build is poor and the cheap plastic doesn’t really last.

A Switch N Clean review by Natasha Stephens reveals that it is impossible to really use this mop without getting the hands dirty. In her review, she says Switch N Clean kept falling apart constantly and is a pain in the neck to keep it together.

Anna Hines, a Switch N Clean reviewer, complains about its cheap material that breaks apart way too easily. According to her review, Switch N Clean fails to perform as promised.


Switch N Clean Questions & Answers

Q. How does one wet the one side of the Switch N Clean’s microfiber pad? Won’t both the pads get wet if it is dipped in the bucket?
A. Start by installing only one side of the pad and dip it in the bucket for wet mopping. Once done, install the dry pad on the other side to start cleaning both dry and wet messes.

Q. Which side of the microfiber pads in Switch N Clean is for mopping?
A. Technically, both the sides in Switch N Clean are good for wet and dry mopping. One of the sides is good for dusting with its microfibers while the other side has high-density fibers for removing hard dirt.

Q. Is Switch N Clean good for removing dried-on gunk and can it be used for hard scrubbing purposes?
A. Switch N Clean is perfect for hard-to-remove dirty things and can be used for such required purposes.

Q. What is the way to attach Switch N Clean to the microfiber pad?
A. There are no clear instructions provided with Switch N Clean and can take hours to figure it out.

Q. Does Switch N Clean come with an extra attachment such as a scraper?
A. No, all it has are the dual pads that do most cleaning jobs. Scraping off debris should be done by maintaining better contact and squeeze out more water. Sometimes, it is difficult to get the mop dry enough to allow it.

Q. Is the Switch N Clean handle tall enough or does it require an extension?
A. It comes with a standard size handle that is comfortable to use without stressing the back. It is long enough for regular cleaning and even to wash the walls.

Q. Can the mop head in Switch N Clean be locked in place to avoid unwanted swiveling?
A. No.

Q. What is the width of mop in Switch N Clean?
A. The mop head is 13 x 4 inches in dimension. Switch N Clean provide a little smaller mop and a self-wringer design that can be dunked into a bucket easily and even reach hard-to-reach corners with ease.

Q. Can Switch N Clean easily assembled? Is it easy for arthritic patients as well?
A. Not sure, Switch N Clean isn’t easy to attach together as the screws are hidden and it fails to completely lock in.

Q. How can Switch N Clean stand upright? Or will it require something to lean or semi-lean onto?
A. Switch N Clean doesn’t really stand upright but its foldable mop head design helps in storing it flush against a wall hanging or leaned on neatly.

Q. Can the wet mop side of Switch N Clean be used for clean hardwood floors and the other side be used to dry it easily?
A. Yes, the mops are very absorbent and do the needful with its dual-sided action.

Q. Is Switch N Clean meant for use as a regular mop or simply as a dry mop?
A. Switch N Clean comes with a smart design that provides microfiber pads on dual side to perform wet as well as dry mopping.

Q. Can Switch N Clean be used for sweeping purposes?
A. Yes, the dry mop is great at attracting and capturing dirt and dust easily.


How to use Switch N Clean

To being assembling Switch N Clean, insert mop cloth 1 with the V shape side to the mop plate. Next, slide and fix it to the end with its built-in Velcro system. Switch N Clean promises to be ready for use by simply screwing the 3 section pole. Start with pole 1 with handle grip into pole 2 and screw them on the main mop body by tightening it clockwise. Remember to slide the lever in Switch N Clean upwards and lock with a click sound.

Slide the lever in Switch N Clean upwards and downwards repeatedly to wring and squeeze the pads. Its 360 degree rotating head can reach anywhere. Switch N Clean states to have dual action wet and dry mopping where one side is best for dusting and the other has high-density fibers to remove hard dirt. When done, Switch N Clean allegedly stands upright to save space and help store it vertically.

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